Snow is such a novelty in this part of the country.  The West Coast doesn’t usually see much snow, so taking Maddie up to Whistler to play in mounds of the fluffy, white stuff was really quite magical.  All she wanted to do was walk in the snow, and walk we did.  We also took her on her first gondola ride and went sledding for the first time.  Obviously, this was a big hit.  I only wish we had had even more time to play.

This new Winter coat from Point Zero came just before Christmas.  While I have only had the chance to wear it a couple of times at home, I wore it non-stop in Whistler.  So cozy and warm and obviously, a chic Winter topper is a must at a ski resort.

This overpriced piece of plastic we bought up in Whistler ended up being worth every penny.  ”More!” was all we could here Madelyn say.  She wouldn’t even be at the bottom of the hill yet and was ready for the next run.

People watching in Whistler is fantastic!  There are so many individuals from all over the world roaming the cobblestone streets.  The Winter outfits never disappoint.  To make sure I added to the colourfulness of this ski town, I opted for these fun printed leggings from Du North Designs. They seriously feel like butter, and work on my curves.  {Yes, I wore a little knit sweater dress over them to make sure my butt was covered.  It’s the only way leggings should be worn…with the tush concealed.}

This big grin sums up our weekend perfectly.  All smiles.

We spent a little apres time at one of our fave hotels in Whistler, Nita Lake Lodge.  It’s so peaceful and beautiful there.

Family getaways are so very important.  Any time you can leave work and daily responsibilities behind to create new family memories, is worth making time for.  We had such a great time.  It’s hard getting back into the swing of things today as I sit here with deadlines, emails, work, and mounds of laundry, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


As some of you may know, I was the lucky winner of an amazing prize in the New Year.  I won a one year lease on a 2013 Mini Countryman and a weekend getaway for two to Whistler.  Last month, my husband and I headed to the mountains for a fantastic weekend away.  Here’s a look at our trip!

Our prize!  The 2013 Mini Countryman (1 year free lease) & a Mini Adventure weekend in Whistler.

Our dog-sledding adventure!  We had so much fun and wanted to take all the dogs home with us.  They were so lovely:)

Getting ready to go out for an amazing dinner at Araxi restaurant.  

All the other treats… champagne waiting for us in our hotel room, wearing the hotel’s cozy robes for watching movies after dins, snowy walks through Whistler Village, yummy and amazing drinks & deserts at Araxi, plus some relaxing time away with my husband.  

A huge thank you for Mini Richmond for this amazing prize. 

Just a little update on how I’m doing.  Week three was more of the same.  Gym, yoga, and eating right.  It was the final crunch before my sister’s wedding and me needing to fit my bridesmaid dress.

Week four,  I was in Whistler on a week long vacation, went to my sister’s wedding, and battled the flu!

First couple days of the week were spent with the flu.  The flu is never a good time, but I had my sister’s wedding on the Wednesday and was about to start a week long vacation.  I managed to suffer though only a couple of really rough days and then managed with a mega head cold and cough after that.

My sister’s wedding was amazing!

(Blog post and pics to come.)  Happy news though….not only did my sister start an amazing new chapter in her life…I fit into my bridesmaid dress!!!!  Yes, I did it!

Tonight I was back to the gym and was delighted to see that after a week away indulging in cocktails, poutine (x3…don’t judge me), and other delicious indulgence, I managed to maintain my lost pounds.  My first few weeks rev’d up my metabolism so  a week off from the gym and some eating cheating didn’t send me off the rails.  I guess it goes to show you don’t have to starve yourself and go to the gym for two hours everyday to maintain a healthy body.  I’m only human and treats will happen, but knowing that the occasional goody won’t hurt only motivates me further.

Check back next Monday to see how I’m doing working toward getting my body beach ready to head to  Maui in only 30 short days.

What’s your secret to satisfying your need to indulge your guilty pleasure while keeping on track?

I’m heading up to Whistler tomorrow morning for my sister’s winter Whistler wedding. She has been engaged for a year and a half (The Olympics last year kinda postponed things).  It seems like it’s been so far away for so long and now all of a sudden the time has arrived.

My Sister and I in New York

Since I will be very busy with my role as Maid-of-Honor, I will be taking a little vaycay from posting new articles.  I’ll be back at the beginning of February with wedding pics, an update on how my New Year, New Me is going (only three more days till I zip up that zipper and wear my dress), and other fun Prairie Girl musings.

Have a great week everyone!

Every year during the second weekend of November, Cornucopia is held in Whistler, BC.  This is the fourteenth year of Whistler’s premier wine and food extravaganza and my second to what I think might be the best wine and food event in Western Canada.

Cornucopia is described on their website as this:

The annual event is a unique opportunity to mingle, mix and learn from acclaimed chefs, sommeliers, vintners and restaurateurs’ visiting Whistler or Whistler locals. Featuring a sumptuous variety of hands-on seminars, fascinating winemaker dinners, gala tasting events and sizzling after-parties, Cornucopia offers something for both the experienced gourmet and those seeking to better appreciate the epicurean delights of wine and food.

On Friday night I went to the Casino Royale after party at Ric’s Grill.  It’s an amazing black tie event that includes casino games, DJ’s, live entertainment, show girls, wine tasting, open bar, Patron tequila,  lavish buffet and canapes.  Without a doubt the best party of the weekend.

On Saturday, I went to a Regional Walkabout, which was a wine tasting (at the Hilton) of wines from Australia, South Africa, and The Golden Mile (BC).  I also went to the Slow Food Artisan Market @ The Westin Resort & Spa.

Saturday night I went to Cornucopia’s flagship event, The Gala Grand Tasting.

Rather than try to explain what it is, I put together a short video of some of the sites of the evening.  (You might have a better viewing experience by clicking through to YouTube)

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