I’ve always been a sucker for a cute animal print.  The last several years I’ve been in love with owl prints…and still love them!   This season, I’ve been adoring all the fox prints out there.  Weather it’s a sweater, a pillow, or a baby onsie, there are lots of fun ways to add some fox into my life.  With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about prezzie ideas.  Here are a few items I’m coveting for myself…oh, and others too;)


one: West Elm Fox Pillow $42.52
two: Old Navy Fox Sweater $19.50
three: Forever 21 Fox Ring $4.80
four: Carter’s Fox Print Baby Onsie $11.51 from JCPenny
five: West Elm Fox Print $64.32


I feel there is no need for your home accessories to be committed to one specific location in your home.  As much as I like pretty things, I want these things to be functional as well as fashionable.  My coffee table decor will change weekly, if not daily, depending on what we have going on.  For  a chill night at home I like to use our coffee table tray for desert.

Tray: West Elm, Vase: vintage, Plate: vintage teacup saucer, Candle Holder: The Cross, Wine Glasses: wedding gift, Bell: vintage

This dessert tray only took about 5 minutes to throw together (excluding the 15 minutes it took us to pick out a bottle of wine).   Rather than just bring out the wine and a big slab of chocolate, the tray contained the mess while allowing us to sip and nibble by candle light.

Dessert doesn’t need to be fancy, but it can be pretty.  I love good dark chocolate broken up into pieces.  The pretty dish makes it look like more thought went into preparing it.  Fresh fruit or cookies are perfect to pair with your chocolate.  Well, anything really is good to pair with chocolate.


They say home is where the heart is.   I guess, for me anyway, this is so true as my husband and I have put so much heart into making our house a home.  Being surrounded by things that I love like beautiful books, family heirlooms, wedding photos, and my husbands favorite recipe books warms my heart.

Tray: West Elm, Teapot: vintage from my Grandmother, Teacups: vintage from my Great-Grandmother

Books: gifts, Piggy Bank: Home Outfitters, Wedding pics, Candle Holder: DIY

I like to fill my home with  a mix of new and old treasures.  There’s a little bit of his and some of mine combined with things we have got together.  Sure, we have a coffee table from Ikea….and a bunch of other stuff too.  Who doesn’t?  Decorating your home should be  just like getting dressed.  I might wear my fave skinny designer jeans with an inexpensive t-shirt and vintage leather jacket.   In my house I combine my Ikea coffee table with a chic tray and vintage family pieces.   It’s in how each of us choose our personal mixes that gives us our unique style.

Candle holder: The Cross Design

Owl (aka Louis): Home Sense, Vase: Chintz & Co.

Book: vintage family book from 1865, Crystal Candle Holders: Birks (wedding gift), Binoculars: vintage from my grandfather

What’s your at home style?  Are you all about sleek modern lines or classic and cozy?

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