Over the weekend I did a huge closet purge and organization.  I kept all my favourite pieces.  The ones I wear over and over again and truly love to wear.  My 20′s were all about having fun with my style.  I chose fashion over function and shoes were a big part of this. It still amazes me that I used to wear heels to work everyday, and I was on my feet all day. I can barely last a couple hours now.

Now in my mid-30′s, I’m all about the comfort.  Comfortable doesn’t have be ugly or outdated though.  I find I now buy brands that are timeless, versatile, and feel like butter on my feet.  Miz Mooz seems to be one of fave Summer shoe go-to’s.  When I was cleaning out my closet, overtime I picked up a pair of my Miz Mooz I’d say “Oh, I love these ones.” The top pair you have seen a few times on the blog this season.  They are the best everyday shoe.  The second pair I got last year (they have them back again this year) and are a great all season flat.  These were my updated solution to the ballet flat.  The bottom pair I also bought last year and have been great for weddings, events, or a dinner out with the hubs.

I am feeling excited about living with less, wearing the items I have more, and truly loving what’s in my closet.  Don’t ever feel like you “should” buy something just because it’s a trend.  Instead think about your lifestyle and what you like.  These items will last  you more than just a single season.  This is good news for the environment and for your bank account.

This post was not sponsored.  All opinions are my own…as always. 


My, shop my own closet, goal has been going well.  A couple of new pieces have been added to the wardrobe this year, but only to fill in a few casual day to day needs.  I  had some thread bare / worn to death items that needed to be replaced.  This was one of those outfits that came together on a casual sunny weekend day of errands.  Layers are a must on the West Coast, and something that really flatters most figures.  It’ was kind of an odd mix with plaid, denim, stripes, and a splash of leopard print, but somehow it all just works.

For so long I would shop and buy things I felt like I “should” own.  I used to stock up on stilettos, whatever the latest and greatest accessory of the moment was, and I had more pairs of jeans that one girl really  needs.  When you’re a blogger or work in the fashion industry is any way, there is this weird pressure you put on yourself to always be wearing something new.  I’m really not a fan of wearing something once or twice though and then see that item collecting dust on a hanger, because it’s not a realistic item for my lifestyle.  I am really fortunate that there are some amazing brands out there that I get to work with that offer up exactly the styles I like to wear for my everyday.  I have also made some great buying decisions over the years, because I have loads of pieces I love that I have definitely worn 50+ times.

A shopping rule I have adopted is asking myself if I will wear the item 30+ times. If the answer is no, I leave it on the rack. Your closet needs to be full of amazing items you love!  This also makes getting dressed in the morning a quick and easy process.  If you love everything, you’ll never make a bad choice.  

Skirt: Splendid (similar)
Tee: Frenzi
Vest: Garcia
Boots: NEW! Old Navy
Necklace: Harriet Grey
Bag: Nella Bella

I would LOVE to be able to purchase a brand new wardrobe every season.  In fact, when I worked in retail, I practically did! {Gotta love that discount.}  Now that I have financial responsibilities like a house and family, I can’t indulge quite like I used to. {aka: trying to act like an adult}  I start off each new season with a closet purge.  There is always stuff in there that I have hung on to for way too long and really need to just give it up.  After that I shop my closet.  What do I already have?  How can I wear these pieces in a new way this season?  What new pieces could I add to enhance my existing wardrobe?  {You still need some new things.}

Some of these pieces I’m wearing above I have had for years now.  They are easy, quality, basics that I am able to wear lots of different ways and in different seasons.  It just goes to show that if you buy smart, you can get some real longevity out of your clothes.


Many of us can get stuck wearing certain pieces together all the time.  We only wear that fave blue blouse with the black pants you bought it with.  The key to developing a wardrobe is to buy individual pieces that will work well with several other things already in your closet.  You have probably seen most of these items on my blog before (see below).  Here I took some of the elements of different outfits to re-mix them into a new casual look.

Jeans: Seven from Marshalls, Top: Joe Fresh (old), Bracelets: Forever 21, Bag: H&M, Scarf: Emu, Shoes: Nine West

The jeans, bag, shoes, and scarf as seen on the blog before.

Next time you go to get dressed, try and break up your favorite pairings into new and fabulous looks.  Not sure how to style something in your closet?  Shoot me your styling questions to jen@prairiegirlinthecity.com  I’d love to help:)

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