I totally figured when I asked Madelyn what she wanted to be for Halloween that it would change about 20 times.  I was wrong.  Every time I asked her what she wanted to be she would proudly answer ” a witch”!   It never changed.  When Value Village offered to partner up with me  to create a mommy and me costume , a witch shopping we went.  With both new and used items to shop, the options were endless.  Maddie told me that I too had to dress up with her as a witch.  She even picked out this adorable little hat I’m wearing.  Maddie’s costume is way cute.  Her favourite part is that her skirt lights up.  A huge plus!   They had so many wigs to choose from, we just had to each grab one.  She calls her wig her hairdo.  Everyday she asks us if it’s Halloween yet.  I can’t wait to take this cute little witch out trick-or-treating.  Thank you Value Village!

My cape, wig, and hat are c/o Value Village.  Maddie’s dress, hat, and wig are c/o Value Village.  Other items are our own.   #ThriftorTreat



Dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen
Clutch: Christopher Kon (old…see his newest collection of clutches here)
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Value Village
Ring: BCBG
Lip Colour: c/o Lise Watier

Lately, I have been coming out of my black and grey cocoon, and adding  some pops of colour to my life.  This look is a big pop!  When I first started to accessorize this dress, I was grabbing subtle and neutral items but I felt like this dress could handle more.  So instead I grabbed this big orange clutch (that is made of the most buttery soft leather) and some shiney gold things.  I even opted to add in one more bit of colour with this pretty pink matte lip colour by Lise Watier.  Sometimes a girl just needs to stand out.

This dress though!  It fits like a glove, is soft and stretchy, and very flattering on my curves.  I was recently introduced to this LA and London designed label, Voodoo Vixen.  They are known for their vintage inspired designs and definitely cater to a curvy gal (yes, they even come in plus sizes!)  This green hue is a red head’s dream come true.  It might just be the dress I’ll be wearing to celebrate my second Mother’s Day as a Momma.


Romper: c/o Barefoot Contessa
Shoes: Miz Mooz c/o Shoes on Fourth
Clutch: Value Village
Bracelet: Stella & Dot

I think rompers are adorable!  One problem, I’ve never been able to find one that suits me and fits.  Most rompers are geared towards a smaller, younger, tighter figure than mine.  Not cutting myself down, just a fact.  I was pumped when I found this sexy yet age and lifestyle appropriate romper at Barefoot Contessa.  It fits me perfectly and shows off what I’m comfortable showing off and flatters the rest.  It’s still way too cold to break it out here in Vancouver, but I will be packing it for my trip to San Fransisco in June.  A girl’s gotta plan ahead!



Here is the second look from the photo session I did with FM Photographics.  (See the first one here).   Styling from my own closet has been much more fun than I thought it would be.  When I worked in retail I was getting new clothes (and lots of them) every month…in high season, every week.   A pretty amazing thing, however, I often didn’t really wear many of the pieces I got.  I mean sure I’d wear them, but probably only a few times.   Getting dressed became too easy.  If I didn’t like what I was wearing, I would simply change into something new when I got to work.   Now that I no longer have this kind of shopping lifestyle, I’ve been forced to wear what I have and re-work some things in new ways.

This outfit was a fun one for me.  All the colours are very basic but when all these fabrics got mixed together, it just worked.  It’s kinda got a bit of an 80′s vibe to it and it will be an outfit I will be sure to turn to again.

Skirt: gift,  Jacket: Bardot,  T-shirt: Dex,  Gloves: Forever 21,  Clutch: Value Village,  Booties: Betsey Johnson,  Necklace: Claudia Accessories;  Lips: Estee Lauder  c/o

How about you?  Have you re-discovered a piece in wardrobe?  Anything you thought you were over but is now a favorite?


I had a pretty low key weekend which included a coffee meet up on Saturday morning with a friend I hadn’t seen in so long.  I wore this neutral toned outfit to meet her.  I didn’t wear this cute little hat when we met up.  I kinda forgot I had it.  In fact, I also found a beige and fuchsia one just like it.  Huh!  Ah well, at least I found it before I took these pics and now I know I have them.

Sweater: J Crew, Leather Jacket: vintage, Skirt: Value Village, Scarf: old,  Boots: Nine West,  Bag: Coach, Hat: old

I’m super proud of this great faux suede skirt I found at Value Village for $9.  I am not thrift store kind of girl…at all.   As a way to challenge myself I thought I could explore some thrift store shopping in 2013.  I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.  Besides the skirt I also bought a great gold metal belt for $3.99 and an electric blue hard shell clutch for $2.99.  Not a bad first time out.


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