un·in·spired: 1. Lacking in imagination or originality 2. (of a person) Not filled with excitement.

Yup!  That’s me right now.  Uninspired.  I find this time of year such a frustrating time of year to dress.  Weather wise it’s Winter, fashion wise, it’s Spring.  My mind wants to wear bright colours, light weight fabrics, and shed off my heavy wool coats while my body is still kinda chilly and craving warm layers.
So, in the mean time I’m working on cleaning out my closet and purging those items that have been shoved to the back and forgotten.
My closet.  Aka…my happy place.
So ladies, don’t despair!  Although your day to day fashion may feel like an endless parade of black and knits, Spring will be here for we know it.  And until then, clean out your closets and make room for all those new Spring purchases you’ll be making.
Happy Friday! xo
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