At only 5 weeks until my due date (where has the time gone???) I definitely feel myself slowing down.  I’m not venturing off too far on my own, I think I’ve attended the last of events for now, and I’m now busy nesting (and resting when I can).  Lately even the simplest things like getting dressed in the morning or putting on my shoes leave me short of breath and needing a nap.  Working from home is such a blessing.  I adore all my cozies right now and spend most of my days in leggings, jersey, and knits.  Sure I merchandise it up a bit with some accessories but comfortable and casual are the best ways to describe my current look.  How do you dress up your casual clothes?

Sweater: Anthropologie, Dress: Metalicus, Leggings: c/o Old Navy maternity, Bag: Coach, Bracelets: Pandora, CPak, & c/o Mala Collective , Boots: Spring, Socks: c/o Stance Socks, Necklaces: Maison Scotch & Toodlebunny


Usually this time of year I’m starting to gear up for Fall.  I adore Fall fashion.  Cozy knits, leather boots, and loads of layers.  This year with our current heat wave and my internal thermostat peaking  from my little peanut, Fall clothes have never been further from my mind.  I plan to stretch out my summer wardrobe as long as possible.  With approximately 40 days left in Summer, I’m gonna ride out my hot weather style.

Shirt: c/o O’Neill, Tank: Walmart, Skirt: Metalicus, Shoes: c/o O’Neill, Hat: The Urban Rack, Bag: Erin Templeton, Necklace: c/o Toodlebunny


Blouse: Propaganda from Plenty (get the look); Sweater: Free People (also cozy); Jeans: AG Stilts find them locally at The Urban Rack; Necklace: ToodleBunny

At a recent event I had a great conversation that validated how I’ve been feeling lately.  Why can’t we just say hello?  Event after event I see similar faces (Vancouver is not that big), and time after time there are missed opportunities for a simple hello.   I don’t know why this is ???  Why do we lurk in a corner, telling the people we already know, who we think someone is across the room?  You know you’ve done it…heck I’ve done it.  We put up invisible walls and give ourselves tons of great excuses to not make the effort to introduce ourselves.

I consider myself a pretty outgoing person.  Humour is my thing and it makes my day when I can make someone laugh.   For some reason I find I get stuck.  Stuck in the comfort of knowing who I know.  This funny little conversation happened between myself, Alicia of Alicia Fashionista, and  Joy Pecknold, the Western Editor for Fashion Magazine.   Joy came over to me, said hello, and we had a great conversation…no one got hurt.   It was my first time meeting Joy ( I had only previously lurked. ) I adored her fun and playful humour and was really glad she came to say hello.

Vancouver based designer Trudy Wynans launched her unique handcrafted jewellery collection in the Spring of 2006.  I discovered how much I love the line in the Fall of 2011.

I had the pleasure of attending this years One Of A Kind Show Vancouver.   I was overwhelmed with the variety of talent and plan on sharing some of my favourite vendors I found, one of which was TOODLEBUNNY.   I picked myself up a super cute gold owl neckl

ace from her TOODLES collection.

So many owls to choose from (my fave), but I went with the gold on gold one on the far left.

Trudy’s designs have an organic feel with use of birds, tusks, and leaves.  There is an element of fun and whimsy along with clean and modern lines.  Her pieces feel girly and feminine with a bit of an edge.  I think this is what drew me to her collection.

I love this piece!  The gold heart and bow are so sweet, but the element of black adds personality to a sweet necklace.

Another amazing piece.  This bracelet is 14k gold woven with leather.  It has amazing texture and the multi chain fringe!?!…amazing!

If you’d like to see even more of Trudy’s designs, visit her website by clicking here .  You can currently find the TOODLEBUNNY and Toodles collections at some amazing local Vancouver boutiques like the Barefoot Contessa, Briers, and LYNN Steven.

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