I adore Garance‘s laid back approach to fashion.   I would say her style is effortless, but I know her beau, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, believes that effortless chic is a myth.  In his book Closer he says “The most stylish people I know have spent lifetimes searching for what compliments their body shape, their professional and personal lifestyle, local climate, and how much they can reasonably budget for this pursuit.”  He also says that Garance is one of the most stylish women he’s ever met, as any man should think of his significant other.  With classic hues and simple lines, she styles herself to perfection.


I love a new book!  Especially when it’s a book full of pretty pictures.  I had the honour of meeting the King of Sidewalk Style, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.  Vancouver’s Secret Location hosted a book signing for the man who inspires me time and time again.  The line was long, but the wait was worth it.

A brief friendly conversation and a new signed book…my love affair with this blog will continue.

The Sartorialist is one of my favorite blogs.  Scott Schuman manages to capture moments of fashion that I find truly inspiring.

Happy Friday! xo

My husband and I have been chatting about a trip to Italy.  His parents both immigrated from Italy so there is tons of family there for us to visit.  Now while this trip we’ve only talked about is not in our immediate future, I still find myself dreaming of Italy.  The food, the wine, the scenery, and oh yes…the fashion!

As I’m sure most of you are, I’m a huge fan of The Sartorialist.  His blog (and book, which I have) inspires me to try new things and have fun with my wardrobe.  He was a natural place to turn when talks of Italy first came up.

My Italy dream consists of quaint cafe’s, scenic vineyards, and traditional home cooked meals with the family.  I can see my husband and I taking off on a city adventure for the day, on a Vespa, all the time looking effortlessly chic!  Doesn’t this sound divine?

In the meantime I will keep the dream alive by drawing styling inspiration from these beautiful fashion images from Italy and drinking lots of good wine;-)  Perhaps learning a few words in Italian could be helpful too.


All images are from The Sartorialist blog.

Absolutely love the style of this couple.  Love her hat with her ginger hair….I’m not biased at all;-)     I thought this was a great pic and had to share.

Pic from The Sartorialist

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