Fall Bump Style Inspo
I find a lot of the bump fashion advice kind of annoying.  I am constantly being told that I can get away with not wearing maternity items.  I simply need to wear loose fitting clothes or size up and I’ll look fabulous.  I call bulls!#% on the whole thing!  I’m sure this works for some women who are already quite slender and gain only a wee bit in their tummy.  This is not me.  I’m got curvy bits to begin with and my bump (according to the lady at the bank and the random stranger at Tim Hortons) is huge already.  I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with my twins and look a lot like I did with Madelyn at the end of my pregnancy.  I gave in to maternity duds early on with a few exceptions of course.  My basic garments are all maternity with a few pieces already in my closet thrown in.  Why be uncomfortable when I gan be wearing glorious elastic waist band pants?  Delicious! So, if you are expecting and tired of feeling like a freak because you are pregnant and wearing maternity clothes (go figure), then here is my round up of what I have in my current capsule maternity wardrobe.
The Maternity Items list:
Half a dozen tees and tanks
A pair of jeans (I’m all about the ones with the giant elastic waist)
One other pair of pants
Overalls (for a fun item to mix it up a bit)
sweatpants/cozy pants for lounging in
a little black dress (something simple that can be dressed up or down)
The Non-Maternity Items List: 
Accessories ~ hats, jewelry, bags, scarves (all things that you already have that can switch up the look of a basic outfit)
Flat comfortable shoes ~ You may have some already, but if not, buy yourself a pair.  I recommend slip ons.  Bending is near impossible for me these days.
Cardis / Capes: I have lots of long, flowy cardigans that do layer well over my maternity pieces.  I have a couple of cute plaid capes I plan on using for my outerwear this year.  I’m hoping I can get away with not having to buy a maternity coat as it will be short lived.
Sports bras ~ I’m really not a fan of underwire and find that sports bras are the way to go.  I wear them almost everyday.
Where I like to shop: 
Motherhood Maternity for jeans, tees, tanks, loungewear, overalls.
Thyme Maternity for underwear and PJ’s.
Old Navy for fashion items like my little black dress.
I also have some pieces from Topshop and Asos from my last pregnancy.
You really don’t need to buy a ton of stuff.  I recommend buying great basics that you will wear to death.  It’s such a short period of time so embrace the capsule wardrobe and have fun with accessories.


glasses c/o Firmoo

Cue the spring shiny weather!  We have had so much rain and grey weather here on the West Coast, so this glorious sunshine has got us all outside to soak up that vitamin D.  Transitioning into Spring usually means infusing a bit of colour into the wardrobe.  I still love the ease of my neutrals, so a subtle unexpected pop of colour can be a good way for me to get Spring-y.  These cute new specs from Firmoo are the perfect shade of lavender.

For those of you who follow me on Snapchat, you will have seen this week was one of disheveled mommy moments along with some sartorial wins.  That’s how most of my weeks roll. Before becoming a mom, I swore I would never be one of those moms who looked tired and like she just threw on whatever was quick and easy.  Well, I now realize that those days just gotta happen sometimes.  I have mastered the 10 minute get ready and go (for myself…child not included)  and some days a shower is a luxury not a necessity.  (Sidenote….I always giggle when I see 5 minute make up challenges.  Five minutes?  Why so long?  Haha!  I’m a two minute and 30 second girl.) No, I haven’t given up.  I still love to get dolled up, but day to day doesn’t have to be so hard.

Would you like a FREE pair of Firmoo specs of your own?  The first 10 readers to leave a comment on this post will be sent a shopping code for you to redeem a free pair of glasses courtesy of Firmoo.  Details: You must be a first time Firmoo customer.  Shipping and handling fee are extra.   There will be a select number of glasses to choose from.  The shopping code will be sent to you via email by me and it will expire on April 18th/2016.
Good luck!


I’m not really sure on where I stand on Valentine’s Day.  Is it ok to love and loathe a holiday all at the same time?

That V-Day usually only celebrates romantic love when all love should be celebrated.
So much pink. I like a pop here and there but there but I don’t want to decorate my whole house in it or wear it head to toe.
The pressure to have an uber romantic and over complicated date.  I love a good date night, but simple means more to me.
I’m really not good at the mushy love stuff. My husband and I see eye to eye on this.

Planning little things to celebrate my loves. My sweet girl included, of course!
Any excuse to have fresh pretty flowers in the house…I do this anyway though.
Candy and chocolate!!!!!!
Drinking bubbly in sweat pants!

If you do have a date night planned and want to create a pretty outfit without being overly girly, take a style cue from Paris Street Style.  Word on the fashion street is that berets on making a come back.  {So glad I kept mine and didn’t get rid of them in my great closet purge.}  This classic camel coloured beret with a real classic outfit….I’m thinking jeans and a white button up shirt…along with a fab scarf makes a perfect, effortless look.  An outfit like this can take you from a dinner out, to coffee, to a fabulous Galentine’s Day celebration.  Simply match your shoe, jewelry, and makeup style to coordinate with your plans.


I have been wearing Hush Puppy shoes and boots for many many years.  I’ve always thought of them as being a comfortable footwear choice.  They are still as comfortable as I remember and their styles are cuter than ever.    My outfits must be multifunctional and this one I can wear this outfit from a meeting to a dinner out with the girls.  It’s cute with a masculine influence.  This gorgeous rich maroon colour has become a quick favourite of mine this season.  To find the colour in a shoe?  I’m in love. 

Style tip…The oxford style shoe and tweed pant can be made feminine when you pair them with a soft blouse in a pretty hue and an unstructured blazer.  The scarf, tote and pearl studs are easy accessories that also make the look a bit more girly.

 I’m kicking off December with a fun collab with Hush Puppies!  This is look one of seven I will be sharing with you all over the next 7 days.  Be sure to check out my looks to see how you can get your hands on a pair of Hush Puppies for  yourself!

Outfit details
shoes: c/o Hush Puppies
blouse & pants: Old Navy
blazer: Winners
scarf: Inwear
bag: Chapters/Indigo
watch: Michael Kors
glasses: c/o Firmoo
earrings: c/o Farminista
Pics by Alicia


November Vibes
 Wow! How is it November already?  Time flies when you’re launching a new business, dealing with the terrible twos, and working for your other two businesses.  My current style mood is…comfort with a bit of chic thrown in.  It’s so much chillier out {which I secretly love} and with life being hectic with some chaos thrown in, I will not sacrifice comfort at all.  My quick 2 minute make up routine is in full effect, and my black jeans and leather leggings have been on repeat.  I guess I would call my look “Busy Mom on the Go (hate that term, but I said it) meets Too Cool For School (or what is really, too tired to care. Haha!) Great basics like a fab tee and a classic parka can really make your everyday that much simpler.  To kick your everyday up a notch try adding in some faux fur, a pretty bobble or two, and a fab handbag!  This Mansur Gavriel bag my hubby got me last year adds a bit of love to any outfit and makes me so happy!
So bring it on November!  I got this.
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