Fave 5 Chic Makers

Lately, I’ve been keeping my wardrobe pretty classic.  Lots of black and white, jeans and tees, and of course cozy lounge wear at home.  Even the most basic of wardrobes can easily be elevated with the right pieces stocked in your closet.   My fave five chic makers are…
1) Sequins.  Whether for day or night, sequins are the easiest way to kick an outfit up a notch.   My go-to’s are either a sequin top or clutch.  Even a pair of jeans look amazing when paired with some sparkle.
2) Statement Necklaces.  I keep a bunch of these on hand for a quick style fix.  They don’t need to be spendy.  Cheap and cheerful can do the trick too.
3) Leopard Print.  You can wear a little or a lot.  It’s always chic and can add some real personality to basic black.
4) A Hat.  A beautiful wide brimmed hat has an effortless cool girl vibe.  Choose a neutral colour so you can wear one hat with several looks.   This is currently on my own shopping list.
5) A Cape.  My plaid cape is one of my favorite things in my closet.  It layers beautifully over jeans and dresses plus it feels like you’re wrapping yourself in a warm blanket…a stylish blanket of course.


Statement necklaces have become a staple in today’s fashionista closets.  With the holiday season now upon us, bold gems are out there in full force.  Weather you want to be bold or subtle, the right piece will really enhance your outfit.  Here are five from my own closet….

Forever 21 (find it here)

Forever 21 (similar)

Claudia Accessories

New York Anthropologie (old)

Aldo Accessories

Shopping tip:  If you’re having a tough time deciding what kind of statement you’d like to make, take the cheap and cheerful route. Places like Forever 21 are perfect for inexpensive of-the-moment finds.

Tickets are still on sale for The Style Common Deck Your Closet event happening this Sunday, December 9th.  Find tickets here.

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