With being a new mom, I have been forced to cut back my “get ready time” to just minutes now.   When it comes to getting dressed I have found the most time saving formula is to have a few go-to “uniforms”.  Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel everyday with a fabulous new look, I simply repeat a version of an outfit I most likely wore earlier in the week.  This week, I stuck to black and white.

black & white

This uniform consists of leggings (worn as tights), a fitted jersey mini skirt, an over-sized sweater, infinity scarf, flats or ankle boots (I’m obsessed with these cute little striped flats from The Gap..WANT!), a cross-body bag (so I can be hands free), a pair of pretty stud earrings, and my fancy little Alice & Olivia Starbucks mug (Momma needs some caffeine).   It’s an easy palette to mix and match. Adding  little gold or silver touches helps add a bit of shine to your look.

You don’t have to be a Mom to create a uniform for yourself.  You gals on a budget…this is a great cost effective way to maximize your wardrobe.

Well it’s that time of year again.  I’m gearing up for my second go at Vancouver Fashion Week.  I attended for the November shows and am once again heading to the runway sidelines to see what VFW deems hot for Fall 2011.

It will be a busy week.  Not only am I working everyday, I’ve got an inventory count and some doctor’s and physio appointments thrown in there, before heading to the shows every night after work.  Like I said, busy week coming up.

What I learned from my last time covering VFW was that you need to be prepared and organized to endure (and enjoy) the week.  My must haves this week will include:

Many many cups of coffee will be consumed over the next week.  I’ll throw in some hot tea for good measure too!

I’m not sure that why through the course of a week I didn’t figure out that I didn’t have time to eat dinner until after 10 at night.  This season I’ll be popping some snacks like almonds and granola bars in my bag to nibble between shows.


I’ll be starting out in beautiful high heels…but these Yosi Samra flats will be tucked in my purse for when my feet (and back) have had enough.

Of course I’ll be madly jotting down notes as the shows come down the runway.  My fave little note pads are by Cartolina.  They are Canadian made and oh-so-pretty!  I pick mine up at Paboom on 4th Ave.  Love them!

Since I’ll be going straight from work to the fashion shows, my Too Faced Glamour To Go beauty palette will be coming in handy.  I’ll be able to freshen up my makeup without having to pack a whole make up case full of stuff.  This handy little palette has eye shadow, blush, and tinted lip gloss.

So with all of this, lots of water, as much sleep as I can muster, I should be able to survive another season of fashion week.  Be sure to check back to see my first hand reviews of the shows.  Things will be kicking off this Tuesday night with the Opening Gala.

Happy Fashion Week Everyone!


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