At the beginning of each new season I get the shopping itch.  I want shiny, new, pretty things.  Before I crack out the plastic, I’m sure to take inventory of my closet.  My process:

1) I start with three bags.  One for charity, one for consignment, and one for trash (Yes, trash.  Somehow it’s in there.)

2) I go through all my clothes and pull out all the pieces that either don’t fit me anymore or things I know I’ve worn and loved, but am over now.  There are also those items that are just worn out.  A sweater with holes or a broken down irreparable shoe are not worth keeping.  These are the things that will go in that trash bag.  If it’s something that just needs a stitch or some love, I start a new bag for repair items.

Before…a scary place.

Ah, that’s better.

3) To make sure I know exactly what I have, I go through everything.  Every drawer, every hanger, every shelf.  I reorganize every article of clothing I have to make sure it has a home.  Folded items are re-folded and my hanging items are hung by colour.

4) Once I’ve purged and organized my closet, it’s time to see what I “need”.    My seasonal needs are usually things that will update my wardrobe to keep it current while mixing well with what I already own.

A few things I make sure are always in my wardrobe are:

1) A couple pairs of great fitting jeans that make me feel sexy.  I prefer skinny and a straight leg jeans.

2) A blazer that will work with jeans or over a dress.  A blazer is such a simple way to keep your look polished.

3) Scarves!  I have so many scarves, and I keep getting more.  I have basics as well as fun colours and prints.  Every women needs some fabulous scarves.

4) A trench coat in a basic colour like beige, black, or navy.  It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style.

5) Some cute little dresses.  I usually try and find dresses that I can dress up or dress down.  I want to be able to wear them with heels and jewels or with a leather belt and denim jacket.

6) These along with some printed blouses, a-line skirts, ballet flats, metallic sandals, and some fun accessories and bags, my closet is full of great mix-n-match items perfect for summer.

Now that my closet is organized, getting dressed in the morning is a pleasure not a chore.

Happy Spring Closet Cleaning!

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