Skirt: Splendid (similar)
Tee: Frenzi
Vest: Garcia
Boots: NEW! Old Navy
Necklace: Harriet Grey
Bag: Nella Bella

I would LOVE to be able to purchase a brand new wardrobe every season.  In fact, when I worked in retail, I practically did! {Gotta love that discount.}  Now that I have financial responsibilities like a house and family, I can’t indulge quite like I used to. {aka: trying to act like an adult}  I start off each new season with a closet purge.  There is always stuff in there that I have hung on to for way too long and really need to just give it up.  After that I shop my closet.  What do I already have?  How can I wear these pieces in a new way this season?  What new pieces could I add to enhance my existing wardrobe?  {You still need some new things.}

Some of these pieces I’m wearing above I have had for years now.  They are easy, quality, basics that I am able to wear lots of different ways and in different seasons.  It just goes to show that if you buy smart, you can get some real longevity out of your clothes.


April showers bring May flowers.  I keep reminding myself of this when I wake up to an overcast sky and puddles on the ground.  I’ve packed all my boots away for the year but one pair I can’t give up would be my wellies.  An absolute West Coast must.  To make sure I don’t look like I’m going out to do some gardening or digging for clams, I try to keep my rainboots looking just a bit more refined.

My maxi skirts have been perfect to keep me warm but they often get soaked on the bottom.  To avoid looking soggy, I tie a knot at the bottom of the skirt to shorten the hemline just a bit.  This fabulously cozy sweater by Left of Houston is the perfect layering piece.  It doesn’t look heavy and bulky but it adds just enough warmth to keep the chill off.    How do you stay chic in the rain?

Sweater: c/o Left on Houston, Skirt: Splendid (here), Tank: Zara, Scarf: Marciano, Clutch: Coach, Bracelets: c/o Mala Imports, Pandora, and CPak,  Wellies: Spank , Necklaces: Karen Telio


I am so happy to share with you a fabulous new sustainable clothing collection from Jackpot.  Not only are they offering up super cute styles, they are educating us along the way with how we can make better choices.  Here are their 8 tips of how to better wash and care for your clothing giving you a longer wear time and all while keeping the environment in mind.

T-shirt: c/o Jackpot,  Skirt: Splendid (find it here),  Bag: c/o Jackpot,  Shoes: Coclico, Cuff: gift

1. CHALLENGE THE TEMPERATURE: If your clothes are not really soiled, you can wash at a lower temperature than the label on the garment suggests. It only indicates the maximum temperature the garment can withstand.

2. SHORT IS SWEET:  You don’t need to run a full program if your clothes are not that dirty. Check and see if your washer has a quick-wash cycle to save time and energy.

3. FILL IT UP:  Always fill your washer and make the most of the water, detergent and energy used to run the program.

4. CHECK YOUR DETERGENT: Use an environmentally friendly detergent free of optical whiteners and phosphates that negatively affect the environment.  And buy a detergent suitable for washing at low temperatures.

5. DRY CLEANING IS SO LAST YEAR:  The solvent used for dry cleaning has a very negative effect on the environment. Find a dry cleaner who uses only water and carbon dioxide- no chemicals.

6. FAREWELL TO THE FABRIC CONDITIONER:  Fabric conditioner is suitable for acrylic garments to avoid static electricity. Using
it for other fabrics only adds unnecessary pollution to the environment.

7. BYE-BYE TUMBLE DRY: Hang your clothes to dry. You save a lot of energy, minimize shrinkage and there’s no unnecessary wear & tear.

8. REMEMBER:  By lowering the temperature from 60 to 30 degrees you use 60% less energy. By washing your jeans in cold water and letting them air-dry you reduce the negative impact on the climate by 50%.


Since I have some of my Hawaii tan still on my legs, I figured I’d brave the cold and go with bare legs for my breakfast meeting with my Style Common crew.  I just haven’t wanted to give in to winter attire again.  I had been avoiding boots, but finally broke down and wore a pair to the Canucks game on Friday night.  Until Spring comes I’m sticking with lots of layers and plan on wearing prints and bright hues to keep things a bit more fun.  A few new colourful purchases have been made including this green colour block skirt from Joe Fresh.  With warm weather still a bit far away, I figure some Spring shopping helps warm your soul.

Skirt: Joe Fresh,  Blouse: c/o Splendid,  Jacket & Shoes: Michael Kors,  Belt and Cuff: Brave Leather,  Scarf: Aldo Accessories,  Bag: Co-Lab,  Ring: LowLuv  

Made any Spring purchases yet?  What’s on your shopping list?


The Splendid brand started with the 10 year quest to create the perfect t-shirt.  It is now a complete lifestyle brand offering up effortlessly chic styles.  You’ve surely seen this California based line on my site before.  This casual line of fun and bright beach inspired pieces are my go-to’s for cute and casual looks.

Chesapeake Tank Top (c/o); AG Farrah Skinny Jeans; Karen Telio necklace

I’ve had a love affair for this label for quite some time now so when I was invited shop the current collection at the brand new Vancouver location, I was in!   To me the line is luxe casual.  It’s laid back, but I always feel put together when wearing their tops, skirts, or dresses.  No wonder it’s celebrity favorite.

Striped Shirting Tank Top (c/o); AG Farrah Skinny Jeans; Earrings by Keltie Leanne Designs (c/o)

Splendid (VF Contemporary)

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