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 So it’s hella hot outside and all you want to do is head to the beach or the local outdoor pool to cool off.   But wait!  That means actually putting on a bathing suit…and people seeing you in it!!!  Sooooo, maybe you can figure out another way to stay cool?  Perhaps the beach really isn’t that great?  After all you didn’t start that newest cleanse that everyone at work has been doing. You didn’t hit the gym six days a week like you said you would.  And sh*!, you totally didn’t loose the 15 pounds before the hot weather hit.  So now what?  Obviously a two piece bathing suit is out of the question.  Maybe a one piece?  With a cover up?   Or a maxi dress?  This has been my thought process every summer for the last few years.  I am a fairly confident person, but like ALL women, I have some things I really don’t love to see when I look in the mirror.

I was thrilled when I was nominated along side my pal Alicia to take part in the #TellYourTale campaign by local swimwear brand Nettle’s Tale.  Thirty beautiful and diverse women stripped down, threw on a bathing suit they felt amazing in, and with it shed those inhibitions we have with our bodies.  I of course first emerged from the fitting room feeling like the fattest one there.  My body didn’t look nearly as good as everyone else’s.  I HATE my legs!  And now everyone would see how jacked up they are.  Ugh! Why did I agree to do this?  Then as I stood there talking to the other women about our insecurities and troubles we’ve had in the past with finding a bathing suit we feel good in, I realized we all had insecurities.  We had big boobs, small boobs, baby bellies, full hips, large booties, no bums, scars, and bruises.  When we finally got in front of the camera to say “Yup, this is us!” something happened inside each of us.  We stopped giving a f*@k about what everyone thought of us, and just rocked a bathing suit {while eating two bit brownies and M&M’s…as one does}.

There will always be those girls out there who have “perfect” bodies {and I’m quite sure were put on this earth to do nothing but make us feel bad about ourselves}.  But guess what?  They have their own insecurities.  We all do.  It’s time we stop trying to get our bodies “bikini ready” and just throw on a damn bathing suit on the body we have.  I’ve gotta say, having a suit that fits you like it was made for you is about as good as it can get.  I of course purchased this bathing suit.  In fact, I think we all bought a suit that night because we loved the way they looked and they way we felt in them.  I NEVER thought I would ever wear a two piece suit ever again, but here I am.  So now it’s your turn.  Find your strong suit and rock that gorgeous bod!

A huge thank you to Julia at Nettle’s Tale Swimwear for having me be a part of such a positive message that I hope to pass on to my own daughter one day.  Here’s to Maddie never feeling like she can’t throw on a bathing suit and enjoy life.


Dress: c/o Nicole Bridger
Vest: Mystree (old)
Necklace: c/o Katami Designs
Belt: Brave Leather
Boots: Nine West
Clutch: c/o Nella Bella

Today is my three year wedding anniversary.  This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated a bit early and took a much needed break.  There was one side of me that felt like we needed to plan something big.   Jet off to some romantic tropical location, book a fabulous hotel, couples massages,….you get the picture.  We kept throwing around ideas but nothing really spoke to us.  Then finally we realized all we really wanted was just some quality time together.  We took Baby Girl over to Grandma’s house for a sleep over, took ourselves out for an early dins since we skipped lunch, and then we went for a walk down by the Quay.  We took advantage of the time and snapped some pics (these ones) and then grabbed a coffee at a fave little Italian place.  We went home and relaxed for a bit (I may have had a little nap) and then we went to a movie.  The next morning we SLEPT IN until 10:30!!!  The best!  Then took our cute, rested selves out for brunch before heading to the Home + Design Show and then off to reunite with our sweet girl.  All in all it was a perfect weekend.  It may not have been ritzy and glitzy, but we loved it.

Speaking of love….this ultra cozy knit dress by local Vancouver designer, Nicole Bridger, has become a go-to dress for me.  It’s like throwing on a warm hug.  I’ve been able to style it lots of different ways and I adore the longer length.  If you don’t yet have any NB hanging in your closet, check her out here.  The collection is available online or at her flagship boutique on West 4th Ave.  #LocalLove


Knit Tunic: c/o Plenty (here)
Cardi: c/o Plenty (here)
Hat: Plenty
Leggings: c/o Plenty (here)
Clutch: c/o Nella Bella
Scarf: c/o Plenty
Ring: BCBG
Boots: Old Navy

I often describe my personal style as dressed up casual.  Plenty is the perfect place for me to find the right mix of comfort with an elevated twist. Plenty has been a Vancouver staple for shopping since it came on to the scene in 1989.  They offer up many fabulous international brands mixed with very coveted in house labels.  I am actually rocking all in house labels in this look.  Why do I love Plenty?  Let me count the ways….affordable, stylish, comfortable, laid back, friendly, versatile, fits my West Coast lifestyle, and LOCAL!

I had so much fun shopping their Fall collection.  Expect cozy knits, printed silks, touches of lace, fur embellishment, and endless options for layering.  Need help putting your look together?  No worries, not all of us love to shop as much as I do.  The staff is incredibly helpful and know how to help you style the perfect look FOR YOU.

Leggings and sweaters are West Coast staples.  I know leggings get a bad rap {Ladies, they aren’t pants, you have to cover your bum when you wear them.}  I demand comfort from my wardrobe, so leggings are admittedly a staple in my closet for the Fall/Winter season.   As someone who loathes hosiery, leggings are a great way to cover my legs comfortably.  And really…who says I can’t make my leggings look adorable?  I just did;)

For another fabulous look with Plenty pieces, head over to the lovely blog of AliciaFashionista .






I love me some Etsy shopping!  Who doesn’t?  It’s a wonderful way to support independents with mad creative talents.  Having always been more of a in person type shopper (love the experience of going shopping), I found Etsy still gave me that boutiquey feel while browsing online.  It was really my first experience with online shopping, and I liked it!  With Etsy, I am able to find top quality, unique, Canadian made pieces.  A few of my favorite Etsy shops include The Prettiest Bow, I See Noise, Field TripPeekabloom Baby, and Kait Creative.

Speaking of in person shopping….this Saturday 23 locations across Canada will host a one-day marketplace of your favorite local Etsy shops.  This will be the first ever Made in Canada event and it’s happening at 800 Robson St. here in Vancouver.  Other BC cities participating include Victoria, Kelowna, and Nanaimo.   The Vancouver event will be on from 10-5 where you can shop 57 local Etsy sellers including personalized IPhone case from Field Trip!  {Love their cases!}   For more information on this event, visit the Facebook page. {here}

Happy Shopping!



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