When it comes to ladylike silhouettes, the 1950′s was the ultimate in feminine fashion.  I think part of my love of this era is that the looks are so flattering on a curvier figure like mine.  Fortunately, fashion repeats itself and this throwback style is available for us modern day gals.

In The Key of Chic

I’ve clearly been dreaming of Spring and warmer days with my Modcloth ladylike picks.  I adore this “In The Key of Chic” polka dot dress.  To keep it playful, I’ve styled it up with accessories in primary colours.  This look feels very Zooey Deschanel….cute and quirky.  Do you have a fashion era you love?  How do you style yourself?
Check out another of my looks with this silhouette here.


Fashion tends to recycle itself.  True, it will be done in a slightly different way, but inspiration for our current fashions often come from the past.  A current look many of us are loving is the coloured denim trend.  It’s such a cute and fun way to add some colour to our wardrobes for Spring.

I found this 1999 Levis ad on You-Tube recently.  The ad is perfectly demonstrating how trends come in again.  Colored denim was hot in the 60′s, again in the 90′s and now here we are in 2012 and it’s back again.

Are there any trends or looks from the past you wish would come back?

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