Nine West has been one of my go to shoe brands for many many years now.  I find them reasonably priced and quite comfortable.  I bought this pair over three years ago when I was first dating my now husband.  I bought them for a date night out.  The design of the shoe keeps it quite classic, but the print makes them fun.


Now that the holiday parties and sparkly soirees have come to an end, I’ve been reworking some of my dressier pieces in more casual ways.  I wore this little black lace with gold shimmer skirt a few times over the holidays.  (Including here)  Now I’m pairing it with loads of  cozy layers and a comfortable ankle wedge boot for an easy day look.  So ladies, don’t pack up those holiday pieces just yet.  Challenge yourself to see how you can tone down the glitz for everyday wear while keeping the chic.

Skirt: Kenneth Cole, Jacket: Inwear (old), Top: San Francisco purchase,  Scarf: handmade by my Mother-In-Law,  Bag: Co-Lab (old), Bracelets: San Francisco purchase, Necklace: Karen Telio,  Shoes: Nine West

Find me on Marionberry Style for her stripes feature.  If you haven’t checked out her blog be sure to.  She has a fabulous baby bump and styles herself perfectly.  Her site can be a fun source of outfit ideas for me.  Like this one:)  Thanks for the challenge Marion!


While on my anniversary weekend away, I took advantage of some tax free shopping in Portland.  I’m quite in love with these Nine West  wedge ankle boots I found.

I received these amazing new hues from Estee Lauder in the mail this week.  I completely adore my monogrammed lipstick.

My anniversary gift from my Hubby.  It’s such a classic Coach tote.  It’s been my go to bag for meetings as my notebooks, pens, and tablet just slide right in.

Well, what good is one pair of new ankle boots when you can have two?!?   A great DSW find.

Happy Friday!


Today I stopped to pick up a little carton of milk for my coffee while on my way to work.  I just stopped at a little convenience store at a gas station.  While I was paying for the milk, the most unexpected conversation happened.  It went like this:

Gas Station Guy 1: ” There aren’t enough girls with hair like yours. Your hair is great.”

Me:  ”Thank you so much.”

Gas Station Guy 2: “Ya!  That’s a great cut.”

GS Guy 1: “I think it was a more popular cut last year, but its still hot.”

GS Guy 2: “It’s so stylish.”

Me: “Thanks very much!”

GS Guy 2: “Ooooooh, you know who your hair is like?”

Me: “Who?”

GS Guy 2: “Anna Wintour.”

GS Guy 1: “Who’s Anna Wintour?”

GS Guy 2: “She’s like the Queen of Vogue.  She decides everything!”

Me: “I guess if I have the hair cut of the Queen of Vogue, I’m doing something right?”

GS Guy 1 &2: “hahaha….”

GS Guy 2: “Totally!  You look great!”

GS Guy 1: ” Yes, I totally love it!”

Me: “Thanks again! Bye.”

Top: Topshop; Vest: Dex; Jeans: AG Jeans; Shoes: Nine West

Sunnies: Aldo; Bracelets: CPak; Ring: Low Luv


Necklaces: Karen Telio and Maison Scotch

Gotta love how a random fashion conversation can find me even while buying milk at the gas station with the two dudes working there. So awesome!

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I’ve been trying to make the most of sunshiny days by wearing happy Summer pieces when I can.   White, florals, dresses, skirts!  Unfortunately with these days few and far between I feel like I’ve been in a rut.   It’s hard to feel inspired to get dressed in the morning with nothing but grey clouds in the forecast.

Tomorrow’s challenge…snap out of it!  Time to stop whining about this typical Vancouver weather and get on with my love affair with Spring clothes.

Dress: Topshop, Denim Jacket: AG Jeans, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Co-Lab

Belt: Brave Leather, Necklace: Maison Scotch, Bracelets: C Pak

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