Pants: Nicole Bridger | Top: Winners | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Olive & Piper | Glasses: Iris Eyewear | Ring: Pandora

This time of year is always a bit strange fashion wise.  It’s WAY too hot to be layering on cozy sweaters, and somehow, it doesn’t look quite right to be running around in Summer dresses either.   Lately I’ve been gravitating towards anything lightweight and my favorite neutral colours.  {Thank you fashion for making the minimalist look a trend right now.}   It seems like the perfect way to transition into Fall.   I find the key is even though I’m wearing basics, I still keep it interesting with texture and a couple of accessories.  Jersey is my mommy-go-to fabric of choice.  These pants by Nicole Bridger have been a fave of mine from the early stage of my pregnancy {before the bump}, all throughout my pregnancy, and now again post pregnancy.  There’s something to be said about comfort and style.

Stay tuned for some fun new Fall Fashion posts coming soon!



One of my favorite things about my job is when I get an up close and personal look at a collection I truly love.  Local Vancouver designer, Nicole Bridger, has been a favorite of mine since she opened her flagship store on 4th Avenue in the heart of Kitsilano.  Nicole’s line is for women who want to look chic and stylish but also wish to keep sustainability in mind.

This season, she has teamed up with Vancouver contemporary artist, Zoe Pawlak for the most lovely wearable art I’ve ever seen.  With Zoe’s use of colour and prints, and Nicole’s ability to create soft, feminine, timeless pieces; it was quite obviously a match made in fashion heaven.

The Nicole Bridger pieces I own in my own wardrobe are soft, comfortable, and versatile.  Her amazing jersey fabrics allowed me to wear them during and now after my pregnancy.  I can’t wait to add some of these amazing items to my closet.


I adore pouring over the glossy pages of my newest fall issues to see what treasures are in store.  What colours are being shown?  What are the silhouettes?  Have skirt lengths finally gotten longer? (one can only hope)  A new season brings new fashion, shopping, and a frenzy of trying to be the It-Girl with the latest of everything.  Rather than trying to reinvent myself every season, common sense  has me infusing small bits of trends into my closet all while reworking what I already have.

My Fall New-Mom Look inspiration.  I’m planning on items with casual comfort and wash-ability.    I’m thinking soft jersey’s, embellished sweatshirts, flats, denim, tees, and cozy layers.

Perhaps it’s shopping maturity, having other financial responsibilities, my age, or the strain on my wallet that has me now more concerned with dressing for myself instead of for others.  Dressing for others often resulted in strange purchases of items that would get worn once due to feeling ridiculous in them.   It was easy to over shop as one piece purchased would need multiple other components, that I of course didn’t own, to make it work.  Now, I first turn to my already existing wardrobe where I edit, purge, and discover all my wardrobe can offer me.  Of course there is always a missing item (or five) that need to be purchased and added in for an update.  However, my shopping choices are now made with practicality, budget, and my lifestyle in mind.   Can’t say I’ll be rocking the very cute Miu Miu polka dot dresses to breastfeed in.  (Although they do don a half zipper right at the bust.  Hmm??)

Freeing myself of the one-up-manship of  trying to look cuter than everyone else in the mandatory blogger Zara skort and JCrew sequin tee…is well, just that.  Freeing.  I do not live by the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality.  I’m more of a why try and  beat ‘em, just do something different.  With an ever changing figure this season, I’m not exactly sure what my personal style will look like in the upcoming months.  The only think I do know, I plan to look like me and feel good doing it.

Photos sourced from some of my favorites: Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, Nicole Bridger, Sam Edelman, J Crew, Joe Fresh, and H&M



A few weeks ago I attended Eco Fashion week and had the pleasure of taking in the Nicole Bridger show.  NB was the opening night fashion show and it did not disappoint.  As a departure from the usual runway presentation, Nicole opted to show her collection on a stage with both models and dancers wearing her effortless looks.  As an added treat, Mala Imports (a fave of mine) was also showcasing their jewelry along with Nicole.

Nicole Bridger’s F/W’12 collection is full of soft neutral tones with pops of florals.  These are clothes that are easy to wear and easy to move in.  Of course her signature feminine draping can be found throughout this collection.

This weekend NB is having their Two Day Warehouse Sale!  Every piece from their F/W’ 11 and S/S’ 12 collections are only $25.  The sale is located at 1948 West 44th Ave in Vancouver.

Friday Nov 9 (11-7pm)
Saturday Nov 10 (10-6pm)



I always adore this time of the year for how full my dance card seems to be.  Tons of fashion shows, shopping events, photoshoots, styling, and writing of course.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Creme de la Creme preview party…with Bria of Framework Magazine. (Photo by  Ellen Hong from Hong Photography)

Opening night fashion show at Eco Fashion Week featuring Nicole Bridger and Mala Imports. (post on this event still to come)

Lauren Moshi Pop Up Shop at Ishara event (photo by Andrea Gurniak)

Snapping a few pics between events downtown. (Photos by Alex)

Dress: Inwear, Top: American Apparel, Jacket: Inwear, Vest: Garcia, Belt: Brave Leather, Bracelet: LowLuv

Topshop Media Preview at The Hudson Bay Co.

Taking time to stop and smell the diamonds….Birks event.

My fabulous event +1 go-to-friend…Miss Ang!

Getting my dance on with Reiko of The Real Housewives of Vancouver…ok well, we didn’t really dance together, but we were at the same event.

Canadian Indie Rock Band, Metric, concert

It was quite the full week.  I was lucky enough to finish it off with a four night trip to Portland with my Hubby to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  The past few months have been a journey of new things and I couldn’t be more delighted.   “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.”  Dave Weinbaum


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