Chemical free.  Fair trade ingredients. Natural products.  This is Fable Naturals.  I have fallen in love with these delicious products from Vancouver brand Fable Naturals.  With yummy ingredients like olive oil and cocoa butter and a fabulous assortment of goodies, Fable is a must try.

I have been on the search for a lotion to keep in the kitchen.  As a Mom, I am forever cleaning.  My hands are in water all the time and tend to dry out real bad.  I wanted a natural product with a yummy kitchen friendly scent.   This Rosemary + Mint lotion was it!  It now sits on my window cil above my kitchen sink.  My hands are thanking me for it!  I also love that it is not a feminine scent, so my husband can use it too, just like these soaps!  I highly recommend their lip balms.  An awesome vegan product and only $6 !   Thank you Fable Naturals for letting my try out your products.  They will be a new staple in my home.

For more info on this brand and to see their full assortment of products, visit here.


It’s a new month and a new Of-The-Week feature.  Lately, I’ve been making an effort to incorporate more green products or natural products into my beauty routine.  Some items have been challenging to switch over to  while others have proven to be a breeze.  This month I’ll be sharing with you what products I’ve found along with challenges and triumphs.

For my first week of natural product sharing I’m actually chatting about two different products for your hair.  The first is the Live Clean Monoi Oil leave in conditioner.  I always get the most tangled hair when I wash it and this little bottle gives me some amazing smooth and silky locks.  What makes it green?  This product uses 98% plant ingredients, with certified organic botanicals, petroleum free, phosphate free, vegetarian formula, never tested on animals, and the list goes on.  It also smells amazing!

The second product is an organic hairspray by Calia.  Being that I’m a girl with some bangs, hairspray is an essential part of my getting ready routine.  I was getting sick of all the strong scents of traditional aerosol sprays I’ve been using for years.  To give my hair, skin, and lungs a bit of a break I hunted for an organic alternative.  What makes it green?  This product has had no animal testing, no animal by-products, no sulfates, it’s hypo allergenic, and contains natural ingredients like purified water, chamomile blossom, & sunflower oil.  It’s also a fragrance free formula so my hair smells fresh and clean and not all chemically.

An added bonus I loved is that both of these products are manufactured in Canada and use recyclable packaging.

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