Pregnant With Twins Mood Board

When it comes to having any kind of style at this point of my pregnancy with the twins is a challenge.  All I really care about is 1) Does it fit me? and 2) Is it comfortable.  Being pregnant with multiples is definitely a different experience than a singleton pregnancy.  My symptoms are all more intense and just getting around can be a challenge.  This mood board represents what this Momma is wearing and using these days and will be until the end of my pregnancy.  My must have list:

1) Leggings: We all try to fight it, but leggings are seriously the only pants that fit me these days.  I have some cozy maternity sweat pants for around the house that I plan on also wearing postpartum.

2) Sleep bras: When I’m at home (which is most days) why on earth would I wear awful underwire boobie torture devices?  Sleep bras are perfect to lounge in.

3) My Snoogle Pillow: THIS IS MY EVERYTHING!  The only way I can be just kind of comfy for sleeping is using this body pillow.  It supports me and helps me get a somewhat restful sleep.

4) Bio – Oil: Perfect for my stretched out tummy.

5) Cardigans: One of the only non-maternity items I can get away with wearing.

6) Kleenex packs: With my nose being constantly stuffed up ( one of the many pregnancy symptoms I have) I keep tissues on hand with everywhere I go.

7) Loose flowy tops.  I wore things a bit more on the fitted side when I was pregnant with Maddie.  This time around, everything comes out fitted whether it’s meant to be or not.  I have found that flowy tops are a better fit for me with my bigger bump.  I opt for ones with some length too to wear with my leggings.

8 ) A belly brace.  This has become a necessity for me when I’m out for any real period of time where I will be on my feet.  The weight and pressure with multiples  is so much more.  Having a little lift for the belly really helps.

9) Comfy footwear: Whether it’s cosy socks, slippers, or a pair of runners, this Momma has adopted the slip on. Socks can be hard enough put on, so shoes need to be a bend free experience.


My Spring Musts 2015

These items are similar to those I have purchased.

Next week it will officially be Spring!  This is always such a fun time of year to shop and clean out my closet.  While I have been busy taking trips to the consignment shops and making charity donation drop offs, I’ve also started my Spring shopping.  Here’s what you’ll be seeing on me this Spring….
1. Scarves in pretty pastel colours.
2. I will be transitioning my fab grey felt hat into Spring!
3. Ankle boots in soft neutrals.
4. My pink framed specs from are new faves for sure.
5. Printed flowy blouses.
6. Long gold dainty necklaces.
7.  Drapey and comfy printed pants.
8. Soft trench in a classic hue.
9. Denim jackets { I have two!}…a staple in any wardrobe.
10. Gold chain link bracelets.
11. Light coloured denim, but I will also will be wearing black jeans for Spring.
12. Mint loafers!  Why not?
13. Leather belts.  Love these over pretty dresses to give them a bit of a more casual feel.
14. A large, throw everything in there, tote.
15. Glam bar stud earrings.
16. A shirt dress  in a soft easy fabric.
Have you started your Spring shopping yet?  What have you been picking up so far?

I try to be careful when I’m giving fashion advice.  I have been guilty of telling women what some wardrobe “must haves”  are that they should be stocking their closets with.

 I do try and make sure they are sensible picks that will work on a variety of body types and ages.

Being the magazine junkie that I am, I’ve recently been scouring for some Spring inspiration.  I’ve been taking note of the “must haves” for this upcoming Spring season which have included pastel dresses, leather tops, printed suits, and….bralette tops!

Now as gorgeous as  Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2012 collection is, I just don’t see myself sporting the bralette top.  It was an interesting “must have” suggestion.  I can just picture me at work with my mid-drift exposed, the top of my Spanx showing  but hey, I’ll be wearing one of the must have looks of the season.  Perhaps when I was 20 I could have rocked this look??  Maybe they need to put warnings on some of these must have recommendations?  ”Warning: Do not attempt to bare your mid-drift if you suffer from muffin top,bloating, lack of ab definition, or if you’re over the age of 25.”

By the way, I think these skirts are gorgeous!  But maybe just with a different top;-)

Pics from

So, today was one of those days.  Got a hole in my dress, broke a shoe…you know the kind of day I mean? Lucky for me, I work in the wonderful world of Fashion Retail and can just pick out something new to wear when I have a wardrobe malfunction.  However, when I’m not at work and have a mishap, I keep my purse stocked with tools to get me through it.  Here are just a few goodies I keep in my bag.

Hollywood Fashion Tape:  This stuff is awesome!  It will keep a blouse from unbuttoning, your wr

ap skirt from opening, or fix a hem in a pinch.

Gal Pal Deodorant Remover: This little treated sponge wipes away those annoying white deodorant streaks we tend to get on our clothes when getting dressed in a hurry.

Krazy Glue:  It literally fixes everything.  Today it fixed my broken shoe.  I recommend the pen style one.  It’s great for fixing small detail items.

Tide To Go: Yes, I can be a bit of a klutz.  Food and coffee seem to easily find their way on to my clothes.  It just makes sense to have one with you at all times.  (Especially those of you who have kids.)

Other arsenal to keep handy: safety pins, band-aids, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, hair brush, travel size hair spray, lip gloss, hair elastic, I Love My Muff wipes, Kleenex, gum/mints, travel toothbrush and paste.

Buy yourself a cute little make-up bag to keep your “Kit” in.  Now you’re a gal ready to take on the World!  So Monday, bring it on.  We’re ready for anything!!!

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