With the twins just weeks away from arriving, I am going into hibernation mode.  The beginning of December is going to be for nesting, resting, and snuggles on the couch with my loves.  With all my regular shows having their Fall finales, I’m switching gears to all things Christmas.  I adore holiday films!  (Even the crappy made for tv ones.)  Being cozy under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn and some eggnog feels so holiday to me.  We are hoping to get our tree this weekend, do a bit of decorating, and take Maddie to go see Santa.  A couple of these fave movies of mine are sure to be watched too!

1. Polar Express
2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
3. Home Alone (1 & 2)
4. The Holiday
5. Serendipity (Only part of this movie takes place at Christmas, but I love it!)
6. ELF
7. Christmas Vacation
8.The Muppet Christmas Carol (makes me feel like I’m a kid again all curled up with my sister under a blanket on the couch)
9. A Christmas Carol (The good old black and white one with Alistar Sim.  A Christmas Eve tradish in my family.)
10. The Santa Clause
11. Little Women (Not necessarily a Christmas movie, but my sister and I always love watching it over the holidays.)
12. Love Actually (One of my favourite movies of all time. Just the score from this movie gives me goose bumps.)

What are your favourite holiday movies?  I love suggestions:)

The newest trailer for the upcoming film, Sex and the City 2 is out.  The sequel is in theaters on May 28, 2010 and I can’t wait!  Perhaps a field trip for the “Women of the Round Table” is in order.

Not much in the way of a website, yet.  But you can enter for a chance to win a trip to New York!  Click HERE!

Here’s what the site says:

Enter for a chance to win a weekend in New York City complete with round-trip airfare, luxurious hotel accommodations, and two tickets to the star-studded premiere of SEX AND THE CITY 2 starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Plus, the winner will receive an afternoon of pampering at the John Barrett Salon. The makeover will include a haircut with John, color, brow shaping and makeup application along with a manicure and pedicure (makeover package valued at $1250)!

What do you think of the new trailer


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