Cozy Holiday

Who can believe that we are now more than half way through November?  I don’t know where the time is going.  With the twins due to arrive some time before Christmas, my holiday wardrobe will be a casual and cozy one.  No party dresses and sequins for this gal.  I’m going to be all about loose and comfy items that will help me navigate my way through the newborn phase of things times two.  This soft and pretty colour palate gives me all the holiday feels.  I’m sure I will be wearing loads of black (as I always do) but adding in a few lighter hued pieces might be kind of nice to change things up.    Cozy socks, sweat pants and sweaters are what I have been shopping for.  I feel like I’m preparing for hibernation.

Clearly we will be staying close to home this holiday season.  This inspiration board screams “curled up by the fire”.  I absolutely love this time of year when things are just starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  On that note, I think I’m done all my Christmas shopping.  Admittedly, we don’t go too crazy gift wise. I would alway rather quality time over anything else, but a few little goodies are always fun.  I plan on getting everything wrapped soon too as I will most likely be busy snuggling babies right during the countdown to Christmas.  Anyone else excited for this cozy season that is upon us?

Spring Vibes 2016

We are a couple of weeks into Spring, and it is feeling so good!  I adore my Winter duds, but shedding some layers and putting away the Winter coats feels ah-mazing.  My closet edit continues.  I have an appointment at a consignment shop on Monday to take in some of my previously loved items to sell.  I still have more to sort through, but it’s happening.  I have been selective in what has been coming in and realistic about what I actually wear on a daily basis.  This little mood board sums up nicely the type of look I have been rocking lately.  It’s been distressed denim, easy tees, lightweight cardis, soft scarves, ankle boots, sunnies, and a few other well appointed accessories.  My mood board consists of things I already own (or are very similar to something I have) as well as pieces I am hoping to acquire.  I am on the search for a great little stripe dress like this one.  I’d like to wear it now over skinny jeans but want it along enough that I can wear it later with bare legs.  I also think a black and white floral bomber jacket would be super cute with jeans and all my West + Wind tees.

What are you all shopping for for Spring?

Everyday Style


My goal for myself for 2016, was to simplify all different aspects of my life.  One of these aspects being my wardrobe.  I’ve been filling bags with items I’m no longer wearing (and haven’t been for a while) and taking note of the things I love to wear.  If you can’t determine what you love in your closet by staring at everything, try this…
1) Take a look at your laundry.  Chances are, these are the things you wear over and over again.
2) If you were going on a trip, what would you pack?
3) Try stuff on.  It’s amazing when we go to put things on, how we realize there is a reason we don’t wear certain items.  Weather it’s because it doesn’t fit, needs repair, or you simply don’t like it, you may want to consider purging it from your closet.
Another thing I find helpful is to create a mood board {like the one above}.  This mood board is representative of the items I wear all the time.  The pieces I grab to throw on when I’m in rush, which is a good majority of the time, and the pieces I’m literally wearing EVERYDAY.  Clearly my life is quite casual.  I’m in the jeans, tee, and a sweater phase of my life.  While we obviously need a little variety in our wardrobe, keep your mood board in mind when both purging items from your closet and when shopping for new items.  Having a realistic view of our lifestyle is key.  Back in the Fall I fell in love with this beautiful powder blue sleeveless wool trench.  It was gorgeous, well priced, and fit like a glove.  It almost came home with me, but when I stopped to think about all the different scenarios as to where I would wear it, sadly, the list was short.  I also had visions of little hot chocolate hands being wiped down the side of it while at the grocery store one day.  So, as much as it hurt in the moment, that pretty coat stayed in the store.
I’ll be sharing more on my closet and wardrobe simplifying.  How do you keep your wardrobe under control?



September Mood Board


Happy September first everyone!!!!  Even though we still have a few weeks of Summer left, September is typically a bit of a transition month fashion wise.  My mood to kick off the month (and drastic change in weather) is feeling easy basics like cute tees and pencil skirts.  There is no need to cover up completely yet, so I plan on keeping my legs bare as long as possible.  Ankle boots are a perfect shoe to transition into cooler weather and a large tote works weather you’re heading to a meeting or a play date.
I don’t know what it is about September that makes me want to buy fresh office supplies {cute ones, of course} and sip on tea.
Today my feet were chilly for the first time, so my moccasins were an obvious choice for working in my home office and playing with the
Little Miss.  I also realize that I need to come up with some ideas for indoor activities with a toddler.  We’ve been so used to being
outside everyday that I need to get creative to make fun in a whole new way.  Any suggestions Momma’s?
Fresh flowers are a good idea any time of year, but especially when the skies get grey.  A simple bouquet can brighten up a room, especially if it’s your
office space.  I’ve also been adding plants here and there around the house.  Admittedly, I am no green thumb, so I keep my plant picks
cheap and cheerful as they usually only last me a few months.
I still don’t want to rush the end of Summer.  Vancouver is supposed to have a warm and sunny long weekend coming up.  In fact,
they are predicting a sunny first half of the month, except these first few days.  I’m ready to embrace it fully and in the meantime, start
my strategic fall shopping plan.


Grey days...

January mood

With Vancouver currently covered in a thick blanket of fog, I have found myself dressing to match the weather …literally.  Grey has been one of my go to colours for years.  It’s a great casual basic.  Now that I’m working on getting refocused on work as well as home and life organization after the holidays, I’m spending more time at home and in my office.  My go to items of the moment  seem to be fitted jersey skirts layered with tights, comfortable foot wear, cozy knits, and blanket scarves.  Even as I’m writing this I’m wearing grey knit pants, a black and grey striped tee, and long grey cardi.

January always feels like such a sleepy month.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of this bit of extra time to set goals, catch up with some friends, exercise,  and begin new projects.  Happy New Year All!

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