Summer Uniforms for Mom

inspo board for my Summer 2017 wardrobe

With a small taste of Summer last week, it launched me into a panic over my Summer attire.  What do stay at home mommas (with some chubby bits) wear when the weather gets warm? I immediately took to social media to ask you all for your tips on being casual, comfortable, and still a bit pulled together.  You Ladies who responded helped out a lot.  So far, I have place a little order online with Old Navy to get me through the next bought of sunshine + I’m reworking some things already in my closet.  When the weather warms up again and my new pieces arrive, I will share what I’ve come up with.
My number one rule when it comes to wardrobe building is be realistic.  I know what my day to day life looks like.  I’m at home a lot.  I spend time at the park, on play dates, running errands, and the odd trip to the coffee shop with the hubs, with kids in tow, of course.  This means I need clothes I can bend, play, sit on the ground, throw in the washing machine, all while being comfortable.  I’m a visual person, so creating an inspiration board with looks dedicated to the four main areas of my mom life, is really helpful.
I tend to wear a LOT of black and grey.  My go-to’s for sure.  For Summer, I’m trying to infuse just a bit of colour into my looks with pops of red and yellow.  Kind of a primary colour thing I’ve got going on with my denim pieces in the mix too.  I’m not completely getting rid of black though.  Black just always works + I feel good in it.
So Ladies, what are your go-to Summer pieces?


top: c/o Du North Designs,  jeans: Old Navy,  jacket: Forever 21,  scarf: Jackson Rowe,  shoes: Hush Puppy,  sunnies: Barefoot Contessa 

So, you’ve had a baby.  Congratulations!  Your maternity clothes are now too big (yay!) but you’re not entirely sure in how to navigate this new post baby bod.  It is hard to figure out what flatters you and, most importantly, what you feel good in after having a baby.  From my own experience, I find simplifying your closet the best way to go.  If you have a closet full of things you don’t want to wear, you will be frustrated every time you go to get dressed.  (Stay tuned for a post with my closet cleaning tips.)  You may also need to shop for a few new items.  Old Navy is an awesome place for jeans; especially for all you curvier gals like me and for those on a budget.  Scroll to the bottom to see my 6 mommy wardrobe musts.

1) A pair of comfortable everyday jeans.  If you’re like me, sweats and leggings are your go to at home attire.  When I go out though, jeans are my go to.  Be sure to shop for both comfort and fit.
2) Longer tops with shape that don’t cling.  This tunic I’m wearing is flowy but also still has some shape to it.  Proportion is key to a flattering look.
3) A leather (or vegan leather) jacket.  This faux leather jacket is the perfect item to transition me into to Spring.  My favourite leather jacket is a bit tight at the moment, so I’ve added this one into my wardrobe in the meantime.
4) A couple pairs of cute, comfortable shoes.  Don’t torture yourself with shoes that rub or hurt to wear.  Hush Puppies and Miz Mooz are a couple of my favourite brands.
5) A great lightweight scarf.  Scarves are such a perfect extra layer for unpredictable Spring weather.  This Jackson Rowe scarf ticks all the boxes…oversized, versatile, light weight, and neutral enough to go with anything.
6) A big ass pair of sunglasses.  Weather I’m dropping Maddie off at pre-school or running some errands, sunglasses are my must have accessory.  Nothing covers my tired eyes or no makeup face quite like a pair of oversized sunnies.

Oh, and don’t forget…..a fab haircut!  A clean and easy coif will help you from feeling disheveled.  Don’t change your look too drastically after having your baby.  Hormones are crazy and I have had friends regret chopping all their hair off in a post baby hormonal rage.  I like to keep my hair shorter, but long enough to still get a messy top knot when needed.

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