Holy heatwave batman!  I have been living in little summer dresses and shorts and our fans and air conditioning units have been working overtime.  If you don’t live in BC, we have been experiencing tons of smoke too due to wildfires in the interior.  It has meant a lot of indoor play time which means I’m going a bit nuts dealing with a 3 year old who has major cabin fever.  I do my best to incorporate some outings even if it’s just a trip to the library.  It’s just a lot of work to pack up the whole crew and time it right in between naps and feeding times.

For any outing I’m lugging around a well packed diaper bag full of everything I could possibly need when out.  Snacks, diapers, changes of clothes, water bottles, Baby Mum Mums, soothers, blankets, and anything else I can fit in there.  This means that my purses have not been in high demand.  My wallet gets shoved in the diaper bag and I cram in the few essentials I need wherever I can find a bit of space.  The problem is when I actually need something of mine, I can never find it.  Lately I’ve been using this adorable new clutch to put all my essentials in.  It fits the few things I need…my phone, lip gloss, hair ties, etc. and slides right in without taking up too much room.  This clutch is part of a new curated capsule collection by Canadian companies Matt & Nat and Indigo.   As always, with Matt & Nat, the bags are vegan, eco-friendly, and sustainable.  The collection features best selling styles from the Matt & Nat archives as well as some exclusive colours.  You can see more of the collection here.

clutch: c/o Indigo
dress: Old Navy
shoes: Target (old and I love em)
headwrap: I Wear the Headdress
sunnies: Barefoot Contessa


photos by Alicia

Even as a teenager, I liked to wear things that were not what everyone else was wearing.  I liked to wear unexpected items and style myself up to stand out from the crowd.  To me, I felt more like myself if I didn’t just blend in.  Other kids would sometimes like to tell me they didn’t like something I wore, or thought it was kinda weird/ugly.  This item would usually get worn even more  often to prove a point.  The point was, I didn’t really care what they thought.    I LOVED fashion.  I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to model when I was younger, and this led to some travel opportunities.  This fuelled my love of fashion and allowed me to buy some different items then what I couldn’t find at the local malls in Regina.

Fast forward 20 years.  Now a mom of three with more curves then I’ve ever had, yes, my style has changed a bit.  Well, a lot.   As confident as I have been in my fashion choices over the years, I have also noticed that when I am feeling less confident, I often start dressing how I think I “should” dress to impress others.  Take these pics for example.  I wanted to shoot some photos for a new style post featuring these ridiculously comfortable new kicks from Skye Footwear.  I started rummaging through my closet to style a unique “cool mom” look.  I was trying on dresses, skirts, and accessories galore.  None of it felt right.  I realized I was trying way too hard to impress you.  How is showing you something I don’t really wear helpful?  So instead, I paused, and thought, how do I actually style these shoes?  This is it folks!  Casual with some of my favourite basics I’ve been wearing for a few years now.  I may no longer be the twenty two year old fashion risk taker of yesteryear, but I am still saying ” this is me”.   When I wear what I love, my whole day is just better.  Your style shouldn’t be for anyone but you.

These incredible shoes I am wearing are from Vancouver company,  Skye Footwear.   These shoes are about comfort and do not dissappoint.  This style, The Rbutus comes in either black or white + they have two other styles available.  If you want to try out a pair for yourself, use promo code prairiegirlitcSKYE to receive 15% off your order on their website.  (code valid until July 31, 2017)


teething jewelry

I have always been a girl who loves some well appointed accessories.  I actually used to be an accessory buyer for a boutique I used to manage.  When baby (or babies, in my case) come along, we usually have to pass on hoop earrings, sparkly necklaces, and noisy bracelets with sharp bits on them.  So how does one accessorize?   I say keep it simple.  Choose one item that will amp up your style but not add any extra time to getting ready in the morning.  I have three favourites I rotate through my looks….you know, on my non-sweatpants days.  The first is so practical.  Teething jewelry has come a long way since I had my first.  The pieces now are items I actually want to wear.  This one is from Mama Gems, but her shop is currently closed to have a baby.  You may also want to check out Glitter & Spice and Lou Lou Lollipop.

neck kerchief scarf

Neatly tied neck scarves have made a real comeback this Spring.  This one is a vintage and was actually my grandmothers.  I adore the colours in it.  Goes with everything!  Scarves make a great alternative to necklaces and are soft for baby to rest against.  No scratches here!

head wrap

With warmer weather on it’s way, messy buns and top knots are inevitable.  To dress up your messy mane, opt for a cute head wrap.  It’s a great alternative to a hat but can still hide unwashed hair.  I wear mine all the time.

Spring Vibes 2016

We are a couple of weeks into Spring, and it is feeling so good!  I adore my Winter duds, but shedding some layers and putting away the Winter coats feels ah-mazing.  My closet edit continues.  I have an appointment at a consignment shop on Monday to take in some of my previously loved items to sell.  I still have more to sort through, but it’s happening.  I have been selective in what has been coming in and realistic about what I actually wear on a daily basis.  This little mood board sums up nicely the type of look I have been rocking lately.  It’s been distressed denim, easy tees, lightweight cardis, soft scarves, ankle boots, sunnies, and a few other well appointed accessories.  My mood board consists of things I already own (or are very similar to something I have) as well as pieces I am hoping to acquire.  I am on the search for a great little stripe dress like this one.  I’d like to wear it now over skinny jeans but want it along enough that I can wear it later with bare legs.  I also think a black and white floral bomber jacket would be super cute with jeans and all my West + Wind tees.

What are you all shopping for for Spring?


glasses c/o Firmoo

Cue the spring shiny weather!  We have had so much rain and grey weather here on the West Coast, so this glorious sunshine has got us all outside to soak up that vitamin D.  Transitioning into Spring usually means infusing a bit of colour into the wardrobe.  I still love the ease of my neutrals, so a subtle unexpected pop of colour can be a good way for me to get Spring-y.  These cute new specs from Firmoo are the perfect shade of lavender.

For those of you who follow me on Snapchat, you will have seen this week was one of disheveled mommy moments along with some sartorial wins.  That’s how most of my weeks roll. Before becoming a mom, I swore I would never be one of those moms who looked tired and like she just threw on whatever was quick and easy.  Well, I now realize that those days just gotta happen sometimes.  I have mastered the 10 minute get ready and go (for myself…child not included)  and some days a shower is a luxury not a necessity.  (Sidenote….I always giggle when I see 5 minute make up challenges.  Five minutes?  Why so long?  Haha!  I’m a two minute and 30 second girl.) No, I haven’t given up.  I still love to get dolled up, but day to day doesn’t have to be so hard.

Would you like a FREE pair of Firmoo specs of your own?  The first 10 readers to leave a comment on this post will be sent a shopping code for you to redeem a free pair of glasses courtesy of Firmoo.  Details: You must be a first time Firmoo customer.  Shipping and handling fee are extra.   There will be a select number of glasses to choose from.  The shopping code will be sent to you via email by me and it will expire on April 18th/2016.
Good luck!

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