With being a new mom, I have been forced to cut back my “get ready time” to just minutes now.   When it comes to getting dressed I have found the most time saving formula is to have a few go-to “uniforms”.  Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel everyday with a fabulous new look, I simply repeat a version of an outfit I most likely wore earlier in the week.  This week, I stuck to black and white.

black & white

This uniform consists of leggings (worn as tights), a fitted jersey mini skirt, an over-sized sweater, infinity scarf, flats or ankle boots (I’m obsessed with these cute little striped flats from The Gap..WANT!), a cross-body bag (so I can be hands free), a pair of pretty stud earrings, and my fancy little Alice & Olivia Starbucks mug (Momma needs some caffeine).   It’s an easy palette to mix and match. Adding  little gold or silver touches helps add a bit of shine to your look.

You don’t have to be a Mom to create a uniform for yourself.  You gals on a budget…this is a great cost effective way to maximize your wardrobe.


Decades by Cameron Silver

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs

Audrey Hepburn by Sean Hepburn Ferrer


No, I didn’t go on vacation over the weekend.  Our insanely beautiful and Summer like weather made me feel like I had been whisked away to some tropical destination but it was really just my backyard.   A blue sky, large umbrella, and cold sips on the patio made this weekend, well, perfect.  All the yard work didn’t even seem so bad when we knew it meant getting outside.

Dress: Marc Jacobs (also cute) , Hat: Maui purchase,  Shoes: Army & Navy shoe sale purchase, Bag: Erin Templeton from Plenty, Necklace: Maison Scotch

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Happy Shopping!


My ideal way to start a day off, where I’m home alone, is me, a cup of tea, my laptop, and watching some Fashion Television.  I like to get a little inspiration and get caught up on just what is happening in the wonderful world of fashion.

Marc Jacobs was my first real fashion crush.  (Definition of a Fashion Crush: When one adores and respects the pieces with each and every collection by one specific designer.  Where you dream of attending that designers shows and owning their designs.)  This of course is according to the “Fashion Dictionary of Jen”.

His Spring 2012 collection was filled with colour blocking, gingham organza, cellophane (yes! cellophane!), and sportswear inspired pieces.  Pops of yellow, turquoise, jade green, and royal blue were styled with soft neutral tones of taupe, ivory, white, and tan.

 Interesting textures and unique fabrics were key to his collection.  Paper, leather, organza, nylon, mock croc, and of course cellophane were all used throughout the line.  If I’ve now peaked your curiosity, here’s a look at some of the most interesting Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 looks.

(Pictures from MarcJacobs.com)

Happy Friday! xo



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