No, I didn’t go on vacation over the weekend.  Our insanely beautiful and Summer like weather made me feel like I had been whisked away to some tropical destination but it was really just my backyard.   A blue sky, large umbrella, and cold sips on the patio made this weekend, well, perfect.  All the yard work didn’t even seem so bad when we knew it meant getting outside.

Dress: Marc Jacobs (also cute) , Hat: Maui purchase,  Shoes: Army & Navy shoe sale purchase, Bag: Erin Templeton from Plenty, Necklace: Maison Scotch

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Happy Shopping!


I feel like my trip to Maui last month put warm weather on my mind and has been clearly influencing my shopping.  In particular I’ve been drawn to orange sunset hues with some pretty pinks mixed in.

My inspiration.  Photos from my trip to Maui and Pinterest.

Sweater & Jacket: Maison Scotch,  Shoes: Lola Ramona from Miz Mooz,  Nail Polish: c/o Estee Lauder,  Fragrance: Sun c/o Lush Cosmetics

These are a few treats to make their way into my closet recently.  I’m completely in love with the Maison Scotch collection this season.  No surprise there.  I adore their clothes.  I bought these bright orange wedges before my trip.  They are quite comfy and crazy bright.  What’s not to love?  This new happy scented fragrance by Lush has become a fast favorite of mine.  It boasts fresh scents of orange, tangerine, and sandlewood and truly smells like a warm summer’s day.  I was recently given the chance to preview the new S/S ’13 collection by Estee Lauder.  This new nail lacquer will be next up on my manicure hit parade.

Maison Scotch has been one of my favorite brands for a few years now.  (I’m actually wearing one of their shirts as I’m writing this.)  You’ve seen them on my blog before but season after season I’m reminded of why I love their clothes so much.

Happy Friday!


I recently thought I’d switch up my look by growing out my bangs a bit and having them brush off to the side.  No biggie, I’ve had this look before.  Well, a few weeks into this not so earth shattering decision, I had a minor meltdown and identity crisis.  I didn’t feel like me.  I felt like an older version of myself!  *gasp*  Clearly this would not do.  So in a full I’m-getting-older panic, I called in a 911 hair appointment and went back to my blunt bangs and shorter bob.  Phew!  Crisis averted.

Jacket: Maison Scotch (similar), Skirt: Forever 21 (pretty close), Belt: Inwear, Necklace: Aldo, Bracelets: CPak & c/o Mala Imports, Bag: Co-Lab from The Urban Rack

Photos by Jen Tam

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Today I stopped to pick up a little carton of milk for my coffee while on my way to work.  I just stopped at a little convenience store at a gas station.  While I was paying for the milk, the most unexpected conversation happened.  It went like this:

Gas Station Guy 1: ” There aren’t enough girls with hair like yours. Your hair is great.”

Me:  ”Thank you so much.”

Gas Station Guy 2: “Ya!  That’s a great cut.”

GS Guy 1: “I think it was a more popular cut last year, but its still hot.”

GS Guy 2: “It’s so stylish.”

Me: “Thanks very much!”

GS Guy 2: “Ooooooh, you know who your hair is like?”

Me: “Who?”

GS Guy 2: “Anna Wintour.”

GS Guy 1: “Who’s Anna Wintour?”

GS Guy 2: “She’s like the Queen of Vogue.  She decides everything!”

Me: “I guess if I have the hair cut of the Queen of Vogue, I’m doing something right?”

GS Guy 1 &2: “hahaha….”

GS Guy 2: “Totally!  You look great!”

GS Guy 1: ” Yes, I totally love it!”

Me: “Thanks again! Bye.”

Top: Topshop; Vest: Dex; Jeans: AG Jeans; Shoes: Nine West

Sunnies: Aldo; Bracelets: CPak; Ring: Low Luv


Necklaces: Karen Telio and Maison Scotch

Gotta love how a random fashion conversation can find me even while buying milk at the gas station with the two dudes working there. So awesome!

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