Now, in my mid-thirties {gasp}, I am working hard to take care of myself and keep things as youthful looking as possible.  I have lotions and potions galore for my skin.  Eye cream, night cream, stretch mark oils, under eye serums; I’m basically covered from the hairline down, but what about my hair?  I’ve always taken my hair for granted.  It’s thick, it’s full,it’s healthy, it’s shiny…isn’t it?

To ensure my hair will continue to be healthy and lustrous, I’ve been using Live Clean’s new Professional Age Resist line.  It includes a pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo, conditioner, and a multi 10 in 1 leave in treatment.  I’ve been loving the results.  My hair feels great and has a healthy shine.  Definitely a Prairie Girl recommend.

My house is a Live Clean home.  My whole family {minus the cat} all use Live Clean.  It’s 98% plant derived, paraben free,pure vegan, and eco-friendly.  What’s not to love?


Mommy minutes…

If you haven’t heard me mention it on Instagram and Twitter over and over….and over and over….again, I’m a new Mom.  Along with the challenges come many new cherished rituals; one of which is Baby’s bath time.   I think gentle, yummy, natural products are key.

Being that I am a huge fan of the Live Clean brand for myself, it was only natural that my little one would use their baby collection.  The products contain natural ingredients that care for her delicate skin.  They are enriched with certified organic botanicals that are safe for my daughter and the earth.  I have even been using the bath and massage oil, as well as the body lotion, for myself.  My skin looks and feels amazing, plus, what’s better than smelling like my delicious little baby?

Organization has become essential for the ease of all tasks.   This little caddy by 3 Sprouts has been perfect for all our bath time supplies.  I stock mine with organic bamboo wash cloths, cute hooded towels, Live Clean products, and a yellow rubber ducky…a tub time essential.    This way I can carry my caddy in one arm and Madelyn in the other.

Mommy tip: Try warming up your Baby’s towel with a heating pad (on a low setting).  This way Baby is wrapped in warmth when getting out of the tub. 


It’s a new month and a new Of-The-Week feature.  Lately, I’ve been making an effort to incorporate more green products or natural products into my beauty routine.  Some items have been challenging to switch over to  while others have proven to be a breeze.  This month I’ll be sharing with you what products I’ve found along with challenges and triumphs.

For my first week of natural product sharing I’m actually chatting about two different products for your hair.  The first is the Live Clean Monoi Oil leave in conditioner.  I always get the most tangled hair when I wash it and this little bottle gives me some amazing smooth and silky locks.  What makes it green?  This product uses 98% plant ingredients, with certified organic botanicals, petroleum free, phosphate free, vegetarian formula, never tested on animals, and the list goes on.  It also smells amazing!

The second product is an organic hairspray by Calia.  Being that I’m a girl with some bangs, hairspray is an essential part of my getting ready routine.  I was getting sick of all the strong scents of traditional aerosol sprays I’ve been using for years.  To give my hair, skin, and lungs a bit of a break I hunted for an organic alternative.  What makes it green?  This product has had no animal testing, no animal by-products, no sulfates, it’s hypo allergenic, and contains natural ingredients like purified water, chamomile blossom, & sunflower oil.  It’s also a fragrance free formula so my hair smells fresh and clean and not all chemically.

An added bonus I loved is that both of these products are manufactured in Canada and use recyclable packaging.


I’m often sent products to test and try and of course to share with all of you if I love them…or not.  For the past couple months I’ve been testing out this line of bath and beauty products by Live Clean Spa Therapy collection and I am really liking the product.   Things I love….eco-friendly, plant based ingredients and pure essential oils, and the amazing scent (lemon essence, ginger, and white tea….yum!).  The body wash and body lotion are my favorite products from the line.  It’s a very affordable line and can be found at many drug stores.

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