Working from home allows me to keep my beauty routine quite simple.  It would be easy to just splash my face with some water, throw on some sweats and call it a day at work, but I find I’m more productive if I have some kind of a getting ready routine in the morning.  Ok yes {confession}, it still involves sweat pants some days.

Number one is always keeping my skin looking fresh and hydrated.  I try {key word try} to keep a full glass of water at my desk at all times.  You’ve got to work from the inside out.  For my face I use Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Time Zone Hydrating Gel.  It’s for lines and wrinkles.  Never fun moving into the age defying stage of beauty care, but as long as it keeps me looking young {ish}, bring on the wrinkle cream.  I illuminate my skin with Biotherm‘s White D-Tox Liquid Light.  It gives me a fresh, rested look {desperately need help with this}.  I keep my makeup pretty simple if it’s just my assistant {aka…my Baby Girl} and I at the office .  I like a bit of mascara, some bronzing blush, and a pretty, neutral hued gloss like this one from Joe Fresh.  Lastly, a light pretty scent to finish things off.  The Victoria by Victoria’s Secret is a very soft scent.  Nothing too overwhelming or anything that my Baby will find offensive.


Lou Lou Magazine, Biotherm, Estee Lauder, Joe Fresh,Victoria’s Secret


I adore pouring over the glossy pages of my newest fall issues to see what treasures are in store.  What colours are being shown?  What are the silhouettes?  Have skirt lengths finally gotten longer? (one can only hope)  A new season brings new fashion, shopping, and a frenzy of trying to be the It-Girl with the latest of everything.  Rather than trying to reinvent myself every season, common sense  has me infusing small bits of trends into my closet all while reworking what I already have.

My Fall New-Mom Look inspiration.  I’m planning on items with casual comfort and wash-ability.    I’m thinking soft jersey’s, embellished sweatshirts, flats, denim, tees, and cozy layers.

Perhaps it’s shopping maturity, having other financial responsibilities, my age, or the strain on my wallet that has me now more concerned with dressing for myself instead of for others.  Dressing for others often resulted in strange purchases of items that would get worn once due to feeling ridiculous in them.   It was easy to over shop as one piece purchased would need multiple other components, that I of course didn’t own, to make it work.  Now, I first turn to my already existing wardrobe where I edit, purge, and discover all my wardrobe can offer me.  Of course there is always a missing item (or five) that need to be purchased and added in for an update.  However, my shopping choices are now made with practicality, budget, and my lifestyle in mind.   Can’t say I’ll be rocking the very cute Miu Miu polka dot dresses to breastfeed in.  (Although they do don a half zipper right at the bust.  Hmm??)

Freeing myself of the one-up-manship of  trying to look cuter than everyone else in the mandatory blogger Zara skort and JCrew sequin tee…is well, just that.  Freeing.  I do not live by the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality.  I’m more of a why try and  beat ‘em, just do something different.  With an ever changing figure this season, I’m not exactly sure what my personal style will look like in the upcoming months.  The only think I do know, I plan to look like me and feel good doing it.

Photos sourced from some of my favorites: Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, Nicole Bridger, Sam Edelman, J Crew, Joe Fresh, and H&M



With the arrival of September and showers I’ve been forced to start planning my wardrobe strategy for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I’m in the home stretch (less than 2 and a half months to go), but constant hot flashes and my switch over to maternity underwear (overshare?), are making me want to stick to barely there summer fabrics.  To make the transition, I’m opting for light weight pieces, bare legs, and richer/darker hues.  I have had this little black skirt by Metalicus for years.  It’s always been a go-to item for me, but I think I will be grabbing it even more often this Fall.  (So grateful I also own it in grey.)   All hail the stretchy tube skirt.  How are you making the transition from Summer to Fall?

Tank: Motherhood Maternity, Denim Shirt: Joe Fresh, Skirt: Metalicus, Clutch: Co-Lab, Necklace: Joe Fresh, Ring: LowLuv


As many of you know I’ve been making the change to incorporate more green and eco friendly beauty products into my daily routine.  When I was contacted by The Mountain Retail Store (America’s Greenest T-shirt Company), I was excited about their company.  I wasn’t sure which little face was going to be sent my way nor was I sure how exactly to style the tee to look like me.  When this black and white panda tee came my way, I knew it would work into my casual style just fine.  For a cute and casual look I paired this tee with a shorter black and white skirt, some unbelievably comfy flats by Hush Puppy, and my new go-to carry all bag by Nella Bella.  People definitely do a double take to check out this top.

Tee: c/o The Mountain,  Skirt: Joe Fresh,  Shoes: c/o Hush Puppy,  Bag: c/o Nella Bella,  Bracelet: Forever 21



While I like to be a stylish chic and keep some on trend items/looks in my closet, I never allow myself to be a slave to trends.  Trends are tricky.  They are fleeting and often only suit a small percentage of women.  However, when something as simple (and classic) as black and white comes along, I jump on board.

Top: Bardot, Skirt: Joe Fresh, Rings: c/o Pandora Alberni St. , Shoes: DKNY (old),  Bag: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors (here)

A few things to keep in mind when trying to incorporate trendy items into your wardrobe:

1) Don’t invest too much money into a trendy piece.  If you’re wanting to try out a look that you feel will probably only be here for the season, then do some bargain shopping.  Stores like H&M or Forever 21 are perfect for a quick trend fix.  Thrift shops can be another great way to save money.  Remember, most things in fashion aren’t new, so you just might come across the perfect vintage find.

2) Do you have other pieces in your closet already that you can mix and match with?  Don’t make the mistake of buying an item that can only be worn one way.  This skirt is a new piece for me.  I wore it on cooler days with opaque tights and a knit top.  Now that the days are warmer, I’m opting for bare legs and a flowy blouse.

3)  Do you like it?  Don’t feel you need to jump on the band wagon and buy into a trend just because the magazines are telling you it’s hot.  If you don’t feel amazing in an item, don’t buy it.  It will inevitably end up collecting dust in your closet for a couple years before you donate it with the tags still on it.


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