I haven’t really worn much blue in the past, but lately I seem drawn to it.  I like that you can wear multiple shades together and it just seems to work.  This navy tunic by Jackpot is another amazing piece from their sustainable clothing collection Pure Love.  It’s a bit sporty, super comfy, and has pockets so I’m in love.

I’d love to take credit for this clever way to wear a small square scarf, but admittedly the idea came from the talented designer herself.  Vancouver designer Mona Sultan launched her first collection of printed scarves in May 2012.  Her prints are amazing , her use of colour is even better.

Top: c/o Jackpot,  Pants: The Urban Rack, Clutch: Winners, Scarf: c/o Mona Sultan, Earrings: c/o World Hippie Originals


I am so happy to share with you a fabulous new sustainable clothing collection from Jackpot.  Not only are they offering up super cute styles, they are educating us along the way with how we can make better choices.  Here are their 8 tips of how to better wash and care for your clothing giving you a longer wear time and all while keeping the environment in mind.

T-shirt: c/o Jackpot,  Skirt: Splendid (find it here),  Bag: c/o Jackpot,  Shoes: Coclico, Cuff: gift

1. CHALLENGE THE TEMPERATURE: If your clothes are not really soiled, you can wash at a lower temperature than the label on the garment suggests. It only indicates the maximum temperature the garment can withstand.

2. SHORT IS SWEET:  You don’t need to run a full program if your clothes are not that dirty. Check and see if your washer has a quick-wash cycle to save time and energy.

3. FILL IT UP:  Always fill your washer and make the most of the water, detergent and energy used to run the program.

4. CHECK YOUR DETERGENT: Use an environmentally friendly detergent free of optical whiteners and phosphates that negatively affect the environment.  And buy a detergent suitable for washing at low temperatures.

5. DRY CLEANING IS SO LAST YEAR:  The solvent used for dry cleaning has a very negative effect on the environment. Find a dry cleaner who uses only water and carbon dioxide- no chemicals.

6. FAREWELL TO THE FABRIC CONDITIONER:  Fabric conditioner is suitable for acrylic garments to avoid static electricity. Using
it for other fabrics only adds unnecessary pollution to the environment.

7. BYE-BYE TUMBLE DRY: Hang your clothes to dry. You save a lot of energy, minimize shrinkage and there’s no unnecessary wear & tear.

8. REMEMBER:  By lowering the temperature from 60 to 30 degrees you use 60% less energy. By washing your jeans in cold water and letting them air-dry you reduce the negative impact on the climate by 50%.

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