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I’ve been having so much fun with Maddie’s wardrobe this fall!  Now that she’s a bit bigger, I’ve been really thinking about creating a little collection of things that go together.  Along with being bigger and more active comes new messes. If she spills on her shirt, I don’t want to have to start the whole outfit all over again.  I’ve stuck to a lot of easy mix ‘n match pieces in fairly neutral colours.  Kids should still look like kids though, so to keep her outfits playful, I opt for mixing up prints and cute images on her tops.  Think bunnies and kittens! Her moccs are an everyday item. {We have the MiniMoc x VonBon ones.}  They keep her feet warm and give her some extra grip when she’s rippin around the house.  Layers are always perfect for our West Coast weather regardless of our age.

All these items are similar or versions of pieces I’ve bought for Maddie.  My favourite places to shop for her are….

VonBon Apparel
Osh Kosh B’Gosh
Old Navy


{The Details}

Chiffon/tulle Dress: BCBG
Knit Dress: H&M
Vest: Garcia
Boots: Old Navy
Scarf: handmade gift
Bracelets: Olive & Piper and Stella & Dot
Bag: Coach
Belt: Brave Leather
Lip Colour: Revlon

This time of year is definitely all about socializing.  It’s impossible to have a new outfit for every occasion, however getting creative with layers and textures can transform your wardrobe to something new.  This outfit gave me that perfect balance of cozy but polished.  I layered two dresses to achieve my desired look.  I was warm enough to be outside taking pictures but not too warm when we were inside sipping London Fogs.  I feel like this one will be making a repeat showing over the holidays.

I will have a last minute Christmas gift post coming this weekend! Be sure to check back for some fun ideas.


With being a new mom, I have been forced to cut back my “get ready time” to just minutes now.   When it comes to getting dressed I have found the most time saving formula is to have a few go-to “uniforms”.  Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel everyday with a fabulous new look, I simply repeat a version of an outfit I most likely wore earlier in the week.  This week, I stuck to black and white.

black & white

This uniform consists of leggings (worn as tights), a fitted jersey mini skirt, an over-sized sweater, infinity scarf, flats or ankle boots (I’m obsessed with these cute little striped flats from The Gap..WANT!), a cross-body bag (so I can be hands free), a pair of pretty stud earrings, and my fancy little Alice & Olivia Starbucks mug (Momma needs some caffeine).   It’s an easy palette to mix and match. Adding  little gold or silver touches helps add a bit of shine to your look.

You don’t have to be a Mom to create a uniform for yourself.  You gals on a budget…this is a great cost effective way to maximize your wardrobe.

I’ve always loved winter white.  Now that we are into November, my thoughts go to cozy nights by the fire and crisp evening walks wearing layers of knits.  Being wrapped up in comfort is essential this time of year.  Adding bits of luxe, like gold accessories, is an easy way to keep chic in your winter cozies.

Mossimo Twisted Neck Scarf : Target $21
Over-sized Gold Twist Earrings: $105
Knitted Beret: H&M $12
Winter Bangle Bracelet: Annie Fensterstock $20,540 (an “If-I-Won-The-Lottery pick…clearly this pick is inspiration only)
East Cowl Neck Sweater: HouseOfFraser.CO.UK $150
Wonderland IPhone 5 Case: Fossil $36 (sold out)
Mini Cross Body Bag: $16
Fossilized Walrus Ivory & Diamond ring: Monique Pean $7055 (another “In-My-Dreams pick and more inspiration)
Astoria Ballet Flats: Cole Haan $155




I adore pouring over the glossy pages of my newest fall issues to see what treasures are in store.  What colours are being shown?  What are the silhouettes?  Have skirt lengths finally gotten longer? (one can only hope)  A new season brings new fashion, shopping, and a frenzy of trying to be the It-Girl with the latest of everything.  Rather than trying to reinvent myself every season, common sense  has me infusing small bits of trends into my closet all while reworking what I already have.

My Fall New-Mom Look inspiration.  I’m planning on items with casual comfort and wash-ability.    I’m thinking soft jersey’s, embellished sweatshirts, flats, denim, tees, and cozy layers.

Perhaps it’s shopping maturity, having other financial responsibilities, my age, or the strain on my wallet that has me now more concerned with dressing for myself instead of for others.  Dressing for others often resulted in strange purchases of items that would get worn once due to feeling ridiculous in them.   It was easy to over shop as one piece purchased would need multiple other components, that I of course didn’t own, to make it work.  Now, I first turn to my already existing wardrobe where I edit, purge, and discover all my wardrobe can offer me.  Of course there is always a missing item (or five) that need to be purchased and added in for an update.  However, my shopping choices are now made with practicality, budget, and my lifestyle in mind.   Can’t say I’ll be rocking the very cute Miu Miu polka dot dresses to breastfeed in.  (Although they do don a half zipper right at the bust.  Hmm??)

Freeing myself of the one-up-manship of  trying to look cuter than everyone else in the mandatory blogger Zara skort and JCrew sequin tee…is well, just that.  Freeing.  I do not live by the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality.  I’m more of a why try and  beat ‘em, just do something different.  With an ever changing figure this season, I’m not exactly sure what my personal style will look like in the upcoming months.  The only think I do know, I plan to look like me and feel good doing it.

Photos sourced from some of my favorites: Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, Nicole Bridger, Sam Edelman, J Crew, Joe Fresh, and H&M


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