Not a fan of gift registries?  Me either.  After getting married myself and having to go through the painful process of trying to find and scan items to go into our own registry, I find it all too difficult.  {I had totally fantasized that it would be some kind of music montage scene from the movies where we danced around the store with a scan gun, racking up our fabulous want list with cool and quirky finds to fill our home.  Ya, not even kind of like that.  In fact I’m pretty sure we attempted it a couple of times, got into a fight, and a totally ended up with a  lame one page list.}  Soooo, I’ve become a fan of cash or gift cards.  I mean who doesn’t need some extra cash after a wedding and who wouldn’t want the gift of shopping??  If, however, you still want to give the happy couple something to unwrap, I say break tradition and find a gift a bit uncommon that really suits the newlyweds.  {WARNING: Make sure you know the couple well so you can ensure your gift will be well received.  However, I also like these picks for Anniversary and house warming gifts.}

Gift website, Uncommon Goods, offers up fun, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible items.  You will find items made right here in Canada and from around the world.  Many items are handmade and several things can be ordered with custom details.  I spent a lot of time scouring the pages, to narrow it down to five unique wedding gift ideas.  There were so many fun things to choose from.  Each item has a story to go with it, so I had to share.

1) The Heart Marks the Spot Pillow $76.76 CAD

The Story: “From the spot you met your sweetie to the place you said “I do,” this worldly pillow commemorates the locales you love. Heather Shaw created this plush, interactive canvas for her map-loving son so he could pinpoint where he was and where he’d been. A threaded needle and two hand-printed buttons allow you to sew a heart and star over your favorite or most meaningful corners of the world. Handmade in Canada.”  Find it here.

2) The Anniversary Journal $106.91 CAD

The Story: “Whether your wedding was a black tie affair or a barefoot beach celebration, it was one of the most memorable days of your life that will stay with you for decades to come. So commemorate the date in timeless style with our gorgeously designed and crafted anniversary journal. Custom pages record memories of your 1st to 60th anniversaries through prompts to guide romantic reflection and mutual aspirations (how you celebrated, favorite things, memorable moments), while a photo page illustrates each section and elegant envelopes interspersed every decade provide a place for additional mementos of your time together. Each section also includes the traditional and modern symbols for that year–from paper to diamond.” Find it here.


3) Personalized Maple Wall Clock $98.69

The story: “Nothing quite stands the test of time like family. Celebrate yours or your favorite newlyweds while making a classic statement with this personalized maple wood clock, featuring your family’s surname and an important year you share. Highlighted by natural wood grain and a clear semi-gloss finish, this handsome timepiece offers reversible hands for black or white, so you can match to your interior or just switch it up a bit.” Find it here.

4) Personalized House Sign $138-254

The Story: “Bring the signature style of the New York City subway to your home with these personalized house signs. Printed directly on one continuous tile, they faithfully reproduce the color and authentic, photographic detail of the classic station mosaics that inspired them. Add your family name, house number, or any combination of characters (character limits vary with size) to create a custom “station” that you call home.”  Find it here.

5) Sock Monkey Blanket  $60.31 CAD

The story: “Quit monkeying around and come cuddle! Done in the same iconic colors of the sock monkey, this super-cozy blanket is made from leftover material collected from apparel and upholstery factories that would otherwise be discarded. 75% recycled cotton, 25% acrylic. Each is slightly different in color and pattern in order to get the most out of the fabric scraps and minimize waste. Made in the USA.” Find it here.

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, however all opinions are completely my own.  I only share products I love, wear, or  use.


Christmas is now less than two weeks away!  If you’re looking for a fun way to share a little prezzie with your friends, neighbour, or even a unique hostess gift…why not DIY?  I love to customize little gifts for my friends.  They are simple, easy, and always loved.

Step 1:  Think of packaging.  I like the idea of putting all the goodies into a cute bottle or mason jar.

What you will need:
Gold Confetti, gift tags, glitter stickers, gold ribbon (all from the Dollar Store)
Sharpie metallic markers ( to write on the tag or even draw designs on the jar)
Mason jars are perfect or you can use a bottle (this one is left over from my juice cleanse)
Washi tape to seal your Christmas card

Step 2:

Add your confetti to the bottom of the jar for a more polished and festive look. Then, load it up with goodies you know your friend will love.

For this one I went with a little beverage and treat theme.  I filled the jar with tea, honey sticks, liqueur, chocolate, and peppermints.  This gift is a great accompaniment to your hand delivered Christmas cards too.

Step 3: Time for the finishing touches!

Write out your gift tag and attach, wrap a ribbon around the top of the jar and adorn it with beautiful details.  These glitter stickers are perfect for the jar lid top, on the Christmas card, or anywhere else you like it.

Step 4: Spread your {DIY} Holiday Cheer!

Your finished product will look something like this.  Since I had a whole drink theme going on, I tied on a couple of pretty paper straws to the outside of the jar.  I also love vintage or stamped spoons as another option.

Happy DIY-ing!



One day a year, we take time to really appreciate our Moms.  I know many of us find it tricky to find the perfect gift for the person who gave us life.   I mean seriously, how do you ever top that gift???  Even though I’m not yet a mother,   I believe it’s the little things we do for our Moms that mean the most to them.  Here a few ideas of little things you can give or do to show just how much the Leading Lady in your life rocks.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the same City as your Mom:

* Take her out for a meal.  Weather it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner she’ll be glad she’s not the one slaving in the kitchen.  Kick it up a notch by arriving with her favorite flowers!

* Mow her lawn, weed her garden, wash her car.  If we learned anything all those years together under the same roof its that they are happy when we’re doing chores.

*  Spend the day with her doing something she loves….shopping, going to the art gallery, going to a game.  Whatever her thing is, make it your thing too for the day!

If you have to send your shout out long distance:

*  Send her flowers.  What woman doesn’t want to get flowers sent to her?

* Mail her a card.  Weather funny or heart felt, find a card that sounds like you, and shows your personality that she loves so much.

* Surprise her with a visit.  My mom lives about 3 hours away.  A few years ago, I called my Dad to make sure they were going to be home for the weekend and then showed up on the front doorstep on Mother’s Day morning with flowers in hand.  I love that I can still surprise my mom!

Weather close or far, you can never go wrong with a hand picked prezzie.  Plus then I get to go shopping!  A gift card to her favourite spa is fab.  One of my fave spas in Vancouver is Beverly’s The Spa on 4th.  A great source of gift inspiration is Ticketmaster.  Check out what’s coming to town…the ballet, Cirque du Soliel, a musical, or concert.   Jewelry is a great way to go.  One of mine and my mom’s jewelry obsessions are our Pandora bracelets.  If you don’t know what these are, you must find out immediately and buy one!   Or  if you have a larger bank account statement than I do, an all expense paid trip for her to get away from it all.  (Oh, just in case you didn’t think of it…make sure that last one is for two.  A ticket for one might make her feel like you’re just sending her away!)

Don’t forget about your Grandmothers…they rock too!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Mama (my Grandmother)!  xoxo

I know when it comes to what women want, men can be a little lost. I have had guys ask me for advice on things like date ideas, gift buying, how to dress for different occasions, lingerie shopping and so on. So, I’ve decided to include some articles to help out these guys by giving them a girls point of view. We’ll start with a question that came to me recently.

How do you buy lingerie for my Lady?

1) Do your homework. The best place to get started is at home. Do a little digging. Go though her lingerie drawer and see what her bra size is. There is a big difference between a 34C and a 40C. Also check what size panties she wears. I know you guys think you’re being kind to buy her a small when she really needs a large. No woman wants to have to try and squeeze in to something two sizes too small. Be sure to write all the info down, this will help the sales associate.

2) Go to a store you feel comfortable in and has a helpful sales staff. You may need to try a couple of places before you find a store that works for you. Then be sure to ask for assistance. Don’t try to dig through the racks on your own, you’ll get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for right away.

3) Give the sizing info you brought to the sales girl. Then let her know what you’re looking for. Are you wanting to get her a bra and panty set? A chemise? Again, don’t be afraid to ask the sales girl to show you some different options. Try finding something in her favourite colour or a colour you see her wear a lot.

4) Biggest tip I can give you guys is, yes, buy her something you want to see her in, but also something you know she’ll feel beautiful in and not self conscious.

- If you know she’s self conscious about her tummy, try getting her something that loosely covers that area. Try a babydoll for her. Quite often they come with a matching panty.

- If she has a more boyish figure (usually quite slim over all and thicker through the middle with small hips and bum), try getting her a slip/chemise. Girls with this body type usually have great legs, so let her show them off.

But really, this gal can wear almost anything.

- If she is smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom, buy her something to give her a little more POW! in the bust area. A bustier and panty is a great set for this gal. The bustier will maximize her cleavage.

If your gal has more of an hourglass figure (full bust, small waist, ample tush and hips), she is another lucky one who can wear almost anything. A cami and panty set is always sexy.

When in doubt, get her a matching bra and panty set. As long as you know her size this is a fail safe plan that works for any body type. Want to add a little extra spice? Add a matching garter belt!

Another great item to get your lady, is a kimono robe. As sexy as it in in the movies for her to slip on her man’s shirt after a little roll in the hay, the truth is we ladies don’t really want to put on your dirty work shirt you’ve been sweating in all day. Sorry guys.

So, there you have it for the first Guys Guide. Leave your suggestion in the comments for future Guys Guide topics.

Like what you saw? All lingerie featured in this article can be found at La Senza.

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