When it comes to layering in the Fall I like to mix texture and of course add fun accessories for some personality.  To add colour to my usual neutral colour palette, I love rich wine tones.  They are great shades that still manage to feel somewhat neutral.  My formula…I start with my fave pair of dark wash slim fit jeans a black tee or tank.  Then I add….

1. a large wine coloured clutch. I love that this one also comes with a cross body strap so I can be hands free.  (Co-Lab Clutch)
2. a black fedora. This is one of my go-to hat options for fall. It’s an easy way to kick your style up a notch plus hide a less than amazing hair day.  (Scoop Pop-Up Shop)
3. comfortable shoes. Yes, these are heels, but Ecco has some amazingly comfy options for the gal who likes to elongate her gams.  (c/o Ecco shoes)
4. a piece of statement jewelry. Statement pieces don’t have to be reserved for the neck only. Try a bold cuff, especially if you’re a scarf junkie like me.  (Scoop Pop-Up Shop)
5. a very cozy sweater. Knits are one of the best things about fall. They are cozy, warm, and functional. A chunky cardi like this is a great casual alternative to a blazer. Weekend latte in the park anyone?  (Free People cardi)


Blouse: Propaganda from Plenty (get the look); Sweater: Free People (also cozy); Jeans: AG Stilts find them locally at The Urban Rack; Necklace: ToodleBunny

At a recent event I had a great conversation that validated how I’ve been feeling lately.  Why can’t we just say hello?  Event after event I see similar faces (Vancouver is not that big), and time after time there are missed opportunities for a simple hello.   I don’t know why this is ???  Why do we lurk in a corner, telling the people we already know, who we think someone is across the room?  You know you’ve done it…heck I’ve done it.  We put up invisible walls and give ourselves tons of great excuses to not make the effort to introduce ourselves.

I consider myself a pretty outgoing person.  Humour is my thing and it makes my day when I can make someone laugh.   For some reason I find I get stuck.  Stuck in the comfort of knowing who I know.  This funny little conversation happened between myself, Alicia of Alicia Fashionista, and  Joy Pecknold, the Western Editor for Fashion Magazine.   Joy came over to me, said hello, and we had a great conversation…no one got hurt.   It was my first time meeting Joy ( I had only previously lurked. ) I adored her fun and playful humour and was really glad she came to say hello.

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