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skirt: Sixth Street Pop Up
earrings: old
bracelet: Aldo Accessories
shoes: Army and Navy shoe sale
lips: colour Desirous c/o Estee Lauder

It’s hard to start thinking about Fall when it’s so incredibly hot outside still…and well, it’s still summer.  However, I have been to a few Fall previews lately, so it’s starting to creep in.  Slowly.  One of the Fall collections I previewed recently was  Estee Lauder.  Ladies, the bold lip is back and the hues are richer than ever.  There is something so sexy about a bold lip.  Speaking of bold…these earrings are anything but subtle.  I have been on such a no earring or stud kick lately, I forgot how fun an oversized earring can be.

Tomorrow my out of office reply is set to go.  My husband and I are heading up to Pemberton and Whistler until Sunday.  It is our first trip away with just the two of us since we had Maddie. I’m really looking forward to it and at the same time I’m missing Madelyn already.  Here’s to a long weekend and enjoying every minute of summer!  xo


Working from home allows me to keep my beauty routine quite simple.  It would be easy to just splash my face with some water, throw on some sweats and call it a day at work, but I find I’m more productive if I have some kind of a getting ready routine in the morning.  Ok yes {confession}, it still involves sweat pants some days.

Number one is always keeping my skin looking fresh and hydrated.  I try {key word try} to keep a full glass of water at my desk at all times.  You’ve got to work from the inside out.  For my face I use Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Time Zone Hydrating Gel.  It’s for lines and wrinkles.  Never fun moving into the age defying stage of beauty care, but as long as it keeps me looking young {ish}, bring on the wrinkle cream.  I illuminate my skin with Biotherm‘s White D-Tox Liquid Light.  It gives me a fresh, rested look {desperately need help with this}.  I keep my makeup pretty simple if it’s just my assistant {aka…my Baby Girl} and I at the office .  I like a bit of mascara, some bronzing blush, and a pretty, neutral hued gloss like this one from Joe Fresh.  Lastly, a light pretty scent to finish things off.  The Victoria by Victoria’s Secret is a very soft scent.  Nothing too overwhelming or anything that my Baby will find offensive.


Lou Lou Magazine, Biotherm, Estee Lauder, Joe Fresh,Victoria’s Secret


Night Repair Serums from Estee Lauder are nothing new.  In fact, the first launch of this skincare technology was back in 1982 and has been a staple for many women over the years.  The coveted “little brown bottle” is back with a slight change to the bottle’s appearance, and a major change to the science inside.

The team of Estee Lauder scientists are revolutionizing night repair once again with a major discovery on Catabolysis and it’s essential role at night for significantly more youthful looking skin.  Without getting to sciencey on you…Catabolysis plays a huge roll at night in that it is a natural nighttime purification process that helps skin renew resulting in younger looking skin.  Essentially this fabulous product will help your skin with it’s natural healing and rejuvenation process.

I have been a long time user of their Night Repair Serums.  I have had the privilege of testing out this amazing new products over the last few weeks and have been most happy with the results.  I find it so moisturizing and with my crazy skin these days between the summer heat and pregnancy hormones, my healthy looking skin is a small miracle.

As of today you can find the new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II at Estee Lauder counters nationwide and online at www.esteelauder.ca   The 30ml will retail for $72 while the 50ml will be $105.  Not bad for a youth serum!


With the official arrival of Summer I have switched gears with my beauty routine.  I’ve been busy testing new products to find some new favorites for this season.  Beautiful glowy skin is must for me.  Lush Herbalism has been a perfect daily cleanser for me.  I love that it gently exfoliates too.  Pretty skin high lighters, a water resistant blush, along with a bold liner, and natural hued nails and gloss complete my beachy look.  We all know that sun protection is a must but don’t forget about your pout.  On sun soaked days be sure to layer on some sun protection under your gloss.  For Summer, I’m a sucker for some fabulous over-sized earrings.  Large hoops or a big metallic drop earring give instant glam to your go-to sundress.    

Revlon Photoready Skinlights c/0 London Drugs,  Estee Lauder  (c/0) Heat Wave gold shadow,  Lise Watier Pink Plaid nail polish (c/o London Drugs),  Lush (c/o) Herbalism facial cleanser,  Cargo water resistant blush (c/o London Drugs),  Vichy (c/o) lip protection stick (SPF 30),  Cargo Texas Liner (c/0 London Drugs),  Aerin Shell Lip Gloss (c/o Estee Lauder),  Earrings: Forever 21 (an amazing bargain of $1.80)


I’ve been quite fortunate over the years that I have been blessed with pretty good skin.  Yes, there’s been the odd breakout, dark circles, and dry patches (literally), but overall a pretty clear complexion.   Now that I’m in my 30′s I find my skin needs more love than it used to.  Gone are the days of going to bed with my makeup on, using eye makeup remover in the morning with a splash of water, followed with a crappy moisturizer.  I now need to put in some effort.

For me the key to a pretty and natural look is healthy skin.  Yes, I wear makeup, but I don’t want to be caking it on to cover things up.  A few months back I was introduced to Estee Lauder’s Nutritious collection.  I have been so happy with the results.   I’m especially in love with the Radiant Vitality Essence Oil ($50 CA) and the Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion ($55 CA).  Both are actually in oil form , are super moisturizing, but surprisingly not oily on my skin.  I love that a little dab will do ya.  I use this stuff every day, twice per day and I’ve barely put a dent in the bottles.  I think soft healthy skin is definitely worth the investment.

Headshot by FM Photographics
Makeup by Christie Voon 
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