One of my favorite shows at Eco Fashion Week was the Five Left show.   This collection of leather bags and clutches were so unique.

I was very intrigued by their structure.  I learned that owner, Lincoln Heller, worked in an Alaskan logging  camp to pay for art school. It was here he began working with leather by creating leather tool pouches with discarded boots.   Now Five Left Leather is a full line of accessories for both men and women.


I loved that although the pieces were modern in design, they still had a rugged quality to them.  They are the type of bags you’d have forever and they’ll just get better with age.

The most impactful part of the show was the designers walk.   A simple idea with a big reaction.

Photos by Peter Jensen & Daniel Jolly, Sourced from EFW


Last Week I attended Eco Fashion Week here in Vancouver.   The Opening Night Fashion Show was inspiring with the first looks being provided by Value Village.  Stylist Myriam Laroche created look after look of on trend outfits.

Admittedly, I am someone who has never really had the interest in buying second hand clothing.  I’m a sucker for new and shiny things.  My only vintage pieces I own are pieces given to my from my grandmothers.  However, after seeing the creativity by Myriam, I’m feeling inspired to give it a crack.  Hmmm, perhaps this will be a future post of mine you’ll be seeing??

Photos by Daniel Jolly sourced from EFW04

Year after year I’m always surprised how busy March and April end up being for me.  It’s a new fashion season which equals tons of events, not to mention this is one of my busiest times of year with work, and then I’m throwing house renos into the mix.  It’s been a bit  hectic.   On that I will have new posts with more on Eco Fashion Week and my other goings on coming soon.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Mine involved a charity fashion show, work around the house, and a friend’s wedding shower.  Mixed in with some sunshine and time with my hubby, it was a pretty great weekend:)

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