Easter is almost here and, if you’re like me, you’ve started planning out the Easter basket and egg hunt. It’s such a fun and exciting tradition for kids (ok…and maybe the parents too). The challenge is to not load them up with sugar while keeping all the Easter Bunny excitement! This year Maddie is at the fun age of two (and almost a half) and has created her own likes and interests.  This is obviously the best place to start.

Maddie is really into colouring, stickers, bubbles, and Frozen.  All of these goodies play into those loves.  I really like to get her anything that is creative for her to do.  Arts and crafts are perfect on rainy Spring days.  And, for those sunnier days around the corner, some giant sidewalk chalk is great outdoor fun.  I’m not really one to deck her out in all the princess attire, but socks and pj’s are totally ok in this category.

I like to make everything look pretty.  These foam glitter stickers came in 3 separate cello bags all stapled together with this big ugly cardboard thing at the top.  I simply removed the yucky cardboard and resealed each back individually with a staple and some pretty washi tape.

Depending on the age of your child and their interests, you can do lots of different versions of the art themed goodies.  The options I’m quite sure are endless.  Maddie also loves the Minions and the movie Hotel Transylvania.  She hasn’t seen the second one yet, so this will be perfect for our next family movie night. (Yes, we do Netflix mostly for movies, but we have found it’s good to have a few on hand.)  Crayons are forever getting lost and broken in our house, so I buy a fresh pack for all these types of occasions.

And then there is the Easter Egg hunt.  This year I bought these larger plastic eggs to fill with cute little surprises.    It took a bit of time to find things that are small enough that she will actually like and find fun, but I’m happy with what I found.  Here’s what I came up with….

Fisher Price Little People (Maddie plays with her collection everyday.), bracelets for dress-up, stretch silly bunnies, a leather heart hair clip, and these super cute finger puppets. I have a dozen  eggs all together for her.  Some things are repeats, but in different colours.

I am really looking forward to Easter and seeing Maddie search out all the goodies around the house.  Who knows, maybe she’ll get a wee bit of chocolate too as she likes to tell me “but mommy, it’s delicious!”  If you are looking for some more creative non-candy easter treat ideas, head over to The Pampered Baby.   She is also doing a giveaway with some of the fabulous featured items.   One of the prizes is a kids tee from my t-shirt label West + Wind. Be sure to enter, it is running for just a couple more days.


Christmas is now less than two weeks away!  If you’re looking for a fun way to share a little prezzie with your friends, neighbour, or even a unique hostess gift…why not DIY?  I love to customize little gifts for my friends.  They are simple, easy, and always loved.

Step 1:  Think of packaging.  I like the idea of putting all the goodies into a cute bottle or mason jar.

What you will need:
Gold Confetti, gift tags, glitter stickers, gold ribbon (all from the Dollar Store)
Sharpie metallic markers ( to write on the tag or even draw designs on the jar)
Mason jars are perfect or you can use a bottle (this one is left over from my juice cleanse)
Washi tape to seal your Christmas card

Step 2:

Add your confetti to the bottom of the jar for a more polished and festive look. Then, load it up with goodies you know your friend will love.

For this one I went with a little beverage and treat theme.  I filled the jar with tea, honey sticks, liqueur, chocolate, and peppermints.  This gift is a great accompaniment to your hand delivered Christmas cards too.

Step 3: Time for the finishing touches!

Write out your gift tag and attach, wrap a ribbon around the top of the jar and adorn it with beautiful details.  These glitter stickers are perfect for the jar lid top, on the Christmas card, or anywhere else you like it.

Step 4: Spread your {DIY} Holiday Cheer!

Your finished product will look something like this.  Since I had a whole drink theme going on, I tied on a couple of pretty paper straws to the outside of the jar.  I also love vintage or stamped spoons as another option.

Happy DIY-ing!



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