hygge [hoo ga]: slowing down, getting cozy, and taking pleasure from the simple things in life

When I first heard this Danish word last year at an Etsy event, I thought it was a perfect word for the lifestyle I am working on having.  Fast forward a year and Hygge, or coziness, is exactly my life right  now. Being an at home mom means that my home is my everything.  It is my office, my sanctuary, my coffee shop, and the place I cuddle with my kids.   Switching gears to being a mom of three forces you to prioritize things a little differently.  My home will never grace the pages of a magazine, but we have a lovely house that is ours and taking time to appreciate that and other little things daily, makes for a happier life.  When it comes to being cozy, you often think of the winter months.  I think coziness can be achieved any season.  Here are my 10 ways I’m getting cozy this Spring…

1) Bringing the outdoors in with fresh cut flowers.
2) Burning fresh scented candles on the gloomy, rainy days.
3) Sweatshirts on repeat.  My go to with these cooler Spring days.
4) Throws & blanket scarves to wrap myself and my kids in.  Perfect to cuddle up in.
5) Books always make me so happy. I just never take the time to read them.  Trying to carve out a bit of time to read one now bit by bit.
6) My morning coffee routine is so important to start my day.  I’ve been trying to savour a bit of time each morning to sit and sip.
7) Afternoon tea not only helps keep me hydrated, but gives that mid-day cozy feel.
8 ) Soothing ambience in the house is so needed some days.  We often put on our Stingray nature or spa channels.  Love having the 4K ambience channel on too.  Ocean sounds and crackling fires?  Yes please!
9) We keep a dish of chocolate treats in our living room.  Enjoying a little something sweet makes any day better.
10) Opening up the windows on the warmer days.  Freshening up the house and enjoying a light breeze is so relaxing.

What little things do you do to acheive Hygge?


Photos borrowed from my obsession that is Pinterest

I feel like I have been launched into Fall and all the coziness that comes with the cooler weather.  November is a super fun and kinda crazy busy month for me.  I’m co-organizing a major client event, planning my Baby Girl’s first birthday, plus working, and all the regular craziness that is my life.  This past week, I’ve had a sick baby on my hands, which means less sleep for everyone in our house, so the coffee is just on constant refill around here.  With the dip in the temp. and lack of rest, this mood board is a very good representation of how I’m feeling and what I’ve been wrapping myself up in.

I’m a big believer in rewarding myself for hard work, so today I booked myself a facial on the day of my Birthday at the end of the month.  It will be a great way to relax once all the hoopla is over.

I’m starting to plan and work on more style posts that I’ll having coming soon to PGITC.  Hard to believe that Winter and Holiday posts are already in the works too!  And Vancouver Mommies…I have a fab giveaway coming your way soon too.  Stay tuned!

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