At the beginning of each new season I get the shopping itch.  I want shiny, new, pretty things.  Before I crack out the plastic, I’m sure to take inventory of my closet.  My process:

1) I start with three bags.  One for charity, one for consignment, and one for trash (Yes, trash.  Somehow it’s in there.)

2) I go through all my clothes and pull out all the pieces that either don’t fit me anymore or things I know I’ve worn and loved, but am over now.  There are also those items that are just worn out.  A sweater with holes or a broken down irreparable shoe are not worth keeping.  These are the things that will go in that trash bag.  If it’s something that just needs a stitch or some love, I start a new bag for repair items.

Before…a scary place.

Ah, that’s better.

3) To make sure I know exactly what I have, I go through everything.  Every drawer, every hanger, every shelf.  I reorganize every article of clothing I have to make sure it has a home.  Folded items are re-folded and my hanging items are hung by colour.

4) Once I’ve purged and organized my closet, it’s time to see what I “need”.    My seasonal needs are usually things that will update my wardrobe to keep it current while mixing well with what I already own.

A few things I make sure are always in my wardrobe are:

1) A couple pairs of great fitting jeans that make me feel sexy.  I prefer skinny and a straight leg jeans.

2) A blazer that will work with jeans or over a dress.  A blazer is such a simple way to keep your look polished.

3) Scarves!  I have so many scarves, and I keep getting more.  I have basics as well as fun colours and prints.  Every women needs some fabulous scarves.

4) A trench coat in a basic colour like beige, black, or navy.  It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style.

5) Some cute little dresses.  I usually try and find dresses that I can dress up or dress down.  I want to be able to wear them with heels and jewels or with a leather belt and denim jacket.

6) These along with some printed blouses, a-line skirts, ballet flats, metallic sandals, and some fun accessories and bags, my closet is full of great mix-n-match items perfect for summer.

Now that my closet is organized, getting dressed in the morning is a pleasure not a chore.

Happy Spring Closet Cleaning!

Last year when my boyfriend and I moved in together, I quickly took over every closet in the house.  I had my shoes and boots upstairs, my coats and jackets in the linen closet, and everything else was stashed anywhere I could find room.  My fella could see my frustration getting ready in the morning.  I would scour every room in the house just to put an outfit together to go to work.

So, as wonderful as he is, he came up with the idea of converting his office on our main floor into a closet room just for me.  Needless to say, I didn’t argue.  Soon I had a room for all my clothes, shoes, and accessories and getting ready in the morning is no longer a scavenger hunt.  One of my favorite things in my closet is my accessory drawer.  It has perfect little cubbies for all my necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other gems.

Above the drawer I have a sliding arm with hooks for all my long necklaces.  This way I can easily see them all and don’t spend extra time in the morning untangling piles of twisted, knotted chains.

This is just one of the things I love about my closet.  More closet pics are to come!

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