5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe:

1)  Try it on.  If you have pieces you are convinced you love but really haven’t worn in the past year, give it a try. Check the fit and feel of the garment.   If it’s not perfect…bye!

2) Get rid of multiples.  Do you have 4 pairs of black boots and 5 grey sweaters that all pretty much look the same?  Chances are you have a fave or two that are your go-tos.  Keep those and consign or donate the extras that are just ok.  {Have friends who are the same size as you?  Clothing swaps are another fun way to purge some old and update your closet with new-to-you items.}

3) Organize your basics.  If you were to have nothing but basics in your wardrobe, you would be just fine.    You don’t need a million of them, but have ones that are good quality and fit you well.  Edit out basics that are dated, ill fitting, or just worn out.   This is how I break down my base wardrobe.

Spring Wardrobe Basics


4) Sort out your “extras”.  These are the pieces that make your style personal.   For Spring I’m loving printed silk scarves, a floral kimono, a khaki green jacket, some light hued specs, mules (yes, they are back and I want a pair), and  a fabulous hat.  The 3 bags I keep in my wardrobe for Spring are a textured tote,  a statement clutch (I have a bright orange leather one that has been a fave for years) , and a neutral cross body bag.  Cell phone cases are another cute way to add some fun to your accessories.  A Spring dress is a must!  I’ve been lusting over this striped Alice + Olivia dress but it’s a bit too spendy for this momma right now.  I’m dying to do a thrift shop one day to see if I can find any treasures .

Spring Wardrobe Extras

5) Shop smarter.  This might sound like a strange tip when we are talking about purging.  The thing I have come to realize is that if I am to have a more ruthless and realistic eye, when it comes to shopping, I end up with a closet of items I love and actually wear.  My most recent purge was necessary after being pregnant.  I had to clean out the maternity wear and do inventory of what I have, what fits, and what I will actually wear.  I have a couple of items on my wish list and a few things that are completely worn and needing to be replaced.  (I’m always a  bit excited when I wear and item so much and for so long it actually wears out.  I’m talking holes and falling apart.  I would have never done this years ago.  Fashion used to be disposable to me.  Now I’m careful with my selections.)


Over the weekend I did a huge closet purge and organization.  I kept all my favourite pieces.  The ones I wear over and over again and truly love to wear.  My 20′s were all about having fun with my style.  I chose fashion over function and shoes were a big part of this. It still amazes me that I used to wear heels to work everyday, and I was on my feet all day. I can barely last a couple hours now.

Now in my mid-30′s, I’m all about the comfort.  Comfortable doesn’t have be ugly or outdated though.  I find I now buy brands that are timeless, versatile, and feel like butter on my feet.  Miz Mooz seems to be one of fave Summer shoe go-to’s.  When I was cleaning out my closet, overtime I picked up a pair of my Miz Mooz I’d say “Oh, I love these ones.” The top pair you have seen a few times on the blog this season.  They are the best everyday shoe.  The second pair I got last year (they have them back again this year) and are a great all season flat.  These were my updated solution to the ballet flat.  The bottom pair I also bought last year and have been great for weddings, events, or a dinner out with the hubs.

I am feeling excited about living with less, wearing the items I have more, and truly loving what’s in my closet.  Don’t ever feel like you “should” buy something just because it’s a trend.  Instead think about your lifestyle and what you like.  These items will last  you more than just a single season.  This is good news for the environment and for your bank account.

This post was not sponsored.  All opinions are my own…as always. 

Everyday Style


My goal for myself for 2016, was to simplify all different aspects of my life.  One of these aspects being my wardrobe.  I’ve been filling bags with items I’m no longer wearing (and haven’t been for a while) and taking note of the things I love to wear.  If you can’t determine what you love in your closet by staring at everything, try this…
1) Take a look at your laundry.  Chances are, these are the things you wear over and over again.
2) If you were going on a trip, what would you pack?
3) Try stuff on.  It’s amazing when we go to put things on, how we realize there is a reason we don’t wear certain items.  Weather it’s because it doesn’t fit, needs repair, or you simply don’t like it, you may want to consider purging it from your closet.
Another thing I find helpful is to create a mood board {like the one above}.  This mood board is representative of the items I wear all the time.  The pieces I grab to throw on when I’m in rush, which is a good majority of the time, and the pieces I’m literally wearing EVERYDAY.  Clearly my life is quite casual.  I’m in the jeans, tee, and a sweater phase of my life.  While we obviously need a little variety in our wardrobe, keep your mood board in mind when both purging items from your closet and when shopping for new items.  Having a realistic view of our lifestyle is key.  Back in the Fall I fell in love with this beautiful powder blue sleeveless wool trench.  It was gorgeous, well priced, and fit like a glove.  It almost came home with me, but when I stopped to think about all the different scenarios as to where I would wear it, sadly, the list was short.  I also had visions of little hot chocolate hands being wiped down the side of it while at the grocery store one day.  So, as much as it hurt in the moment, that pretty coat stayed in the store.
I’ll be sharing more on my closet and wardrobe simplifying.  How do you keep your wardrobe under control?


skirt: Aritzia (old)
top: H&M
shoes: Miz Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
bag: c/o Old Navy
bracelets: tassel bracelet by Olive & Piper, cream one is an old fave
flowers: Flower Factory
photos by: Alicia


About every five years I do a major wardrobe overhaul.  I find that in that five year time frame, my body and lifestyle change enough that it warrants a closet refresh. {Not to mention that I’m also five years older.  What was cute at 25, not so much at 30.  And now that I’m 35, it’s a whole new thing again.}  This past few months I have been slowly purging unwanted items out of my closet, and carefully selecting items I will wear and wear and wear to replace the no longer appropriate pieces.  Sometimes this can be a bit of a back an fourth process.  This skirt was one I had listed to sell.  I had bought it pre-pregnancy, had worn it a few times, but post baby it’s just been sitting in my closet.  However, an occasion came up and this skirt was the perfect thing to wear so it moved back into my closet from my sell pile.  I scored this adorable little lace crop top for only $7 !  It gave this skirt a fresh new updated look.  I still have a ton of clothes to get rid of.  Having less in my closet has proven to be a real stress reliever.  Getting dressed in the morning is now a lot simpler.  I can’t wait to purge even more!


At the beginning of each new season I get the shopping itch.  I want shiny, new, pretty things.  Before I crack out the plastic, I’m sure to take inventory of my closet.  My process:

1) I start with three bags.  One for charity, one for consignment, and one for trash (Yes, trash.  Somehow it’s in there.)

2) I go through all my clothes and pull out all the pieces that either don’t fit me anymore or things I know I’ve worn and loved, but am over now.  There are also those items that are just worn out.  A sweater with holes or a broken down irreparable shoe are not worth keeping.  These are the things that will go in that trash bag.  If it’s something that just needs a stitch or some love, I start a new bag for repair items.

Before…a scary place.

Ah, that’s better.

3) To make sure I know exactly what I have, I go through everything.  Every drawer, every hanger, every shelf.  I reorganize every article of clothing I have to make sure it has a home.  Folded items are re-folded and my hanging items are hung by colour.

4) Once I’ve purged and organized my closet, it’s time to see what I “need”.    My seasonal needs are usually things that will update my wardrobe to keep it current while mixing well with what I already own.

A few things I make sure are always in my wardrobe are:

1) A couple pairs of great fitting jeans that make me feel sexy.  I prefer skinny and a straight leg jeans.

2) A blazer that will work with jeans or over a dress.  A blazer is such a simple way to keep your look polished.

3) Scarves!  I have so many scarves, and I keep getting more.  I have basics as well as fun colours and prints.  Every women needs some fabulous scarves.

4) A trench coat in a basic colour like beige, black, or navy.  It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style.

5) Some cute little dresses.  I usually try and find dresses that I can dress up or dress down.  I want to be able to wear them with heels and jewels or with a leather belt and denim jacket.

6) These along with some printed blouses, a-line skirts, ballet flats, metallic sandals, and some fun accessories and bags, my closet is full of great mix-n-match items perfect for summer.

Now that my closet is organized, getting dressed in the morning is a pleasure not a chore.

Happy Spring Closet Cleaning!

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