With the twins just weeks away from arriving, I am going into hibernation mode.  The beginning of December is going to be for nesting, resting, and snuggles on the couch with my loves.  With all my regular shows having their Fall finales, I’m switching gears to all things Christmas.  I adore holiday films!  (Even the crappy made for tv ones.)  Being cozy under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn and some eggnog feels so holiday to me.  We are hoping to get our tree this weekend, do a bit of decorating, and take Maddie to go see Santa.  A couple of these fave movies of mine are sure to be watched too!

1. Polar Express
2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
3. Home Alone (1 & 2)
4. The Holiday
5. Serendipity (Only part of this movie takes place at Christmas, but I love it!)
6. ELF
7. Christmas Vacation
8.The Muppet Christmas Carol (makes me feel like I’m a kid again all curled up with my sister under a blanket on the couch)
9. A Christmas Carol (The good old black and white one with Alistar Sim.  A Christmas Eve tradish in my family.)
10. The Santa Clause
11. Little Women (Not necessarily a Christmas movie, but my sister and I always love watching it over the holidays.)
12. Love Actually (One of my favourite movies of all time. Just the score from this movie gives me goose bumps.)

What are your favourite holiday movies?  I love suggestions:)


Cozy Holiday

Who can believe that we are now more than half way through November?  I don’t know where the time is going.  With the twins due to arrive some time before Christmas, my holiday wardrobe will be a casual and cozy one.  No party dresses and sequins for this gal.  I’m going to be all about loose and comfy items that will help me navigate my way through the newborn phase of things times two.  This soft and pretty colour palate gives me all the holiday feels.  I’m sure I will be wearing loads of black (as I always do) but adding in a few lighter hued pieces might be kind of nice to change things up.    Cozy socks, sweat pants and sweaters are what I have been shopping for.  I feel like I’m preparing for hibernation.

Clearly we will be staying close to home this holiday season.  This inspiration board screams “curled up by the fire”.  I absolutely love this time of year when things are just starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  On that note, I think I’m done all my Christmas shopping.  Admittedly, we don’t go too crazy gift wise. I would alway rather quality time over anything else, but a few little goodies are always fun.  I plan on getting everything wrapped soon too as I will most likely be busy snuggling babies right during the countdown to Christmas.  Anyone else excited for this cozy season that is upon us?


As clean and simple as my day to day wardrobe is, when it comes to a party, sometimes I like to take a more is more approach. Tulle, sequins, and some leopard print faux fur?  Why not?  I can’t help buy play with all the tees from our West + Wind shop.  They’re  sitting there all pretty like just asking to be styled!  This dolman sleeved tee is a dressier cut, and adding a little knot gives it a bit more shape.  This outfit works for a Christmas party or NYE soiree.  Now all I need is some bubbly.  Cheers!

Outfit details:
tee: West + Wind (also comes in black)
jacket: Zara (last year)
skirt: Lofty Living
booties: Le Chateau
clutch: oldie but a goodie


Can you believe Christmas is just 4 days away?!?!?  I think my shopping is now done, but Christmas cards are tuning into New Years cards (all written, just need to mail), and there is a whole lotta wrapping to be done.  With all the work and life craziness and then both my husband and daughter taking turns getting that horrible flu/cold that’s going around, I’m way behind this year.  We are actually taking today to have a family day.  We spent the weekend trying to get caught up on life, so today we’re taking some time for us.

This very festive top from my online shop West + Wind, has been a popular item this past week.  We had it featured on BT Vancouver, the lovely Alex of To Vogue or Bust listed it as one of her holiday essentials, and mega style babe Jillian Harris was seen on Snapchat getting into the holiday spirit in this tee too!   I must say, it is one of my favourites from our Winter collection.  I couldn’t resist styling it up and sharing some pics of my own in this beauty.  This top also made it’s way with me on our vacation {or Holla Daze} to Palm Springs last October.  That’s right ladies!  This tee will take you past the festive season.  Today is also the final day that West + Wind will be offering local courier service to the Greater Vancouver area so you can get your gifts by Christmas Eve.  Check our website for more details.

Happy Holla Daze All!

Outfit Details:
tee: West + Wind
vest: Topshop
jeans: Winners
hat: c/o Hunnis
boots: Plenty
bracelet: West + Wind
bag: Erin Templeton


Maddie and I couldn’t help but getting all dolled up in our new party dresses and snapping some pics.  This beautiful lace dress I’m wearing from Voodoo Vixen, I have worn a couple times this holiday season already.  I love this dress so much that I also have it in a deep green.  A perfect dress for so many body types.  You will hear me say the word cozy a lot in my posts.  Clearly comfort is a BIG part of my life.  With the chilly temps, Madelyn and I felt like some faux fur layers were the way to go. Warm and cozy.   I  had so much fun styling up Maddie in this adorable dress from Redrabbit Boutique.  I am so happy she has some growing room in this one.  These uber cute kitty cat shoes I found her are the perfect little holiday shoe that she can wear into the spring (hoping no crazy growth spurt happens before then).  Every girl should have some playful in her wardrobe!

Outfit Details:
dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen
faux fur scarf: Jillian Harris for Privilege Clothing
headband: c/o DuNorth Designs
boots: Le Chateau
bracelet: Olive & Piper

dress: c/o Redrabbit Boutique
vest: gift
shoes: Old Navy
headband: from Mommy’s closet

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