Top & Shoes: c/o Barefoot Contessa
Jeans: AG Jeans (pre-pregnancy jeans yo!)
Sunnies: Rayban
Bag: Brave Leather
Earrings: c/o Keltie Leanne
Bracelet: c/o Charles & Grace

Soooo, NBD but these are a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Who am I kidding?  It’s a HUGE deal!  Forget the scale!  It is a major feeling of accomplishment when all your working out starts paying off and you hear that zip as a pair of beloved jeans make their way over your new body.  I have some pretty fab jeans in my closet.  Happy I can start getting into them again.

This look was inspired after running into a friend of mine while she was shopping for items to take to Coachella.  She’s a mom and made a joke about her probably being the oldest one there.  Age, shmage!  Music festivals are for us all.  And the fashion?  There is a way to interpret the ever-so-popular boho look into something age appropriate and not at all costumey.  I found this gorgeous blouse on a shopping trip to Barefoot Contessa last week.  I loved the detail and flowy but flattering cut.  Boho items are perfect for when the sunshine starts to show itself and days get warmer.  It’s laid back and put together in the perfect West Coast way.  So mommies, I say break out the bell bottoms, grab a floral crown, and start throwing out those peace signs.


As my regular readers may know, I’m a huge supporter of shopping local.  Whether it’s a local boutique or designer, my current stomping grounds of Vancouver is full of  unique talent and places to shop.

I recently had an oh-so-pretty hand chain sent to me by local jewelry designer Danielle Webster of Charles & Grace jewelry.   It was an instant favorite!   The copper colour gives it an antique look and it’s design is simple but impactful when on.

Danielle’s designs can be worn as a statement piece or combined with other pieces to enhance your own unique style.  Be sure to check out her site, www.charlesandgracejewelry.com to see her full collection of necklaces, earrings, hand chains, head chains, and body chains.

I wanted to know more about Danielle and jewelry, so I asked her a few questions.

Designer Q&A 

PGITC:  What inspired you to start your collection?
Danielle: Well, I went to school for fashion business and when I got out I realized I had all this spare time on my hands.  So, instead of wasting all my money on clothes each paycheque I decided to put half of it towards starting my business!


PGITC: Where does the name Charles & Grace come from?
Danielle:  I get asked this all the time and in all honesty it doesn’t mean anything.  I was really just in love with the names and wanted them to be it!

PGITC: Where is your favorite place to shop in Vancouver?
Danielle: My favorite place to shop in Vancouver, oh that’s a hard one…. Topshop!

Be sure to check back for more Shop Local and Local Designer Features.  Shops and designers, interested in being featured on PGITC?  Contact me at jen@prairiegirlinthecity.com and introduce yourself   :-)

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