With just a couple of weeks until my due date, I am overjoyed that the big day is almost here.  It’s hard to believe I’m at the end of my pregnancy.  It really has gone by fast.  One thing I won’t miss are the comments from total strangers.  It is amazing what people say to you when you’re expecting.  At first I was able to brush it off and laugh most comments away.  Now, I just want to tell people to shut up.  What ever happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  A very good rule.

To help explain what I’m talking about, here is a sampling of comments I’ve received….
1) Are you having twins?
2) Your baby is going to be huge.
3) How far along are you? I was never as big as you when I was pregnant.
4) You look like you’re about to pop any day! (This would be fine, except it was said to me at 7 months pregnant).

So the moral of the story is, people, when talking to a pregnant woman, either pay her a compliment or don’t say anything at all.  Trust me when I say we are aware of how big we are.  We’re the ones carrying it around.

The countdown is on!  Just 17 days to go.


This season I’m all about neutral tones and pieces that are easy to mix and match.  True, not as inspired and interesting as I would normally go for, but stretching my wardrobe is a must right now.  Items like this cute polka dot sweater add a bit of personality while still being extremely comfortable. (Comfort is essential at this stage of my pregnancy. I can’t believe I only have 7 weeks until my due date.)   A bit of sparkle and shine can elevate even the simplest of  looks.

Sweater: c/o Old Navy maternity, Pants: Motherhood Maternity, Clutch: c/o Plum, Necklace: Karen Telio


With our recent heat wave and amazing weather on the West Coast, I’ve come to realize why women don’t love being pregnant over the Summer.  I’m not going to complain about our beautiful sunshine, but hot nights and swollen feet result in some restless nights of tossing and turning.  To help battle the heat and my aches and pains, I’m taking a proactive approach (with a bit of whining to my husband thrown in).  My musts right now include….

1) loose cotton night gowns to sleep in
2) fresh brewed decaf iced tea
3) pregnancy yoga in my living room to stretch and move in the morning
4) LOTS of fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, strawberries, and any other fruit I can get my hands on
5) a weekly pre-natal massage
6) my full body pillow,  the Snoogle

With all that said, being a bit on the uncomfortable side is so worth the ultimate reward.  Baby’s little kicks are a reminder of all the wonderful things happening in my body.  My favorite part of pregnancy so far.

Dress: gift from my Mom,  Flower: The Urban Rack,  Sandals: Miz Mooz,  Clutch: Co-Lab,  Bracelets: Bfrend, Keltie Leanne, & vintage


In the summer months I pretty much live in dresses.  They are so simple, comfortable, and cool to wear.  I’ve been wanting a denim dress for a while now and was so excited when I found this one at H&M in their (very teeny) maternity section.  It’s still a bit big on me, but growing room is essential these days.  Plus, the roomier fit keeps it feeling cooler on our hot, sunny days.  It’s been perfect to wear working at home, for coffee (or tea) dates, and out running errands.  I love when I make smart purchases!

Almost 22 weeks

Dress: H&M (maternity), Bag: Scoop Pop-Up shop, Shoes: Army & Navy, Bracelets: Bfrend & Forever 21,  Necklaces: c/o Filou & The Cross and custom made gift

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