Here is the second look from the photo session I did with FM Photographics.  (See the first one here).   Styling from my own closet has been much more fun than I thought it would be.  When I worked in retail I was getting new clothes (and lots of them) every month…in high season, every week.   A pretty amazing thing, however, I often didn’t really wear many of the pieces I got.  I mean sure I’d wear them, but probably only a few times.   Getting dressed became too easy.  If I didn’t like what I was wearing, I would simply change into something new when I got to work.   Now that I no longer have this kind of shopping lifestyle, I’ve been forced to wear what I have and re-work some things in new ways.

This outfit was a fun one for me.  All the colours are very basic but when all these fabrics got mixed together, it just worked.  It’s kinda got a bit of an 80′s vibe to it and it will be an outfit I will be sure to turn to again.

Skirt: gift,  Jacket: Bardot,  T-shirt: Dex,  Gloves: Forever 21,  Clutch: Value Village,  Booties: Betsey Johnson,  Necklace: Claudia Accessories;  Lips: Estee Lauder  c/o

How about you?  Have you re-discovered a piece in wardrobe?  Anything you thought you were over but is now a favorite?

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