Beach Party
These warm Summer days have me planning for days at the beach.  It is possible that some of these “days at the beach” will in fact be my backyard around a turtle kiddie pool with a fruity umbrella drink, but hey, that’s fun too.  For the days I find myself going to the actual beach, I imagine it to look a bit like this.
I’ve never been a shorts girl.  I love them, but we’ve never really got along.  Sooo, instead I gravitate toward easy, casual skirts.  Light weight tees and tanks {with bathing suit hiding underneath}, fun sunnies, a giant bag, flip flops, and a few fun accessories are all I need.  That’s the joy of Summer fashion, it’s meant to be easy.  Beauty Note: If I haven’t already mentioned it like a million times, dry shampoo is a must.  I love the Batiste Exotic Tropical for the Summer or warm weather vacays.  Throw it in your bag and freshen up your look wherever you go.  And Ladies, sunscreen please.  Now, get your cute but to the beach!


This is seriously the best dry shampoo product out there.  A bold statement I know, but in my humble opinion, you just can’t beat the quality and the price!  Only $8.99 CAD.  Thank you to the lovely people of Batiste for sending me new varieties to try.

I was lucky enough to get a full preview of all the new and exciting things coming from Estee Lauder this Spring/Summer season. (More info on this to come!)  This product has been a fave of mine for a while now.  It’s their Advanced Night Repair Eye serum.  Yes, it is as lovely as it sounds.

I know it’s not the first time you’ve seen these babies on my blog, but I’d be lying if I didn’t have them listed as one of my essentials.  I have Lancome Juicy Tubes stashed everywhere.  They’re in my car, my vanity, my makeup bag, and in almost every purse I own.  I don’t want to count how many I have.

Truthfully I haven’t been much of a nail polish girl until recently.  This last year I’ve really got into changing up my colours and having fun with it.  These beautiful hues c/o Joe Fresh were a welcome addition to my collection.  During my recent vacay in Maui, I picked up these super fun Island Girl polishes.  The purple one has a nail art pen and brush and the yellow one will smell like bananas when I put it on.  How fun is that?

I know this is not the sexiest product in the world, but I don’t know what I would do without my Neutrogena face wipes.  They take off all my make up so well and make my face squeaky clean.  They are perfect for traveling, camping (yes, I do that), and on all those lazy nights where this is the only way I’m washing my face before bed.

So! Any favorites you recommend that you just can’t live without?

Happy Friday! xo


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