At only 5 weeks until my due date (where has the time gone???) I definitely feel myself slowing down.  I’m not venturing off too far on my own, I think I’ve attended the last of events for now, and I’m now busy nesting (and resting when I can).  Lately even the simplest things like getting dressed in the morning or putting on my shoes leave me short of breath and needing a nap.  Working from home is such a blessing.  I adore all my cozies right now and spend most of my days in leggings, jersey, and knits.  Sure I merchandise it up a bit with some accessories but comfortable and casual are the best ways to describe my current look.  How do you dress up your casual clothes?

Sweater: Anthropologie, Dress: Metalicus, Leggings: c/o Old Navy maternity, Bag: Coach, Bracelets: Pandora, CPak, & c/o Mala Collective , Boots: Spring, Socks: c/o Stance Socks, Necklaces: Maison Scotch & Toodlebunny


Throughout my years of working in retail I would often hear women say “I love this dress, but I have nowhere to wear it.”  This statement always shocked me.  Since when did a dress become a formal-occasion-only item?  Dresses are feminine and amazingly comfortable, they can be worn day or night, and for work or play.   I believe the key to buying a dress is to find more than one way to wear it.   Unless the dress is for something very specific and formal, I will only buy a dress if I can dress it up and dress it down.

I bought this little dress from Anthropologie last year in San Francisco.  I wore it last March for a Mad Men Party (pictured above).  I went very classic with an ivory cardi, pearls, skinny belt, and floral broach.

To completely reinvent the dress, Gladys (my mannequin), is layered up.

By popping this J.Crew sweater over top of the dress and adding a (faux) fur vest and statement necklace, we’ve got a whole new look.

Sweater: J Crew, Vest: Le Chateau(similar), Necklace: Aldo Accessories (I like this too)

Dress: Anthropologie (similar look)

The next time you’re out shopping and find a dress you absolutely love and fits you perfectly….buy it!  Play around with items you already have at home and see how many different looks you can get from one dress.  If you stay away from typical formal fabrics like a sateen, there’s no reason you can’t rock a frock everyday of the week:)

Yes, I’m talking about Anthropologie…again!  I finally made it in to the new store here in Vancouver on Friday after work.  I am so thankful I no longer live in my apartment that is only a block from the store.

 I would be in sooooo much trouble.

I was like a kid in a candy store…romantic dresses, flirty skirts, beautiful bobbles….I left with two printed tops.  It was so hard to just stop there.  I’ve been to the New York and Las Vegas locations and now Vancouver.  I can’t explain the feeling I get when I walk in to the store.  It’s like joy consumes my body and the only thing that makes my experience even better is when I leave with a parcel in hand.

Here are some key Summer looks straight from their website.  Be sure to visit so you can shop these looks I’m personally coveting!

Today is the day the Anthropologie opens in Vancouver!  Fashionistas province wide will be flooding the doors today and all weekend to be a part of the shopping mania.  Here is what we can look forward to…

I first fell in love with the store in New York a few years ago.  My sister and I found ourselves there about 3 times over our week stay in the Big Apple.  We loved that there was something beautiful to look at everywhere we turned.  I found boots, jewelry, a couple cardigans and the prettiest little dress.

Anthropologie window in New York 2008.

My sister and I in Time Sqaure.  Not only am I rockin a shorter do, but

This Monday…which just happens to be Valentine’s Day…Anthropologie’s parent company, Urban Outfitters, will be launching their bridal collection called BHLDN (pronounced “beholden”).  These non-traditional wedding frocks will retail from approx. $750 to $5000 and will also include bridesmaid dresses starting from $250.  They will also be offering up veils, shoes, wraps, and other accessories.

I love the modern and feminine feel to the dresses.  When I’m a blushing bride-to-be, I can totally see me gravitating towards these styles of gowns.  Perfect for the fashionable bride…which I hope to be.

Bhldn will launch via an e-commerce site.   The first freestanding store is expected  around August. Cities with Anthropologie stores are being considered.

Bhldn will not, however,  be sold at Anthropologie.

Pics from WWD

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