Boots have always been a tricky buy for me.  Apparently I have abnormally large calves that don’t fit into 90% of boots out there.  With the introduction of ankle boots, my footwear collection was able to expand last year.  The perfect solution for the large calved gal (or the small calved girl for that matter).  This year I’m on the search for the perfect pair of  flat ankle boots.  Something extremely comfy, easy to take off an on (I seem to have a belly in the way of bending over), and a pair that will go with almost everything in my closet.   Hopefully they won’t be too difficult to find.  I have lots of cute boots already in my closet, but unfortunately they aren’t fitting right now as my feet have grown with this pregnancy.  I have no choice.  Shopping must be done!


Images sourced from Pinterest.

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