It seems so strange to be talking about the end of Summer.  We Vancouverites have had an amazing season.  Loads of sunshine and warm weather have been a real treat compared to summer’s past.  With kids going back to school next week and the stores full of beautiful Fall fashion, I’ve been trying to enjoy my last days with my Summer wardrobe.

As I’ve said in previous posts, this year, I’ve been having a harder time wrapping my brain around dressing for Fall as I am perpetually hot.  I seriously was sweating  just looking at Instagrams of girls in knit sweaters yesterday.  Twenty three degrees is too warm for full Fall gear.    However, after perusing the pages of my Fall issues, Ive been starting to plan out how I’m going to style myself to be season appropriate, but still stay cool.   After all, Fall is my favorite season.  When do you make the switch to your Fall wardrobe?

Dress: Topshop maternity, Jacket: AG Jeans, Bag: Nine West, Shoes & Necklace: Target, Ring: c/o Pandora


I’ve been living in my current neighborhood for about three years.  I have realized recently that I haven’t fully explored it and there are so many little hidden gems I should be taking advantage of.  Over the weekend, my husband and I went to this pretty little park by the water only five minutes from our house.  I had no idea this place even existed.  Not only does it offer beautiful views, there is a pretty path for long walks.  With my little peanut coming in a few months, I’m sure we’ll be staying a bit closer to home.  This is the perfect time to discover more about where we live.  How well do you know your neighborhood?   Do you take advantage of all that it offers?

Dress: c/o O’Neill,  Jacket: AG Jeans, Bag: Erin Templeton, Sandals: c/o O’Neill , Earrings: BCBG 


There is something about warm, sunny weather that makes me want to dress myself in turquoise head to toe.  I’ve been editing my closet and pulling out items I no longer seem to be wearing as well as falling in love with some old favorites again.  I have had this little turquoise dress for many years and it never seems to go out of style.  I love when I spend a bit of money and purchase well.  I always get my money’s worth.

Dress: old, Jacket: AG Jeans, Shoes: c/o Hush Puppies, Ring: “Shanhan Ring” c/o Taara  Bag: Erin Templeton,  Earrings: gift from Hawaii 

I am completely in love with my new ring by Taara Jewelry.  The gold, black, and white combo is perfect for almost any outfit.  The style of it is a bit 1920′s art deco…very Gatsby”esque”.  It’s become a fast new favorite.


What I love about personal style is, well, that it’s personal.  Our style is how we can express who we are or even what we’re feeling.  My style can change day to day based on so many factors…weather, my mood, what my day entails, etc.  I once overheard someone say “knits aren’t chic”.  She went on to say that they are unflattering on most people and that if you are truly stylish that tailored clothes are the only acceptable choice.  Now while I do agree that clothes should fit you properly, I also think that knits have become a staple in not only North American fashion, but around the world.

Maybe it’s the Prairie Girl in my but I happen to find knits very chic indeed.  We’re all entitled to our opinions but don’t ever let someone tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear.  When an outfit is put together the right way, looking chic is inevitable.   Thank you to the lovely people at Left of Houston for indulging my love of sweaters with this beautiful cardigan.  You know me so well already:)

Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” – Billy Baldwin

Cardigan: c/o Left of Houston,  Sweater: Nally & Milly from The Urban Rack,  Jeans: AG,  Necklaces: Toodle Bunny, c/o World Hippie Originals ”Barrel of Fun” necklace, & Karen Telio,  Bag: Michael Kors,  Hat: gift  Shoes: crazy bargain find

Quote image sourced on Pinterest.


One of my goals for 2013 is to really utilize my wardrobe better.  I have some great pieces in there, but I get hung up on a few favorite things and end up forgetting about the rest.  I used to shove things I wasn’t really wearing out of site and head to my local shopping haunts for something shiny and new.  With the art of layering it is easy to get multiple looks out of one piece.  Some of these pieces have been on my site before, but in a different way.  (See here and here).   I definitely need to do another big purge of my closet and edit out some of the things that are a bit dated or really don’t fit that well.

Blouse: Plenty, Jacket: Sanctuary, Jeans: AG, Scarf: Le Chateau, Belt: Brave Leather; Bag: sample sale

The shoes are new.  I love them!  I found them on sale at Zara.  They are the perfect heel height.

Have you given yourself any style challenges for 2013?

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