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With my wardrobe being quite limited these days, I’ve been playing with my accessories to create different looks with just a few basic pieces.  This inspiration board shows just four ways to group accessories together to create a specific look.  Pretty much all my looks are on the casual side these days.  Fall is my favourite season for casual looks.  A simple jeans and tee outfit can be amped up with the right scarf, hat, and boots.  Casual weekends need only a cute coffee tumbler and cap to cover your messy locks.  My favourite accessory that is popping up this season are the adorable pom pom keychains.  I don’t have one (yet), but I am obsessed!  So if you feel like you have nothing to wear, look no further than your lovely collection of accessories.

Forever 21 has become one of my favorite haunts for fun accessories.  When it comes to stacks of bangles and of the moment statement necklaces, this is my to go store.  I grab one of the very handy little shopping baskets and load up on cocktail rings, feathered necklaces, and bangles galore!  The prices are amazing!

 The other day I left with a large beaded bangle, a feathered bib necklace, and a stack of turquoise and gold bangles all for under $20…total!  Love that.

Here’s a peek at a few of my fave pieces…and yes, I own a couple of them:-)

Last year when my boyfriend and I moved in together, I quickly took over every closet in the house.  I had my shoes and boots upstairs, my coats and jackets in the linen closet, and everything else was stashed anywhere I could find room.  My fella could see my frustration getting ready in the morning.  I would scour every room in the house just to put an outfit together to go to work.

So, as wonderful as he is, he came up with the idea of converting his office on our main floor into a closet room just for me.  Needless to say, I didn’t argue.  Soon I had a room for all my clothes, shoes, and accessories and getting ready in the morning is no longer a scavenger hunt.  One of my favorite things in my closet is my accessory drawer.  It has perfect little cubbies for all my necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other gems.

Above the drawer I have a sliding arm with hooks for all my long necklaces.  This way I can easily see them all and don’t spend extra time in the morning untangling piles of twisted, knotted chains.

This is just one of the things I love about my closet.  More closet pics are to come!

I definitely have a sweet tooth.  Not only for cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and candies…but also for my accessories.  I love beautiful, sweet pieces tha

t make me feel special.  Summer is the perfect season to indulge in your sweet style.  This week I’ll feature some of my fave pretty things that I believe are must haves for your inner girly girl.

Right Hand Gal

This fabulous jewelry line comes from Montreal.  Two sisters with a lot of style began designing these gems to covet in 2005.  I love that they define the line as a “Casual Diamond Line”.  How much do you love that?  Their very empowering catch phrase is ” The left hand is reserved for the misters, but the right hand is reserved for the sisters.”  Simply meaning, girls, don’t sit around waiting for a man to buy you something sparkling and pretty…go ahead and get it your self!  And, I do.  I have three necklaces of theirs so far to kick off my collection (which I can layer all together or wear separately).  For more info and pics on this line go to

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