Summer Uniforms for Mom

inspo board for my Summer 2017 wardrobe

With a small taste of Summer last week, it launched me into a panic over my Summer attire.  What do stay at home mommas (with some chubby bits) wear when the weather gets warm? I immediately took to social media to ask you all for your tips on being casual, comfortable, and still a bit pulled together.  You Ladies who responded helped out a lot.  So far, I have place a little order online with Old Navy to get me through the next bought of sunshine + I’m reworking some things already in my closet.  When the weather warms up again and my new pieces arrive, I will share what I’ve come up with.
My number one rule when it comes to wardrobe building is be realistic.  I know what my day to day life looks like.  I’m at home a lot.  I spend time at the park, on play dates, running errands, and the odd trip to the coffee shop with the hubs, with kids in tow, of course.  This means I need clothes I can bend, play, sit on the ground, throw in the washing machine, all while being comfortable.  I’m a visual person, so creating an inspiration board with looks dedicated to the four main areas of my mom life, is really helpful.
I tend to wear a LOT of black and grey.  My go-to’s for sure.  For Summer, I’m trying to infuse just a bit of colour into my looks with pops of red and yellow.  Kind of a primary colour thing I’ve got going on with my denim pieces in the mix too.  I’m not completely getting rid of black though.  Black just always works + I feel good in it.
So Ladies, what are your go-to Summer pieces?

dress: vintage (was mine when I was her age), coat: The GAP, Shoes: Old Navy, hairband: H&M, bags: Herschel Supply

I love to dress my daughters in adorable outfits…like most moms of girls do. It’s funny how in this world of blogging and social media, I notice the pressure to dress your kids in the best of the best. When I had my first, I would see other moms only buying local, organic, premium brands for their littles. Their kids always looked so stylish and cool and perfectly put together. I love to buy both local and organic whenever I possibly can. Supporting local, ethical businesses is important to me.  Having said that, I also have a budget.

When I was pregnant with the twins, and I would have moms say to me…”I guess you’re starting fresh with all new clothes for your twins. The styles change so much in three years.” The age gap between my kids is three years, but WTF?  The styles change so much??? I have lovely, barely worn, baby clothes from my first daughter. Why on earth would I get rid of all those clothes and start over to keep up appearances?  Since money is an object when raising 3 kids in one of the most expensive cities in the world, moms don’t need the added pressure of keeping up with the latest and greatest.  Not to mention I also hate waste and try to reduce my footprint whenever I can.  So how have I navigated putting my kids in clothes I love while not breaking the bank? It’s all about the mix.

I do tend to buy more neutral items that I can mix and match.   I do find some kids stuff to be a bit obnoxious with a million colours, frills, bows, and anything else they can throw on there.  I really try not to over buy as well.  I am trying to keep my own closet more minimal, so why not take this approach with my kids too?

tee: West + Wind (my old shop), jeans: second hand from JBF Vancouver, belt: local label Monkey & Peanut, shoes: Michael Kors (gifted), backpack: Skip Hop

dress: Redrabbit Boutique  , vest: Birthday gift, shoes: Old Navy, head wrap: borrowed from Mom’s closet

On Lily (left): top: H&M, ruffle skirt leggings + headband: hand me downs from her sister;  On Sabrina (right): tunic: gift, leggings + headband: hand me downs from sister

I will be the first to admit, my kids wear hand me downs.  My twins are obviously wearing their big sister’s clothes, but we’ve also been lucky to have some friends share their previously loved items with us too.  Not everything is my taste, so those pieces get donated to local charities.  I also have a few cherished items from when I was a kid.  Madelyn has worn some of my vintage pieces, including the homemade yellow knit dress in the first picture above.  I buy a mixture of local made items, national brands, and second hand pieces.  Not all the second hand pieces are from friends.  I  like to shop the local JBF Vancouver kids consignment sale.  They have two sales per year and it’s an awesome way to stock your kids up for the next season with some adorable gear at a fraction of the price.  They also sell books, toys, maternity clothing, bedding, breast pumps, cribs, play mats, strollers, and anything else you will possibly need to raise a child. Definitely worth checking out!

Madelyn loves clothes!   She loves to play dress up and wears a dress almost every day.  Some days she picks out her own outfits and I love to see how she puts things together and what her eye is drawn to.  She does a pretty good job.  It isn’t always the combo I would first choose, but who’s it hurting if she rocks her rainbow leggings with her purple dress, and running shoes?  It’s funny because the day we were snapping these pics (below) I had thought, “Oh, I should change Maddie.  Her outfit isn’t really right for this pic.”  Then I stopped and thought about it.  Why would I tell her that the outfit she picked out wasn’t “good enough”.  Who cares?!?  She’s 3 and was so happy in this outfit.

dress: Old Navy (she has been wearing it for almost a year.  fits more like a tunic now), pants: gift, runners: Sketchers , hairband: H&M, stickers on dress: her own added flare: Babies are both wearing head to toe hand me downs, I’m wearing a locally made baby wrap: Beluga Baby

snowsuit + boots: JBF Vancouver, hat+gloves+scarf: H&M

pants + headband: VonBon Apparel, tee: West + Wind, shoes: Old Navy


wrap: c/o Beluga Baby, top: Barefoot Contessa, jeans: Yoga Jeans, boots: Aldo, hat: Hunnis  [Madelyn picked out her own outfit.  She went for a colourful but slightly sporty look while her twin sisters opted for stylish hand-me-downs.  That's real life kids wear;)  ]

“You sure have your hands full!”  If I had a nickel for every time I hear this when out with my little tribe, I would be…well not rich (the twins are only 5 months old), but I could probably buy myself something nice.  Yes, my hands are full indeed.  Two babies and a three year old make me in high demand in my house.  If I could grow another set of arms, believe me, I would.   Since I don’t plan on becoming an octopus anytime soon, next best is a beluga.  Well a Beluga Baby  Wrap that is.  These wraps have been one of my absolute favourite and most nessesary  items for helping me with my twins. When one baby is tired and the other hungry, I can rock one to sleep while in the wrap and hold the other for a feed.   My girls absolutely love being worn and it gives me the satisfaction of being able to take care of them both at the same time.

Motherhood is hella hard.  It’s an endless amount of worrying, second guessing, and trying to figure out the right way to do things.  On top of that you are the resident chef, therapist, house keeper, grocery buyer, bug killer (unless my husband is home), laundromat, stylist, butt wiper, nose wiper, tear wiper, boo boo fixer, chauffeur, cheerleader, lesson teacher, ref,  dream facilitator, dish washer, and the one who puts the toilet paper on the roll.  You are the first one up and the last one to bed.  So, is it all worth it?  You bet it is!  These three have my heart and every day I am in awe of how much I love them.  To all you amazing Mommas out there who’s hands are full, Happy Mother’s Day!  You’re killin’ it!


teething jewelry

I have always been a girl who loves some well appointed accessories.  I actually used to be an accessory buyer for a boutique I used to manage.  When baby (or babies, in my case) come along, we usually have to pass on hoop earrings, sparkly necklaces, and noisy bracelets with sharp bits on them.  So how does one accessorize?   I say keep it simple.  Choose one item that will amp up your style but not add any extra time to getting ready in the morning.  I have three favourites I rotate through my looks….you know, on my non-sweatpants days.  The first is so practical.  Teething jewelry has come a long way since I had my first.  The pieces now are items I actually want to wear.  This one is from Mama Gems, but her shop is currently closed to have a baby.  You may also want to check out Glitter & Spice and Lou Lou Lollipop.

neck kerchief scarf

Neatly tied neck scarves have made a real comeback this Spring.  This one is a vintage and was actually my grandmothers.  I adore the colours in it.  Goes with everything!  Scarves make a great alternative to necklaces and are soft for baby to rest against.  No scratches here!

head wrap

With warmer weather on it’s way, messy buns and top knots are inevitable.  To dress up your messy mane, opt for a cute head wrap.  It’s a great alternative to a hat but can still hide unwashed hair.  I wear mine all the time.


With so much of my time needing to be devoted to the babies lately, I jump at any opportunity I get to do something a little special for Madelyn.  This beautiful little book, called  Kingdom of You, is the latest personalized gift item from the creators of Lost My Name.   This colourful book is bursting with Madelyn’s favourite things and her name is everywhere in the story.  What makes this book so special is that you can choose your adventurer, your cast of characters, and even their favourite treat to be featured in the story.  You can also put a personal dedication at the beginning of the book making it the ultimate keepsake.  Needless to say, Maddie was pumped to receive a princess book with her as the leading lady.  I adore reading this book to her.  Her face lighting up when she opened it was pretty special too.

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