This is my twins debut on my site!  A first!  My girls, Lily and Sabrina, are 4 months old today.  I can’t believe it.  I feel like I was just taking there 1 month pics like a minute ago.  I’ve been doing pretty good so far at taking their milestone pics each month, but now it’s getting easier.  The creators of the popular customized children’s book, The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name, now offer customized milestone cards called Fantastic Firsts to help parents capture all your baby’s firsts.   You can also write a little dedication for the first card in the stack.  This makes a wonderful keepsake for your littles.

Speaking of firsts, this will also be Lily and Sabrina’s first Easter.  Can’t wait for a relaxing little weekend at home with family.  Wishing you all a Happy Easter!



I’ve been talking a lot about closet cleaning and organization lately.  That is because it had been such a focus for me and my own personal style evolution.  Editing my wardrobe has been therapeutic for me.  I have been finding getting dressed a whole lot easier when I know I love the items hanging in my closet.  Getting ready in the morning has to be as effortless as possible.  When I’m going through my closet and selecting the items that will stay, I like to think of the ways items can be worn together for a fresh feel.  I also have a great mix of national brands, Canadian brands, and items from local shops.

This collection of goodies are perfect for a casual boho feel.  This pair of Old Navy jeans are at the top of my must wear pile.  I kind of live in them. (See them styled here last Spring with a fab thrift shop find.)   This amazing Brave Leather fringe tote is right on trend with its perfectly pink hue. (See it styled here from last year.)  These cute little boots from Plenty were an awesome sale purchase last year and will be great to transition me into the warmer weather…that is bound to show up any day now.   My pretty jewels have been taking a backseat these days. Babies and jewelry don’t mix, unless of course you are wearing some fab teething pieces.  This lovely necklace is from Mama Gems.  She will have the shop closed for a bit to have a baby, however I also love these local Vancouver shops,  Glitter & Spice and LouLouLollipop.

I’ve been so inspired by all the closet purging I’ve been doing that it is going to be a focus throughout my whole home.  This years goal…get rid of all the extra!


5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe:

1)  Try it on.  If you have pieces you are convinced you love but really haven’t worn in the past year, give it a try. Check the fit and feel of the garment.   If it’s not perfect…bye!

2) Get rid of multiples.  Do you have 4 pairs of black boots and 5 grey sweaters that all pretty much look the same?  Chances are you have a fave or two that are your go-tos.  Keep those and consign or donate the extras that are just ok.  {Have friends who are the same size as you?  Clothing swaps are another fun way to purge some old and update your closet with new-to-you items.}

3) Organize your basics.  If you were to have nothing but basics in your wardrobe, you would be just fine.    You don’t need a million of them, but have ones that are good quality and fit you well.  Edit out basics that are dated, ill fitting, or just worn out.   This is how I break down my base wardrobe.

Spring Wardrobe Basics


4) Sort out your “extras”.  These are the pieces that make your style personal.   For Spring I’m loving printed silk scarves, a floral kimono, a khaki green jacket, some light hued specs, mules (yes, they are back and I want a pair), and  a fabulous hat.  The 3 bags I keep in my wardrobe for Spring are a textured tote,  a statement clutch (I have a bright orange leather one that has been a fave for years) , and a neutral cross body bag.  Cell phone cases are another cute way to add some fun to your accessories.  A Spring dress is a must!  I’ve been lusting over this striped Alice + Olivia dress but it’s a bit too spendy for this momma right now.  I’m dying to do a thrift shop one day to see if I can find any treasures .

Spring Wardrobe Extras

5) Shop smarter.  This might sound like a strange tip when we are talking about purging.  The thing I have come to realize is that if I am to have a more ruthless and realistic eye, when it comes to shopping, I end up with a closet of items I love and actually wear.  My most recent purge was necessary after being pregnant.  I had to clean out the maternity wear and do inventory of what I have, what fits, and what I will actually wear.  I have a couple of items on my wish list and a few things that are completely worn and needing to be replaced.  (I’m always a  bit excited when I wear and item so much and for so long it actually wears out.  I’m talking holes and falling apart.  I would have never done this years ago.  Fashion used to be disposable to me.  Now I’m careful with my selections.)


top: c/o Du North Designs,  jeans: Old Navy,  jacket: Forever 21,  scarf: Jackson Rowe,  shoes: Hush Puppy,  sunnies: Barefoot Contessa 

So, you’ve had a baby.  Congratulations!  Your maternity clothes are now too big (yay!) but you’re not entirely sure in how to navigate this new post baby bod.  It is hard to figure out what flatters you and, most importantly, what you feel good in after having a baby.  From my own experience, I find simplifying your closet the best way to go.  If you have a closet full of things you don’t want to wear, you will be frustrated every time you go to get dressed.  (Stay tuned for a post with my closet cleaning tips.)  You may also need to shop for a few new items.  Old Navy is an awesome place for jeans; especially for all you curvier gals like me and for those on a budget.  Scroll to the bottom to see my 6 mommy wardrobe musts.

1) A pair of comfortable everyday jeans.  If you’re like me, sweats and leggings are your go to at home attire.  When I go out though, jeans are my go to.  Be sure to shop for both comfort and fit.
2) Longer tops with shape that don’t cling.  This tunic I’m wearing is flowy but also still has some shape to it.  Proportion is key to a flattering look.
3) A leather (or vegan leather) jacket.  This faux leather jacket is the perfect item to transition me into to Spring.  My favourite leather jacket is a bit tight at the moment, so I’ve added this one into my wardrobe in the meantime.
4) A couple pairs of cute, comfortable shoes.  Don’t torture yourself with shoes that rub or hurt to wear.  Hush Puppies and Miz Mooz are a couple of my favourite brands.
5) A great lightweight scarf.  Scarves are such a perfect extra layer for unpredictable Spring weather.  This Jackson Rowe scarf ticks all the boxes…oversized, versatile, light weight, and neutral enough to go with anything.
6) A big ass pair of sunglasses.  Weather I’m dropping Maddie off at pre-school or running some errands, sunglasses are my must have accessory.  Nothing covers my tired eyes or no makeup face quite like a pair of oversized sunnies.

Oh, and don’t forget…..a fab haircut!  A clean and easy coif will help you from feeling disheveled.  Don’t change your look too drastically after having your baby.  Hormones are crazy and I have had friends regret chopping all their hair off in a post baby hormonal rage.  I like to keep my hair shorter, but long enough to still get a messy top knot when needed.


bags: c/o Herschel Supply , dress: vintage, coat & boots: Old Navy, headband: H&M

Spring is just around the corner!  No really…it is.  It’s been hard to get that Spring feeling with all the snow and cold weather we’ve been experiencing, but it is on its way.  We have been taking advantage of any days that feel a bit more like Spring.  We been going for walks, making trips to the park, and going for coffee.  These are the easiest types of outings for us these days.  Last week I surprised Madelyn with a Mommy date and the two of us went to see the movie Ballerina.  It was a great movie and a great date!

Can we talk about how adorable this new kids collection from Herschel is?  Maddie, of course, loves the yellow lemon print as yellow is her favourite colour.  ”Mama, it matches my yellow dress!  The one you wore when you were little.”  It’s true!  The pretty little yellow knit dress was knit for me by my grandmother.  I love how happy she is when she puts it on.  I feel a bit in limbo with my own wardrobe these days, but Maddie’s is on point!  If you can’t tell from the pictures,  she loves this outfit.  She instantly started posing, jumping, and dancing when we got outside to snap some pics.  Well, after she fell down the stairs outside, cried her eyes out, I hugged and cleaned her up, and gave it a second attempt.  That’s real life!  Find the backpack here. Find the lunch box here.

We are going to be heading to Victoria this week for Spring Break to hang out with my family.  This will be our first trip as a family of five. Yikes! I’ll be prepping the next couple of days and doing my best not to pack the world.   Madelyn, will be bringing her new little Herschel bags that she will be filling with snacks and some treasures.  I’m guessing these treasures will include her Paw Patrol toys, books, colouring, and her baby which has to come everywhere.  Since her baby sisters have been getting so many new things, it’s special for her to have some new things all her own.

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