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Who can believe that we are now more than half way through November?  I don’t know where the time is going.  With the twins due to arrive some time before Christmas, my holiday wardrobe will be a casual and cozy one.  No party dresses and sequins for this gal.  I’m going to be all about loose and comfy items that will help me navigate my way through the newborn phase of things times two.  This soft and pretty colour palate gives me all the holiday feels.  I’m sure I will be wearing loads of black (as I always do) but adding in a few lighter hued pieces might be kind of nice to change things up.    Cozy socks, sweat pants and sweaters are what I have been shopping for.  I feel like I’m preparing for hibernation.

Clearly we will be staying close to home this holiday season.  This inspiration board screams “curled up by the fire”.  I absolutely love this time of year when things are just starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  On that note, I think I’m done all my Christmas shopping.  Admittedly, we don’t go too crazy gift wise. I would alway rather quality time over anything else, but a few little goodies are always fun.  I plan on getting everything wrapped soon too as I will most likely be busy snuggling babies right during the countdown to Christmas.  Anyone else excited for this cozy season that is upon us?


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I can’t believe how busy things have been over the last couple of months.  Our home renos are coming to an end and now we just have some finishing details and organization left to do.  The nursery is starting to come together and tiny clothes are being washed and put away.  I had a beautiful baby shower thrown by my fabulous friends.  My girls were spoiled.  Madelyn is turning three years old today.  Yikes!  Three!  How did that happen?  We had her kids birthday party last weekend and tonight we are going to enjoy a casual dinner out with just our little family.

Lately, my days are packed with doctor’s appointments, meetings, and Maddie’s activities.  Two things that have been helping me stay focused,  organized, and on time are my day planner and my watch.  Yes, I have a cell phone but digging it out of my bag constantly is not nearly as simple as looking at my wrist.  This gorgeous, unique watch from Jord has made my life simpler and beautiful.  I love that it is lightweight and has a cool aesthetic being made of wood.  It matches with everything.

Want to do a little watch shopping of your own?  I have teamed up with Jord Wood Watches to offer you a chance to win a $75 e-gift code to the shop.  You will all receive a $20 e-gift code to the shop just for entering.  What a great way to get some Christmas shopping started!  Simply click here to enter to win.  Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches. 

This past weekend, we took a day away from house renos and baby prepping to just hang out as a family.  Saturday was our five year wedding anniversary, so it seemed like the perfect day for a family day.   I teamed up with AIR MILES to take advantage of the awesome Perks the AIR MILES Reward Program offers all its Collectors and headed to the Vancouver Aquarium.  It was only Madelyn’s second time to the Aquarium, so it was definitely a magical experience for her.  She of course loved the dolphin show, the penguins, and the sea otters.  Watching her excitement is so infectious.  Being the brave girl she is, she was right in on touching a Stingray or two in the very cool Stingray exhibit.  The Aquarium is such a great place for kids to learn and play and get in touch with the amazing creatures on our beautiful West Coast. The best part was that I received 10% off admission, thanks to AIR MILES Perks!  Plus I didn’t have to use the Miles in my Account for this. The discount is available to you just for having an AIR MILES Card.

Being that I am sooooo pregnant right now with our twins, sitting was a big deal for me.  One of my favourite places to sit is down below watching the Beluga Whales swimming.  It is so peaceful and soothing somehow.  Even our active (almost 3 year old) Maddie loved just sitting and watching them.  They are such magnificent animals to see up close.   I noted that they actually have a cozy little corner set up down there for moms to feed their babies.  I can see me and the twins hanging out down there next year.

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Pregnant With Twins Mood Board

When it comes to having any kind of style at this point of my pregnancy with the twins is a challenge.  All I really care about is 1) Does it fit me? and 2) Is it comfortable.  Being pregnant with multiples is definitely a different experience than a singleton pregnancy.  My symptoms are all more intense and just getting around can be a challenge.  This mood board represents what this Momma is wearing and using these days and will be until the end of my pregnancy.  My must have list:

1) Leggings: We all try to fight it, but leggings are seriously the only pants that fit me these days.  I have some cozy maternity sweat pants for around the house that I plan on also wearing postpartum.

2) Sleep bras: When I’m at home (which is most days) why on earth would I wear awful underwire boobie torture devices?  Sleep bras are perfect to lounge in.

3) My Snoogle Pillow: THIS IS MY EVERYTHING!  The only way I can be just kind of comfy for sleeping is using this body pillow.  It supports me and helps me get a somewhat restful sleep.

4) Bio – Oil: Perfect for my stretched out tummy.

5) Cardigans: One of the only non-maternity items I can get away with wearing.

6) Kleenex packs: With my nose being constantly stuffed up ( one of the many pregnancy symptoms I have) I keep tissues on hand with everywhere I go.

7) Loose flowy tops.  I wore things a bit more on the fitted side when I was pregnant with Maddie.  This time around, everything comes out fitted whether it’s meant to be or not.  I have found that flowy tops are a better fit for me with my bigger bump.  I opt for ones with some length too to wear with my leggings.

8 ) A belly brace.  This has become a necessity for me when I’m out for any real period of time where I will be on my feet.  The weight and pressure with multiples  is so much more.  Having a little lift for the belly really helps.

9) Comfy footwear: Whether it’s cosy socks, slippers, or a pair of runners, this Momma has adopted the slip on. Socks can be hard enough put on, so shoes need to be a bend free experience.


I totally figured when I asked Madelyn what she wanted to be for Halloween that it would change about 20 times.  I was wrong.  Every time I asked her what she wanted to be she would proudly answer ” a witch”!   It never changed.  When Value Village offered to partner up with me  to create a mommy and me costume , a witch shopping we went.  With both new and used items to shop, the options were endless.  Maddie told me that I too had to dress up with her as a witch.  She even picked out this adorable little hat I’m wearing.  Maddie’s costume is way cute.  Her favourite part is that her skirt lights up.  A huge plus!   They had so many wigs to choose from, we just had to each grab one.  She calls her wig her hairdo.  Everyday she asks us if it’s Halloween yet.  I can’t wait to take this cute little witch out trick-or-treating.  Thank you Value Village!

My cape, wig, and hat are c/o Value Village.  Maddie’s dress, hat, and wig are c/o Value Village.  Other items are our own.   #ThriftorTreat


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