There is an amazing event happening next month called the Love Your Body Summit.  The lovely founder, Joyelle Brandt, challenged a few of us to write a letter to our younger selves with body love in mind.  I happily took on the challenge and adored getting to write some advice for my younger self.   These are definitely words I would like my own daughter to hear from me one day.  What would you say to your younger self?

Dear Ten Year Old Me,

Hi there.  You have just moved to a new city, are at a new school, and  working on making  new friends.  You have been having a tough go this year.  The “popular” girls are picking on you and making you feel sad and insecure.  Sweet girl, remember that only THEY think they are popular as they are loud about it.  This usually stems from insecurities and you my dear have nothing to be insecure about.  You don’t need to be loud to be confident, so hold your head up as this too shall pass.

You are now  modelling locally in your home town.  Enjoy the experience and people you will meet.  This introduction to fashion will be the start of a lifelong passion and career for you.  You will get to travel and visit different parts of the world, make lifelong friends, and be the go-to gal for fashion advice for your girlfriends.   Don’t let anyone convince you that you should diet, change your looks, or become something you’re not.  It’s true, you won’t be the next Cindy Crawford, but choose healthy and happy over malnourished and stressed.  You’ll be glad you do.

You are going to have many insecure moments in high school.  There will be girls who will make you feel fat, ugly, and awkward.  Remember, you are the only one who can actually let yourself feel that way.  Don’t let in any of the noise.  Find the value in yourself that stretches beyond beauty.  You are smart, loving, funny, and enjoy dance and theatre.  Yes, you will have boyfriends, but don’t give them the power to determine your self worth.   Anyone who doesn’t want to be with the real you, isn’t worth your time.  One day you will meet a man that you are entirely yourself with and he will adore you as much as you adore him.  Be patient.

For all the bits of advice I am giving you, this is the message I want you to hear the loudest.  There are so many types of love you will encounter in your lifetime.  You will love as a friend, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, and hopefully one day, a grandmother. The one love that is easiest to lose focus on, is SELF LOVE.  Loving yourself and your body is a struggle for most and you will go through highs and lows with your own self image.  Your body is an amazing one.  Don’t spend time focussing on what you can change about it but rather spend time treating it right.  Be healthy, eat right, and exercise not because you hate your body, but because you love it!  Be a role model to your daughter {yes, you have a daughter}.  Let her grow up with permission to love her body as you have loved yours.

Thrirty Six Year Old You

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and want to show yourself some self love, be sure to check out the Love Your Body Summit on February 6th.  See all details below.



Snow is such a novelty in this part of the country.  The West Coast doesn’t usually see much snow, so taking Maddie up to Whistler to play in mounds of the fluffy, white stuff was really quite magical.  All she wanted to do was walk in the snow, and walk we did.  We also took her on her first gondola ride and went sledding for the first time.  Obviously, this was a big hit.  I only wish we had had even more time to play.

This new Winter coat from Point Zero came just before Christmas.  While I have only had the chance to wear it a couple of times at home, I wore it non-stop in Whistler.  So cozy and warm and obviously, a chic Winter topper is a must at a ski resort.

This overpriced piece of plastic we bought up in Whistler ended up being worth every penny.  ”More!” was all we could here Madelyn say.  She wouldn’t even be at the bottom of the hill yet and was ready for the next run.

People watching in Whistler is fantastic!  There are so many individuals from all over the world roaming the cobblestone streets.  The Winter outfits never disappoint.  To make sure I added to the colourfulness of this ski town, I opted for these fun printed leggings from Du North Designs. They seriously feel like butter, and work on my curves.  {Yes, I wore a little knit sweater dress over them to make sure my butt was covered.  It’s the only way leggings should be worn…with the tush concealed.}

This big grin sums up our weekend perfectly.  All smiles.

We spent a little apres time at one of our fave hotels in Whistler, Nita Lake Lodge.  It’s so peaceful and beautiful there.

Family getaways are so very important.  Any time you can leave work and daily responsibilities behind to create new family memories, is worth making time for.  We had such a great time.  It’s hard getting back into the swing of things today as I sit here with deadlines, emails, work, and mounds of laundry, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Everyday Style


My goal for myself for 2016, was to simplify all different aspects of my life.  One of these aspects being my wardrobe.  I’ve been filling bags with items I’m no longer wearing (and haven’t been for a while) and taking note of the things I love to wear.  If you can’t determine what you love in your closet by staring at everything, try this…
1) Take a look at your laundry.  Chances are, these are the things you wear over and over again.
2) If you were going on a trip, what would you pack?
3) Try stuff on.  It’s amazing when we go to put things on, how we realize there is a reason we don’t wear certain items.  Weather it’s because it doesn’t fit, needs repair, or you simply don’t like it, you may want to consider purging it from your closet.
Another thing I find helpful is to create a mood board {like the one above}.  This mood board is representative of the items I wear all the time.  The pieces I grab to throw on when I’m in rush, which is a good majority of the time, and the pieces I’m literally wearing EVERYDAY.  Clearly my life is quite casual.  I’m in the jeans, tee, and a sweater phase of my life.  While we obviously need a little variety in our wardrobe, keep your mood board in mind when both purging items from your closet and when shopping for new items.  Having a realistic view of our lifestyle is key.  Back in the Fall I fell in love with this beautiful powder blue sleeveless wool trench.  It was gorgeous, well priced, and fit like a glove.  It almost came home with me, but when I stopped to think about all the different scenarios as to where I would wear it, sadly, the list was short.  I also had visions of little hot chocolate hands being wiped down the side of it while at the grocery store one day.  So, as much as it hurt in the moment, that pretty coat stayed in the store.
I’ll be sharing more on my closet and wardrobe simplifying.  How do you keep your wardrobe under control?


 So, how has 2016 been going for you all so far?  For me it’s been quieter and giving me time to, bit by bit, organize my life.  Been working on new things for West + Wind (always exciting), photoshoots, writing, home & office organization, plus time with the family.  It has gotten chilly again here on the West Coast and, unfortunately, the clouds and rain have settled in and plan on staying for a while.  Boo.  For a little escape, we are planning to head up to Whistler this weekend for some snow time.

As drab as the colours can be, black and grey has been on repeat for me lately.  I guess it’s easy and helps with the whole “wow, I ate a lot over the holidays and feel huge” state of mind I’m in in the morning.  I really do refuse to be uncomfortable.  I have been living in cozy knits, warm socks, and probably sweat pants a bit too often.  For those days when I’m going to put on real pants, I opt for my black jeans usually.  They are actually starting to fade because I’m wearing them so much.   A new pair is definitely in order.  Speaking of new….this new drapey cardi from Point Zero is such an awesome little layering piece.  The faux leather sleeve detail is so cute and since it’s a bit too big for me, I’ve been layering it over sweaters. My other must have accessory right now…a coffee to go!  Yay for caffeine.

Outfit Details:
cardi: c/o Point Zero
sweater: Lou & Grey for Loft
jeans: Winners
shoes: c/o Hush Puppies
bag: Chapters/Indigo
necklace: Olive & Piper
mug: Starbucks (old)


There is something about a new year that has us all re-evaluating our lives.  Where can we do better?  How can we do more?  How can we change everything that’s not working?  Rather than making myself a bunch a promises with no real plan on how to execute them, I’m trying something different this year.  I read about coming up with a word that would act as your mantra for the year.   A word to help you keep your focus and give you something to work towards.  After writing a big list of words, I came up with one that I love.  My word for 2016 is simplify.  It works with so many areas of my life.

Simplify my wardrobe.  This is such an ongoing project for me.  I am constantly purging things from my closet but it never seems to be enough.  This year I will carry on with my mission.  Less items, and only things I love!

Simplify my thoughts.  No, I don’t want to be a simple minded person with no opinions of my own, but I would like to shut off the noise.  We spend so much time stressing out about things we can’t control, worried about unknown factors, and focusing on people who don’t enrich our lives.  Rather than all that yuck, I’d rather believe in myself and my capabilities.  I’d rather spend time with my friends and family, focus on my health, and do all things that truly make me happy.

Simplify my time with my family.  Being a work from home mom can make me get distracted easily.  There is always something to do.  Emails, phonecalls, social media, designing, and if not that there’s laundry, cooking, and cleaning.  There is nothing I love more than to hit pause on all that stuff going on around me and just sit on the floor with my daughter and build a castle or have a dance party in the living room on a Saturday morning.

A few other things I’d like to simplify…
The things I put in my body. I want to just put the good stuff in there and have fun with new recipes.
My work. Prioritize what’s important and essential and say no sometimes.
My home. Declutter, declutter, declutter.

If you were to pick one word to live by this year, what would it be?

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