Beat the Heat

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!   It is H.O.T. here on the West Coast!  We are almost a month into an incredible heat wave.  Of course none of us want to complain about such amazing weather and endless days of sunshine, but we are having to adapt a bit.  How I’ve been keeping cool….
1) Cool showers are divine, but as soon as you towel yourself dry, you’re warm again.  I’ve been using this fab new body lotion by Jergens.  You actually apply it when your skin is still wet.  I’ve been loving it!  Perfect after a shower or even after a swim.  Available at London Drugs.
2) Paper fans are a great thing to keep in your purse so you can make a breeze wherever you go.  I stocked up on a couple when I was pregnant and still use them.
3) I received the Bobble water bottle at an event recently.  I’ve been trying to stay as hydrated as possible, so it’s been the perfect thing to pack around everywhere.   I love that this water bottle is light weight and has a built in filter.
4) Any time you can be either in or around water is a good thing.  Yesterday, I purchased a couple of beautiful Turkish towels from Home Sense (similar to the ones above).  I first thought I’d put them in the bathroom buy I might as well have pretty towels at the pool.  {Even if it’s Maddie’s kiddie pool.}
5) Every girl needs a great straw hat that matches anything and everything in their Summer wardrobe.
6) Pin that hair up!  When it gets this hot, you’ll be seeing my hair up in a top knot more days then not.  I’ve got a big stash of hair ties and bobby pins on hand.
7) I have flip flops laying all over the house right now.  They are all I want to wear.
8 )  This Avene Thermal Spring Water spritz is perfect after time in the sun.  Keep one in your beach bag for fresh soothing after sun relief.  I’ve been using it for years.
Keep cool and enjoy that sunshine!


dress: Reitmans c/o Coquitlam Centre
shoes: Army & Navy shoe sale
belt: Maison Scotch
necklace: LowLuv
cardi: c/o Jackson Rowe (find this cardi again in an upcoming post)

It’s officially summer and that means backyard BBQ’s !  I love a good night in or over at friends where everyone can relax, eat, drink, and catch up all while soaking in the glorious weather.  Canada Day is coming up and many of us take to entertaining.  Here are my 5 tips for making your next BBQ that much better.

1) Fun & Games

Young or old, everyone likes to play outside.  Set up a couple of fun and easy games for your guests to play.  I’m a fan of LadderBall and the Bean Bag Toss games.  Limited by space?  Grab a few board games or even a deck of cards.  Any activity outside is fun in the summer!

2) Comfort

Make sure you have lots of seating for your guests.  There is nothing worse then trying to eat your dinner while standing.  Don’t have enough chairs?  Throw down some beach blankets and throw pillows for extra places to hang.  This is especially great for kids.  People are always moving around so turns will be had in all the different seating areas.  I also love having some blankets or wraps on hand for those late night gab sessions over a bottle of wine.  It’s like camping in the backyard…kinda.

3) Lighting

If your soiree is running into dusk, make sure you have pretty lighting in your outdoor space so you can keep the party going.  A giant bright porch light doesn’t  exactly set a chill mood.  Our patio umbrella has LED lights on it and I’m obviously obsessed with my new Edison Bulb Garden String Lights.  A few candles always do the trick too!

4) Food

Ok, obviously you need food at a BBQ, but don’t stress to impress.  Keep things simple.  There is a reason hotdogs and burgers are summer classics.  I love anything in bar form.  Why not do a hotdog bar?  You can have an assortment of hotdogs and smokies (lots of veggie options here too), different types of buns, and elevated condiments.  Found some cute inspo here.

5) Style

If you’re hostessing you are going to want to be cute but comfy.  Coquitlam Centre and I have paired up to show you how you can get #FreshlyDressed for your next backyard bash.  This super cute pineapple print dress is comfortable, machine washable, and super breezy.  I always wear little bike shorts under my dresses and skirts.  This way I can chase Maddie around, bend, and be confident if the wind picks up.

Thank you Coquitlam Centre for this casual party perfect dress!  Be sure to follow the hashtag #FreshlyDressed for more ideas of how to elevate your summer style.


Chemical free.  Fair trade ingredients. Natural products.  This is Fable Naturals.  I have fallen in love with these delicious products from Vancouver brand Fable Naturals.  With yummy ingredients like olive oil and cocoa butter and a fabulous assortment of goodies, Fable is a must try.

I have been on the search for a lotion to keep in the kitchen.  As a Mom, I am forever cleaning.  My hands are in water all the time and tend to dry out real bad.  I wanted a natural product with a yummy kitchen friendly scent.   This Rosemary + Mint lotion was it!  It now sits on my window cil above my kitchen sink.  My hands are thanking me for it!  I also love that it is not a feminine scent, so my husband can use it too, just like these soaps!  I highly recommend their lip balms.  An awesome vegan product and only $6 !   Thank you Fable Naturals for letting my try out your products.  They will be a new staple in my home.

For more info on this brand and to see their full assortment of products, visit here.


dress, kimono, and metallic tattoos ~ c/o Barefoot Contessa
shoes: Army & Navy shoe sale
necklace: c/o Foxy Originals
headband: Old Navy
clutch: c/o Nella Bella
tassel: Brick & Mortar

The Summer issue of Stimuli Magazine is out!   I am so excited to tell you that I will now be a regular fashion contributor for them.  For Summer I am talking wedding style.  This is how I have elevated the typically casual boho look to wear to a Summer wedding.  Here are a few more snaps of the look I put together.  Be sure to check out my full article and the whole  issue here.



Lisa, Alicia, Me, and Maryanne

 So it’s hella hot outside and all you want to do is head to the beach or the local outdoor pool to cool off.   But wait!  That means actually putting on a bathing suit…and people seeing you in it!!!  Sooooo, maybe you can figure out another way to stay cool?  Perhaps the beach really isn’t that great?  After all you didn’t start that newest cleanse that everyone at work has been doing. You didn’t hit the gym six days a week like you said you would.  And sh*!, you totally didn’t loose the 15 pounds before the hot weather hit.  So now what?  Obviously a two piece bathing suit is out of the question.  Maybe a one piece?  With a cover up?   Or a maxi dress?  This has been my thought process every summer for the last few years.  I am a fairly confident person, but like ALL women, I have some things I really don’t love to see when I look in the mirror.

I was thrilled when I was nominated along side my pal Alicia to take part in the #TellYourTale campaign by local swimwear brand Nettle’s Tale.  Thirty beautiful and diverse women stripped down, threw on a bathing suit they felt amazing in, and with it shed those inhibitions we have with our bodies.  I of course first emerged from the fitting room feeling like the fattest one there.  My body didn’t look nearly as good as everyone else’s.  I HATE my legs!  And now everyone would see how jacked up they are.  Ugh! Why did I agree to do this?  Then as I stood there talking to the other women about our insecurities and troubles we’ve had in the past with finding a bathing suit we feel good in, I realized we all had insecurities.  We had big boobs, small boobs, baby bellies, full hips, large booties, no bums, scars, and bruises.  When we finally got in front of the camera to say “Yup, this is us!” something happened inside each of us.  We stopped giving a f*@k about what everyone thought of us, and just rocked a bathing suit {while eating two bit brownies and M&M’s…as one does}.

There will always be those girls out there who have “perfect” bodies {and I’m quite sure were put on this earth to do nothing but make us feel bad about ourselves}.  But guess what?  They have their own insecurities.  We all do.  It’s time we stop trying to get our bodies “bikini ready” and just throw on a damn bathing suit on the body we have.  I’ve gotta say, having a suit that fits you like it was made for you is about as good as it can get.  I of course purchased this bathing suit.  In fact, I think we all bought a suit that night because we loved the way they looked and they way we felt in them.  I NEVER thought I would ever wear a two piece suit ever again, but here I am.  So now it’s your turn.  Find your strong suit and rock that gorgeous bod!

A huge thank you to Julia at Nettle’s Tale Swimwear for having me be a part of such a positive message that I hope to pass on to my own daughter one day.  Here’s to Maddie never feeling like she can’t throw on a bathing suit and enjoy life.

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