Sometimes after a a long day the only option is to slip into something comfortable and  go out for dinner.  I had an awesome day last Saturday working a market for my shop West + Wind but it was a looooong day.  My day started at 5am and involved a lot of hauling and lugging of boxes, etc.  When friends texted me to ask if we wanted to join them for a family dinner out, I was in.  This dress has been a cozy go-to for a few years now.  Plenty is the best for fab basics like this.  This top is a new one from Du North.  I’m in love with the colour.  It’s so soft it’s like pulling on a lightweight sweatshirt.

These earring though!  If you are looking for truly gorgeous handmade jewelry (more like wearable art),  then you must check out Vancouver designer Negar Khatami.  I have had the pleasure of styling her pieces for photoshoots before and also own one of her necklaces.  Her studio is lovely and the designer herself is the most amazing and inspiring woman. I love when I get to wear items made by such talented people.

I hope you all have an amazing long weekend.  I am so excited to pack up and head to the lake on Friday.  Yes, there will be loads of comfy things being packed.


Details: top c/o Du North, dress: c/o Plenty, earrings: c/o Katami Designs, shoes Miz Mooz c/o Shoes on Fourth, clutch Rudsak


Summer Transition

Transitioning into Summer Mood Board

So far, Vancouver’s Spring/Summer season has been a constant yo-yo between amazing hot weather and freezing rainy days.  So, what does one wear?  Getting dressed has been a struggle lately so I have created a mini capsule wardrobe within my closet for this weird ever changing weather.  I feel like I would pack a version of this when we finally get it together to book a mini family vacay.  The keys things to keep in mind when creating a little capsule collection for transitioning into a new season or for travel are:
1) Pick a neutral pallet with at these 3 colours.  Here I’ve gone with black, blue, and caramel.
2) Make sure you can mix and match the items.  The black tank + black shorts would be perfect for a dinner out, while the black tank + distressed jeans + cardi are great together for running errands on a cooler day.
3) Have fun with all the different combinations you can make.  Challenge yourself to create a capsule with things you already own and see how many looks you can get out of those items in a week.  This is also a great starting point to declutter your closet.  See what you gravitate towards and want to wear.  Take note of what you shove to the back of your closet.
Happy Friday All!

So here I am in a whole lotta colour!  And heels!   As much as I love my basics and classic pieces in my wardrobe, sometimes a gal just wants to feel pretty.  This beautiful cotton frock from Voodoo Vixen hugs in the right places and and works perfectly on my curvy frame.   The 50′s inspired silhouette is so feminine.

When I used to work in retail I would always get annoyed when women would try on a dress and then say “But I have no where to wear it.”.  This made no sense to me.  I was always wearing dresses.  I wore them to work, out for dinner, or brunch and shopping on the weekends.   I used to say to my customers they should create an occasion to wear one.  Make a dinner date with your husband or plan a fun girls night out.  So now here I am, a full time mom and entrepreneur who works mainly from home.  As you may have guessed, I don’t wear dresses nearly as much as I used to.  I really need to take my own advice and create occasions to wear them.  This look has me motivated to plan a dress worthy night out soon.

dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen (find it here)
shoes: Army & Navy
clutch: old from my closet
ring: BCBG


Being in the wonderful world of blogging and social media can have some highs and lows.  What I have come to realize that I am the only one who can control how I feel and how I choose to participate in this industry.  I am often disappointed  with the worlds obsession with the unobtainable.  Spoiler alert…average women aren’t having milk baths with flowers floating around them.  If you dress kids in all white, they will get dirty.  And the everyday girl gang isn’t bursting into spontaneous laughter with arms linked decked in head to toe designer gear.  I got my start in this crazy industry as a model, so I completely appreciate the art behind a beautiful photo.  Just make sure these images bring you joy and don’t make you second guess how you live your life.

As I have got older and navigated my way through an industry where perfection is coveted, I have learned to turn down the noise and do what I love with people and companies I truly enjoy and respect.  With this I have been so lucky to make lifelong friends and meet and collaborate with real, authentic people.  One of these people is Kari, the oh-so-talented designer of Zuka, which is this lovely long necklace I’m wearing in these pics.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kari years ago though my retail job.  We have stayed in touch and I’m so happy to be showing off a piece from her latest collection.  All her pieces are handcrafted in Canada.  She uses such unique shapes and textures together like the vintage German Art Deco blue beads on this piece as well as the vintage German resin pendant.  So beautiful!

This weekend, when you are scrolling through your social media feed and find yourself rolling your eyes at a photo or you get that gross comparison pit in your stomach, try to just move on.  Make sure you fill your feeds with friends and people you truly admire or enjoy.  A warm and fuzzy feed can feed your soul.  I am inspired by fellow mommas who speak truth about day to day life and share their challenges along with all the yummy stuff.  Who do you like to follow?  Who brings a smile to your face?

Happy Friday All! xo

long necklace: c/o Zuka Designs
dress: old fave from my closet
white kimono: Barefoot Contessa
tote: Old Navy (old)
shoes: Miz Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
short necklace: Katami Designs

photos by Kendra


Do you ever try and just totally over complicate getting dressed?  Do you try putting bazaar combos together and start trying on items that don’t even fit anymore?  Ya, I do it sometimes too.  Every once and a while I have a total weird moment where I forget how to get dressed.  I must say, this does help me clean out my closet.  I always have a bag at the ready to fill with pieces that must go.

Once my moment of wardrobe insanity passes, I am able to see all the gems in my closet.  This fab little number is a new addition to the closet.  Plenty has been one of those shops I can always find some amazing staples.  As soon as I slipped this dress on last night, I felt amazing.  It’s simple but lovely and pairing it with some old favourites (this necklace and bag have been in my life for quite a while now) makes it perfectly me.

So the moral of the fashion story is stick with what works and ditch the rest.


dress: c/o Plenty
bag: Christopher Kon
shoes: Miz Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
necklace: Karen Telio

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