Any day now we’ll have a new family member…


  With just a couple of weeks until my due date, I am overjoyed that the big day is almost here.  It’s hard to believe I’m at the end of my pregnancy.  It really has gone by fast.  One thing I won’t miss are the comments from total strangers.  It is amazing what people say [...]


    I love this quote! The Everygirl is a must check out site. Wishing you all a successful week.

Fall Checklist

   It’s officially Fall and the weather is right on cue.  For the first  time in a long time I’ve actually felt a bit chilled.  I’m loving it!  For a very pregnant lady, cooler weather is a total blessing.  Normally my Fall plans include time away with my husband,  shopping for new cool weather duds, [...]

Being Social

  Many of us have mastered the art of  being social online.  We tweet our thoughts, Instagram  our lives, and Facebook with new and old friends.  It’s a wonderful way to stay connected and network.  Unfortunately due to us constantly being plugged in and connected, we are missing opportunities to connect with people when we [...]

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