Guys Guide to Valentine's Day

Last week I watched the TV show Cougar Town’s (don’t judge me) Valentine’s Day episode.   As bad as that show can be, the message was pretty good.  Guys, as much as your woman says she hates Valentine’s Day and she doesn’t need to celebrate it…she’s not being totally truthful.  Every women wants to be made to feel [...]

Guys Guide - Gift Shopping for Your Gal

It’s December and Christmas is only 25 short days away….and that’s only 24 shopping days!  Now guys, I know you thought the gift cards and rainbow toe socks were the perfect prezzie last year, but I think we can do better.  Make it personal, from the heart, and about her.  Girls love that…I do!  Here [...]

Guys Guide Vol. 1 - Buying Lingerie

I know when it comes to what women want, men can be a little lost. I have had guys ask me for advice on things like date ideas, gift buying, how to dress for different occasions, lingerie shopping and so on. So, I’ve decided to include some articles to help out these guys by giving [...]

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