15 Of My Favourite Summer Looks

  Happy Canada Day!!!!  To celebrate my Canadian Summer Style, I am sharing 15 of of my favourite Summer looks I’ve posted on my blog over the years.  You’ll see different hair lengths and colours, different sizes, and some looks with a baby bump or Madelyn in tow.  I’ve got the kids Canadiana looks together [...]

Dress To Impress Yourself

  photos by Alicia Even as a teenager, I liked to wear things that were not what everyone else was wearing.  I liked to wear unexpected items and style myself up to stand out from the crowd.  To me, I felt more like myself if I didn’t just blend in.  Other kids would sometimes like [...]

Summer Uniforms for Mom

  inspo board for my Summer 2017 wardrobe With a small taste of Summer last week, it launched me into a panic over my Summer attire.  What do stay at home mommas (with some chubby bits) wear when the weather gets warm? I immediately took to social media to ask you all for your tips [...]

Spring Things

  I’ve been talking a lot about closet cleaning and organization lately.  That is because it had been such a focus for me and my own personal style evolution.  Editing my wardrobe has been therapeutic for me.  I have been finding getting dressed a whole lot easier when I know I love the items hanging [...]

My Closet Cleaning Tips

  5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe: 1)  Try it on.  If you have pieces you are convinced you love but really haven’t worn in the past year, give it a try. Check the fit and feel of the garment.   If it’s not perfect…bye! 2) Get rid of multiples.  Do you have 4 pairs [...]

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